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Population of Police Burghin 1881,
Member of Parliament for the
Burgh, Wm. Pearce, Esq.
Ale^r. Campbell, provost ; George
Ferguson and A. Williamson,
1st Ward — A. Williamson, John
Conlon, Duncan Jccikin^. 2nd
Ward — Wm. Thomson, John
Marr, Wm. N. Smith. 3rd
Ward — Alexander Campbell,
G. FergusoD,Ja?. Kirkwood. 4th
Ward— N. Maclean, Thos. C.
Guthrie, Wm. Chalmers, Alex.
M'Donald, town clerk; John
Rankin, treasurer; Archd. B.
Allan, burgh surveyor; William
Hamilton, supeiintendent of
police ; Jas. il. Malloch, pro-
curator fiscal; Dr. Barras, police
surgeon and medical officer ; G.
M'Kay, sanitary inspector; D.
Philp, Eiipt. of fire brigade
:Eev. John M'Leod, D.D. Parish
Church ; res. The Man=e, ILirox
Eev. J. T. Graham, Deanpark
Parish Church ; G Brighton pi
Rev. D. M. Connell, St. Kiarin's
Parish Church ; res. Afton eras
Eev. C. A. Mackenzie, D.D. Govan,
F. Cb.; res, F.C. Manse
Eev. Allan Cameron, Free St.
Columba Ch, ; res. 4 Woodville
Eev. R. Howie, M.A. Free St.
Mary's ; residence, Bruce road
Eev. Thos. E. Anderson, Govan
U.P. Church; res. 2 Brighton
Eev. Jos. Leekie, D.D. Ibrox U.P.
Church; res. Baidroma, Ibroxpk
Eev. A- Scott Macpherson, Fair-
field U.P. Church; Westbank
house, Govau rd
[Eev. Jervis Coats, Baptist Church;
' res. 8 Ibrox teri-ace
Eev. D. M'Kenzie, Congregational
Church ; res. 7 Buckingham
Eev. E. J. Boon, E.U. Church;
re?. 5 Brighton place
George M'Brearty, C.C., Louis de
Menlenacre C.C.,and Jno. Foley,
St. Anthony's R.C. Chapel; res.
888 Govan road
Mbney Order, Savings Bank, In-
3urance, and Telegraph office.
Despatch box closes.
Isi, 8.50 a.m ; 2od, 12 noon;
3rd, 1.50 p.m.; 4th, 3.35 p.m.;
5th, 6 p.m.; 6tb, 8.10 p.m.
Deliveries commence.
1st, 7.15 a.m.; 2nd, 11.45 a.m.;
3rd, 3.30 p.m. ; 4th, 6.30 p.m.;
and 5th, 8 p.m. to callers.
Open on Sundays from 9 till 10 a.m.
for sale of stamps, telegraph
business, and delivery of letters
to callers.
Govan District (including all west
of Whibefield road), 45 Helen
St. Govan, Jas. P. Crawford,
registrar. Plantation District
(i[. eluding all east of Whitetield
road), 1 Cornwall st. Plan-
tation, James R. Brownlie,
registrar. Office hours in both
districts, 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. ;
on Mondays, Wednesdays, and
Fridays, from 6 till 8 p.m.;
Saturdays, 10 a.m. till 12 aooa
Abercrombie, Alex, merchant ; ho.
2 Bellahnuiton ter
Abercrombie, R. G. Dunacre, Bel-
Abercrombie, Mrs. Dunacre, Bella-
Adam, Jas. grocer and provision
merchant, 111 Brighton st. ; ho.
109 do
Adam, James (of Hugh Wilson &
Co. 25 John St.) ho. 2 Park ter.
Adam, J Millen, Moorepark Boiler
Works ; ho. 3 Afton ores. Gla3.
Adam, Rich, clothier, 776 Govan
rd. ; ho. 778 do
Adam, Robert, blacksmith, James
place ; ho. 3 Helen st
Adam, Mrs. E. wine & spirit mere.
2 Hamilton st. & 140 Harmony
row; ho. Craigton view
Airth, A. L. traveller (at Arthur
& Co.'s, Lim.), Eden villa, Car-
michael st
Airth, Jas. plumber, Portland
buildings ; house, 461 Govan rd
Aitken, M'Neil & Co. engineers,
Helen st
Aitken, T. M. engineer, Helen st. ;
house, Nethcrlea, Polloksbieldi
Alexander, Henry, potato merchant,
3 Langlands road
Alexander, Jas., commisjioa agt.
6 Paik terrace, W.
Alexander, Wm. & Co. block and
steering wheel manufacturers ;
ho. Hawthorn Lea, Dumbreckrd
Allan,, Archd. B. C.E. burgh sur-
veyor, 9 Broomloan rd ; house
32 Moray place, Strathbungo
Allan, William, wine and spirit
merchant, Portland buildings;
res. Broomhill ter. Partick
Allan, Mrs. Langlands house,
Langlaads road
Allison, Mis-, dress and mantle
maker, 032 Govan road ; hj.
629 do
Anderson, A. 7 Ibrox: place
Anderson, Androw A. Maddervillc,
Anderson, Jas. (of G. & J. Eae),
ho. 9 Osborne pi
Anderson, John (of Anderson &
Lyall), r^s. 17 Walmer ores.
Anderson, John, lieut. of police,
Albert st.; ho. 22 Merryland
Anderson, John, 1 Hawsrden ter.
AndersoQ & Lyall, engineers and
boilermaker.% Clydesdale Engine
and Boiler Works, Whitefield rd
Anderson & .Robertsoa, silk throw-
sters and dyers, Govan and John
street factories
Anderson, Thomas, hardware and
fancy goods, 21 Morrison st
Anderson, Vvm. (of Anderson
& Robertson), house, Dalfruin,
Archer, Francis, commissioa agent,
13 Ibrox ter.
Archibald, Capt. Eobert, 2 Clelaud
pi Ibrox
Armstrong, John, grain and potato
merchant, Robert street ; resid.
Blooravale lodge, Crossloan
Armstrong, Robt. potato merchant,
Helen st; ho. 2 John tt.
Arnold, Edward (at London and
Glasgow Shipbuilding Co. Lim.)
house, 7 Osborne pi
Arthur & Wark, 62 Hamilton st. ;
ho. 6 L Thomson st.
Baillie, Wm. clerk, Merryflats ;
ho. 4 Stewart pi
Baird, David D. land agent, and
agent for Union Bank; of Scot-
land (Lim.), Govan ; at Mr.
Duncan's, 94 Buchanan st. Glas-
gow, on Wednesdays, from 12 till
2 ; res. Southcroft
Baird, W. & J. wrights and builders,
25 Merry land st
Baird, Wm. family grocer and
wine merchant, 1 Victoria St.;
ho. 10 Ibrox ter., west
Ballantyne, John, 5 Ibrox place
Barbour, Hugh, spirit merchant,
709 Govan, road; ho. 22 Lady-
park st
Barnwell, Richard:, director. The
Fairfield Shipbuilding and En-
gineering Co. Limited; res. 8
Foremont ter. Dowanhill
Barr, Wm. jr. (of Wm. Barr,
& Son), Stanley house
Birr, Wm. sen. Stanley house
Barr, Wm. & Son, warehouse-
men, Great Western buildings.—-
See Advt. in App.
Barr, Wm. R. master mariner, 26
Kensinn-ton ter

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