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Established by Eoyal Charter in 1599.— Eatified by Acts of the Scottish and British Parliaments.
Faculty Hall, 242 St. Vincent Street.
Dr. Andrew Fergus, President.
Dr. Henry Muirhead, Visitor.
Dr. J. D. llaclaren, Treasurer.
The President, the Visitor, the Treasurer, Dr. James
Morton, Dr. Thos. Lapraik, Dr. James Christie, Dr.
Robert Perry, and Dr. E. Scott Orr, Councillors.
Dr. Hugh Thomson, Vaccinator.
Dr. Eobert Perry, Dr. P. A. Simpson, Dr. Alexander
Lindsay, Dr. A. M. Buchanan, Mr. H. E. Clark,
Dr. William Macewen, Dr. H. C. Cameron, Dr.
Jas. Dunlop, Dr. Jas. Morton, Dr. Jas. StirtoD,
Mr. D. C. M'Vail, Dr. Wm. J. Fleming, Dr. E.
Duncan, Dr. S. Gemmell, Dr. A. Patterson, Mr. D.
N. Knox, Dr. J. A. Adams, Dr. John Barlow, Dr.
John Clark, Dr. W. L. Eeid, and Mr. J. Glaister,
Board of Examiners.
The Physicians and Surgeons of the Eoyal and Western
Infirmaries, Clinical Examiners.
Dr. A. L. Kelly, Dr. A. M. Buchanan, Dr. Alex. Lind-
say, Mr. J. E. Brownlio, Dr. J. C. Woodburn, and
Mr. W. S. Woodburn, Examiners in Dentistry.
Dr. N. Carmichael, Dr. J. B. Eussell, Dr. John
Dougall, and Dr. J. M. Milne, Examiners in Public
Dr. John Pirie and Dr. Jas. Christie, Examiners in
Dr. E. Scott Orr, Representative of tlie Faculty to
the General Council of Medical Education and
Registration of the United Kingdom.
The President, Dr. Eben, Duncan, Dr. J. D. Mac-
laren, and Dr. D. C. W\&\\, Managers of the
GlasgoM Royal Infirmary.
Dr. T. Eeid, Director, Glasgow Asylum for the Blind.
The President, the Visitor, the Treasurer, Mr. Patrick
A. Smith, Mr. Wm. F. Somervllle, Dr. Wm. J
Fleming, Dr. John Glaister, Mr. J. W. Downie
Dr. David Tindal, Dr. James Provan, Dr. T. B
Henderson, and Mr. Eobt. Lees, Representatives o
Faculty at Royal Botanic Institution of Glasgow.
The President, Dr. John Wilson, Dr. Hugh Miller
Directors, Glasgow Lying-in Hospital and Dis
Dr. Perry, Dr. Geo. Buchanan, and Dr. E. Eenfrew
Directors of Stirling's Library.
Dr. T. B. Henderson, Dr. J. D. Maclaren, Director
of the Glasgow Royal Lunatic Asylum. ;
Dr. W. T. Gairdner, Dr. Eobert Perry, Directors ol
Glasgow Loch Hospital. ;
Dr. Hugh Thomson, Director of Convalescent Homti
Dr. J. B. Eussell and Dr. Fergus, Managers q
Western Infirmary.
The President, the Visitor, and the Treasure!
Directors of Humane Society.
Governor of Haldane's Academy, Vacant.
Dr. R. Eenfrew and Mr. J. Glaister, Inspectors ofDrugt
The President, Visitor of Anderson's University.
The President, Trustee of Hannay Bursaries.
The President, Trustee of the Clark Bursary Func
The President, Trustee of Balmanno Bequest.
Dr. Geo. Miller, Trustee Scott Bursary, cfc. Fund.
Dr. Wm. J. Fleming, Trustee of the John Gibsa
The President, the Visitor, the Treasurtr, Dr. W. T
Gairdner, and Dr. James Morton, Committee q
Management M'' Arthur Bursary Fund.
William H. Hill, Cleric.
Alexander Duncan, B. A., Secretary and Librarian. ;
John Bratten, Officer. i
List of the Fellows and Licentiates of the Faculty Eesident in Glasgow — 1885-8G.
Those marked * are Fellows, the others are Licentiates of the Faculty.
* Adams, Fred. V, 10 Buccleuch street
*Adams, James, M.D., 112 Cambridge street
*Adams, James A., M.D., 112 Cambridge street
Anderson, James W., 1 Whitehill terrace
* Anderson, James W., M.D., 4 Burnbank terrace
•Anderson, Thos. M'Call, M.D., 2 Woodside ter.
*Barlow, John, M.D., 35 Kelvingrove street
*Barr, Thomas, M.D., 7 Albany place
Barrie, John, M.D., 3 Eoyal crescent
*Barrie, John T., M.D., 36 Sardinia terrace
*BeU, Eobert, M.D., 29 Lynedoch street
*Black, D. Campbell, M.D., 50 Woodlands road
Boothman, A. C, 126 Castle street.
*Brodie, John E., M.D., 1 Albany place
Bruce, Eobert W., 306 St. George's road
*Buchanan, Alex. M., M.D., Anderson's College
Buchanan, Alexander, 6 Abbotsford place
*Bnchanan, George, M.D., 193 Bath street
Buchanan, James R., 60 Parliamentary road
Buchanan, Thos. D., M.D., 24 Westminster ter
*Burns, John, 15 Fitzroy place
Cameron, Alexander, 204 Parliamentary road
*Cameron, H. C, M.D., 203 Bath street.
*Cameron, Murdoch, M.D., 42 Windsor terrace
Campbell, Gilbert, M.B., 2 Hamilton ere?., Partick
*Carmichael, Neil, M.D., 22 So. Cumberland street
Carswell, J., 5 Windsor street
*Carter, James T., Western Medical School
Chalmers, Alex., 170 Whitehall street
Chalmers, James, M.D., 17 South Apsley place
Chalmers, Q., M.B., 1 Derby terrace
Chalmers, Eobert, 42 Pollok street
Chalmers, William, 10 Eoyal crescent
Chalmers, Wm., 9 Hopeton place
*Charteris, Matthew, M.D., the University
*Christie, James, M.D., 2 Great Kelvin ten, Hillhea
*Clark, H. E., 24 India street
Clark, S. P., 40 Cumberland street
*Coats, Joseph, M.D., 31 Lynedoch street
Connor, Arthur, 21 Moir street
Coye, E., 10 Franklin terrace
*Dickson, Geo., M.B., 2 Loudon ten, Byars' road.
Donald, James, 94 Great Hamilton street
Donaldson, Alexander, 5 May terrace, Cathcart
Doran, E., 201 St. George's road
*Dougall, John, M.D., Pollokshields
Downie, James, 26 Canning place
*Downie, J. Walker, M.B., 7 Sandjford place.
*DuD, Wm. G., M.D, 2 India street
*Duncan, E., M.D., 4 Eoyal crescent. Crossbill
*Dunlop, James, M.D., 18 Carlton place
*Dunlop, John, M.D., 1 Somerset place
*Eadie, William, M.D., 16 Woodside place
Edmiston, J. C, 149 Gloucester street
*Fenwick, Wm., 51. D., 9 Moray pi.. Queen's park
*Fergu3, A. Freeland, M.B., 41 Elmbank street
*Fergus, Andrew, M.D., 191 Bath street
*Finlayson, James, M.D., 351 Bath crescent

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