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Wright, James, Myrtlebank House,
Wylie, Alex., of Cordale and Dal-
. quhurn
Young, Wm., ironmonger, Glasgow
The Lord Provost, Senior Bailie,
and Lord Dean of Guild of Glasg.
The Sheriff of Lanarkshire
The Sheriff-substitutes of the
Lower Ward of Lanarkshire.
Clerk of the Peace for Dumbarton-
shire, W. Craig, writer, Dum-
barton ; depute clerks, P. Cam-
, eron, Dumbarton, and James
Hutcheson, writer, Glasgow
Affleck, John, banker, Glasgow,
8 Queen's Gardens, Dowanhill
Algie, M., 24 Ann st., Glasgow
Allan, A. E., Devon Villa, Crossh.
Arthur, James, of Barshaw, Paisley
Binnie, Thomas, Crossbill
Bowie, J. H., banker, Coatbridge
Brown, George, Crossbill
Cogan, R. 0., mercht. , Glasgow
Craig, John E., Gourock, 191
Argyle street, Glasgow
Crum, Alexander, Thornliebank
Cram, W. G., Thornliebank
Cuninghame, J. C, Johnstone
Ewing, A. C, yr., of Strathleven
Ewing, H. E. Crum, of Strathleven
Fleming, James, Pollokshaws
Geddes, Wm., Battlefield, Langside
Gilmour, A., of Eaglesham
Gordon, H. E., Aikenhead, Cathct.
Gordon, J., Aikenhead, Cathcart
Hill, Laurence, C.E. Glasgow
King, Robert, of Levernholm
Lindsay, G., banker, Kinning Pk.
Logan, T. R. J., 239 Bath Street,
Loudon, J., The Laurels, Pollok-
M'Brayne, Robert, Glasgow
M'Call, Henry, of Baldowie, Glas.
M'Farlane, R., mercht., Glasgow
M'Kinlay, David, Pollokshields
M'Lean, W., 188 W. Regent St.,
M'Naughton, Peter, Glasgow
,,{1 M'Onie, Wm., Pollokshields
Mair, William, Kinning Park
Miller, Wm., banker, Billhead
Murdoch, J. B., Crossmyloof
Orr, W., 100 Duke st., Glasgow
Ramsey, Robert, Langside
Stevenson, D., Glasgow
Stevenson, William, of Househill,
Stewart, Robert, of Ingleston
Stewart, Walter, Pollokshaws
Strang, Wm., 131 Greenhead st.,
Swan, J., 7 Woodside pi. Glasgow
Tassie, Jas., Pollokshaws
Wakefield, J.C, 74 Gordon st., Glas.
Watson, Duncan, Pollokshaws
For the time heing.
Sheriff of Lanarkshire
Sheriff-Substitutes of Glasgow
Browne, Geo., chief commissioner
of Crossbill
Dunlop, Jas., bailie of Pollokshaws
Hamilton, Wm., chief commis-
sioner of East Pollokshields
Lindsay, Geo., chief commissioner
of Kinning Park
Ramsay, Nath., chief commissioner
of West Pollokshields
Ritchie, And., provost of P'shaws
Blackburn, J., Killearn House
Bolton, J. C, of Carbrook, M.P.
Brown, D., of Burngreen, Kilsyth
Buchanan, Sir James, Bart., of
Craigend, Craigend, Glasgow
Buchanan, Col., D. C. R. C, of
Campbell, C. H., yr. of Millfield
Campbell, G. R., of Garscube
Campbell, T. H., of Millfield
Claikson, Robert, of Toravon
Connal, Sir Michael, of Parkhall
Connal-Rowan, P.F., of Meikle-
Douglas, A. Campbell, of Mains
Duncan, A. R., Blairquhosh,
Edmonstone, Sir Wra., Bart., of
Ewing, Sir A. Orr, Bart., of Balli-
kinrain, M.P.
Ewing,A.E. Orr, yr.,ofBallikinrain
Ewing, W. Orr, yr., of Ballikinrain
Fleming, J. S., of Balquharrage,
Forrester, Robert, of Carbeth
Hendrie, J. of Larbert, merchant,
Kerr, Robert, of Dougalston,
King, Charles M'L, Lennoxtown
King, James, yr. of Campsie
Lamont, J., of Balwell, Bucklyvie
Lennox, K. H. B. S. C, The Hon.,
Lennox Castle
M'Allister, Eben., yr. of Carbeth-
Guthrie, Milngavie
M'Farlan, Lieut.-Col. J. W., ofBal-
lencleroch, Lennoxtown
Macfarlane, S., of Meadow Bank,
Torrance of Campsie
M'Gregor, A. B , of Kernock
M'Nair, A., yr., of Aucheneck,
by Drymen
Maitland, James, of Wester Bal-
Miller, George, of Acre Valley,
Torrance of Campsie
Murray, James, C alter House,
Peile, H., R.B., Mansion house,
Sherriff, J. B.,of Carronvale,Larbert
Smith, Cunningham, Glasgow
Smith, J. G., of Mugdock Castle
Spiers, Sir Geo. Home, Barf., of
Stirling, Major Chas. G., of Craig-
barnet, Lennoxtown
Stirling, Sir C. E. F., of Glorat,
Stirling, William, of Tarduff
Thorneycroft, Jas. Baird, Kilsyth
Watt, John, of Drumgray, Airdrie
Wilson, David, or Carbeth
Wilson, John, of Aucheneck
Wilson, John, of Finnich Malise,
merchant, Glasgow
The Lord Provost, Senior Bailie,
Dean of Guild of Glasgow, and
The chief Magistrate of Kilsyth,
ex qfficiis.
Chrystal, James, writer, Stirling,
clerk of the peace for Stirlingshire
Fisher, Alex., writer, clerk depute
at Sturling
Gardner, Alexander, clerk depute
at Falkirk.
Was founded by Mr. George Baillie, writer in Glasgow, who divested himself in his lifetime of his whole
fortune (£18,000), which with its accumulations during twenty-one years from 11th November, 1863, he
appointed to be applied to the erection and endowment of an Institution in Glasgow, to be called "Baillie's
Institution," having for its objects, 1st, To aid the self-culture of the operative classes by means of free public
libraries ; and 2nd, The instruction of their children in unsectarian schools. The former of these, however, is
1 alone to be proceeded with, unless there is a sufficiency of funds for both. The Dean, Council, and Clerk of the
.Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow are perpetual preceptor, patrons, and directors of the institution, which was
iincorporated by royal charter, dated March 18, 1867. Thomas Stout, 178 St. Vincent Street, chamberlain.

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