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28 Elmbank Crescent.
Patrons, The Right Hob. Lord Lovat, Beaufort
Castle, Beauly; Sir James Bain, Park Terrace;
Thomas Brown, Esq., Brisbane House, Ibrox; Alex.
Cram, Esq., Thornliebank ; Rev. Dr. J. Elder
Cumming, Sandyford ; Peter Denny, Esq., Dumbarton ;
C. E. Dunlop, Esq., Garnkirk House; R. Gourlay,
Esq., Bank of Scotland; Leonard Gow, Esq., Hays-
ton, Kirkintilloch ; Chas. M. King, Esq., Antermony
House, Milton of Campsie; David Kinghorn, Esq.,
Ardoch Lodge, Cambuslang; Dr. Lapraik ; J. E.
Martin, Esq., 3 South Hanover St.; Dr. J. D. Mar-
wick, Council Chambers ; Dr. H. Miller ; Jn. Miller,
Esq., Kingsborough Gardens, Kelvinside; ex-Bailie
Mon-ison, Ashcraig, Kelvinside; Eev. Dr. W. Pulsford,
Trinity Congregational Church; Geo. Readman, Esq.,
Clydesdale Bank ; H. L. Seligmann, Esq., 1 Victoria
Cres.,Dowanhill; Ales. Stephen, Esq., ParkTer.; Dav.
Tod, Esq., Eastwood Park; John Watson, Esq., of
Earnock; Jas. Wilson, Esq., of Bantaskine ; John
Wilson, Esq., Hillhead House. Honorary Medical
Staff, Dr. E. Scott Orr, President of the Faculty of
Physicians, senior consulting physician; Dr. James
Morton, Athole Place, senior consulting surgeon ; Dr.
J. Cowan Woodburn, 197 Bath St., consulting dental
surgeon; Dr. Joseph Coats, 7 Elmbank Cres., patho-
logist; Dr. Thos. Reid, 9 Elmbank St., consulting
ophthalmic surgeon ; Dr. A. K. IiTine, 3 Newton Ter.;
Dr. A. L. Kelly, 24 Cariton PI.; Dr. J. Gardiner, 1
Lendel Ter., Paisley Road. Dr. Thomas Barr, 7
Albany Place, aural surgeon ; Dr. James Erskine,
assistant- surgeon. Matron, Miss Henrietta Hall.
Robert Gourlay, Esq., Bank of Scotland, hon. trea-
surer ; Adam Sutherland, 75 West Nile St., secy.
This charitable institution is supported by public
and voluntary subscription, its object being the ad-
vancement of this special department of medical
science by lectures and clinical teaching to students,
and the gratuitous treatment of poor persons suffer-
ing from all forms of ear disease and deafness.
Number of patients treated annually over 1000,
The hospital, which contains 12 beds for in-door
patients, is always open for urgent cases. Out-door
patients are seen on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays,
and Fridays at 2 p.m. by Dr. Barr and assistants.
Founded 1861, and Incorporated under Royal Sign
Manual, with the Royal College of Veterinary
Patrons — His Grace the Duke of Argyll, His Grace
the Duke of Hamilton, the Hon. the Lord Provost
and Magistrates of the city of Glasgow, the professors
of the University of Glasgow, the Highland and
Agricultural Society of Scotland, &c., &c. Prin-
cipal, Professor M'Call.
Professors — Veterinary Medicine and Surgery,
Jas. M'Call, F.R.C.V.S. ; veterinary materia medica,
Jas. Macqueen, M.R.C.V.S. ; veterinary anatomy,
J. M'Queen, M.R.C.V.S.; chemistry, S. Cooke, F.C.S.;
physiology, William Limont, M.A., M.B.; botany,
•Stephen Cooke, F.C.S.; veterinary obstetrics, John
Benfrew, M.R.C.V.S.; hospital practice and general
clinical instruction, Professors M'Call, Macqueen, and
Renfrew; And. S. M'Queen, 85 Baccleuch St., secre-
tary to the College.
List of Directors, &c., for 1886.
The Lord Provost, president, ex-officio ; J. Shaw
A. M'Laren, R. Gourlay, A. A. Ferguson, A. Currie
D. Kinghorn, Dr. J. D. M'Laren, Dr. T. B. HendersoE
Rev. John Orr, Jas. R. Geddes, J. Brown, jun., i
M'Laren, J. Roxburgh, Dr. A. Fergus, J. M'Clun
A. Hannay, J. N. Cuthbertson, T. Anderson, th
Chief Magistrate of Paisley ; Dr. J. Cleland, pro
fessor of anatomy ; Dr. W. T. Gairdner, professc
of medicine ; Dr. D. Yellowlees, physician to tb
J. Brown, jun., T. Anderson, R. Gourlay, J. Rox
burgh, J. M'CIure, J. N. Cuthbertson, weekly com
mittee; J. Reid Stewart, T. W. Brown, A. A. Fer
gussoD, Dr. A. Fergus, Alex. M'Laren, D. M'Kinlay
Rev. John Orr, Jas. R. Geddes, D. Kinghorn, Alex
Currie, R. Gow, D. M'Cowan, James Shaw, visitors.:
Resident — D. Yellowlees, M.D., Drs. Hay and Lov(
Miss C. W. Eutherford, Miss M. Aitken, D. Mont
gomerie, D. Watson, J. Barr.
Non-resident — A. Mackintosh, M.D., honorary con
suiting physician ; H. C. Cameron, M.D., surgeon ; J
R. Strong, C.A., treasurer and secretary ; Eev. E, I
Scott, chaplain ; J. E. Watson, C.A., auditor.
The Glasgow Eoyal Asylum is incorporated b;
royal charter. Its affairs are managed by directors
who are in part deputed from various public bodie
in the city, and in part appointed by the qualifiei
contributors to the funds of the Institution.
The Asylum provides accommodation for over 50i
patients from all grades of society, and at all rates o
board. No one derives any pecuniary gain from tb
boards paid for patients. Application for the ad
mission of patients should be made to Dr. Yellow
lees, the physician superintendent, at the Asylum
When practicable the application should be persona
rather than by letter.
8 Elmbank Street.
His Grace the Duke of Argyll, K.T., patron ; Sir }.
Orr Ewing, Bart., of Ballikinrain, M.P., president
Jas. A. Campbell of Stracathro, M.P., vice-president
C. R. Dunlop, Rev. Principal Caird, Thomas Hil
Rev. Professor Charteris, D.D., Wm. Jamieson, Jai
King, Sir James Watson, William Ker, Eobei
Gourlay, George M'Call, extraordinary directors
Charles JI. King, Hickson Fergusson, J. Pirrie, Hug
B. Crum, Eobert Maconechy, and the physician, secre
tary, and treasurer for the time being, acting com
mittee ; Prof. M'Call Anderson, 2 "Woodside Terrace
physician; J. Grahame, 101 St. Vincent Street, hor
secretary; A. S. M'Clelland, 115 St. Vincent Street
hon. treasurer.
Gratuitous advice to the poor aflSicted wit
skin diseases, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fri
days, at 2 o'clock p.m. In connection with th
Dispensary two wards for skin diseases are provided i
the Western Infirmary, to which the directors havepowe
to send the more serious cases. A practical cours
for students is held during the months of May, Junt
and July, each year; fee, one guinea. The Dispen
sary is entirely supported by voluntary contributions

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