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Barras, James, M.D. 700 Govan
rd. ; res. 4 Osborne ter
Barrie, And. farmer, West Hender-
son, Paisley road
Baxter, D. postman, 658 Govan rd
Baxter, Jas. T. (of 11 Bothwell st)
ho. 9 Brighton ter
Baxter, AValter, carrier, 4 Green-
haugh St
Bean, David, secy. John Elder
Lodge, Oddfellows, M.U. 555
Govan road
Becque, Joseph (at J. P. Campbell,
855 Govan rd), ho. 60 Elmbank
Bell, A. missionary, 20 Copeland rd
Bell, Findlay, 6 Hillington Park cir
Bell, George, surgeon dentist, 3
Brooklyn pi, Copeland road
Bell, John, wine and spirit mer-
chant, 1 Queen street; bouse,
3 Brooklyn pi
Btll, Thos. cab proprietor, Gilmour
St.; ho. 5 Westminstsr pi. Ibros
Bellahouston Academy, Ibrox,
Boys' High-class School and
Young Ladies' College; A. Sim,
Bellahouston Bath Co. (Limited),
Whitefield road, Ibrox
Bennett, William, spirit merchant,
68 Hamilton st. 1 Logic st. and
75, 77 Langlands rd. ; house,
Ardlui, Newark drive, P'shields
Bennie, Alex. 22 Ladypark st
Bennie, Thomas N., consulting
engineer, Cessnock park
Bethune, David M. wine and spirit
merchant, 1 Langlands road and
20 Harmony row ; ho. 5 Bella-
houston ter. Ibrox
Bird, David, jun. C.A. (of Bird &
M'Lay), res. Airliewood, Bella-
Bird, David (of David Bird &
Son), Avonton, Bellahouston
Bird, John E. (of 10 Morrison St.),
res. Avonton, Bellahouston
Bissell, John, 11 Burndjke st
Bissett, Geo. fruiterer, Westminster
ter; ho. 2 Cleland place
Bissett, Geo. vrright, Halfway house
Black, Andrew, artist, 18 Car-
michael st
Black, D. (at Bruce Bros.), resid.
3 Russell pi., Kelvinhaugh st.
B'ack, John, 4 Alexandria ter
Blackie, Mrs. Jas. grocer, 41 Cope
land road; ho. 43 do.
Blackwood, A. butcher, 19 Morri-
son street ; ho. Avondale ter
Blackwood, Miss J. clerk, G.P.O.;
res. 5 Avondale terrace
Blair, And. bookseller, stationer,
and printer, 649 Govan road ;
house, Union Bank buildings
Blair, M. grocer, 21 and 23 Flem-
ing street; h". Gleniffer view,
Bogle, John, fancy goods mercht.,
149 Govan rd.; ho. 2 Car-
michael st
Bogue, R. A. Beechhill, Bellah'ton
Boon, Rev. E. .J., Govan E.U. Ch.;
res. 5 Brighton pi
Bowes, J. C. (of Nairn & Bowes),
2 Cleland pi
Bowie, Jas. Glencoila, Bellahoust
Bowie, Jas. jun. Glencoila, Bella-
Bowie, T. C, Glencoila, Bellah'ton
Bowman, Wm. (at 177 Sauchiehall
St.), ho. 3 Drumoyne ter
Brand, Rev. John (of John street
U.P. Chnreh), residence, Rock-
field, Bellahoustoa
Brash, Robt. jun. manufacturing
chemist, 81 to 85 Hamilton St.:
res. Gladstone cottage, Ham-
ilton street
Breen, John, Woodland villa
British Hair Co. (Ld ), curled hair
manufacturers, Woodville street
British Workman Coffee Tavern,
518 Govan rd.; Joseph C. Wil-
kinson, mger.; ho. 491 Govan rd
Brown, Ales. F. (at Fairfield En-
gine Works), ho. 6 Olrig ter.,
PoUokshields ■
Brown, B., milliner, dress, and
mantle maker, 568 Govan rd.;
ho. 874 do
Brown, D. & Co., Phoenix Copper
Works, Campljell st.; ho. 4
Alexandra ter
Brown, Jas. family gi-ocer and
wine merchant, 465 Govan rd.
ho. 22 Carniichael st
Brown, Jas. wine and spirit mer-
chant, 807 and 809 Govan road
and 2 Douglas st. Partick ; ho.
3 Helen st
Brown, John, sheriff officer, 818
Govan road
Brown, John (at W. & G. Millar's),
ho. 5 Brooklyn pi
Brown, J. Govandale cot. Govan rd
Brown, Robt. 8 Ibrox place
Brown, Wm. engineer (of G & A.
Harvey), 10 Ibrox pi
Brown, Wm. C, family grocer,
585 Govan rd.; ho. 54 Har-
mony row
Brownhe, J. R. registrar of births,
&c. 1 Cornwall st. Plantation;
ho. 9 Ibrox pi
Bruce Bros. & Co. oil refiners,
Govan Oil Works, Helen st
Bruce, John Inglis, oil refiner,
Helen st; ho. 19 Lynedoch ores.,
Bruce, Ja=. (at R. Wotherspoon &
Co.'s), ho. 49 Copeland rd
Bryce, Archd. clothier, 521 Govan
rd.; house, 2 Copeland road
Bryden, Wm. D., painter, 37
Helen st.; ho. 7 Gladstoise ter
Buchanan, Geo. Crossloan rd
Buchanan, John, 2 Middleton ter
Buchanan, Mrs. spirit merchant,
42 Langlands road ; res. Shiell
villa, Crossloan rd
Buchanan, Mrs. Berkhall, Bella'
Buntin, Wm. wine and spirit mer-|
chant, 893 Govan rd. ; ho. 2
Shaw street
Burnet, Lindsay (of Lindsay Bur-
net & Co.), ho. St. Kilda,:
Burnet, Lindsay, & Co., Moore-
park Boiler Works; telegraph!;'
address, " Burnet," Glasgow
Bums, Richard (of 17^ Springfieldi
place, S.S.), ho. Almond bank^il
Ibrox ;
Burns, T. grocer, 702 Govan rd.:1
house, 580 do. |
Burns, Miss, Rhoda villa, Ibrox j
Calderwood, M. fancy goods mcht.'l
971 Govan road; ho. 985 do ?l
Cameron, Allan, M.A. St. Columba
Free Church ; ho. 4 Woodville pi '■■
Cameron, Dugald, cartwright and-'
general smith, 6 Broomloan rd.;t
house, 26 Kelvin drive ■'
Cameron, Hugh, bootmaker, 559';
Govan road: ho. 555 Govan rdj
Cameron, James, model maker (atjl
John Elder & Co.'s), 6 Alma s( ;[
Cameron, John, clerk (Mowat & \
Mil'er's), ho. 34 Harmony row 1
Cameron, John, ironmonger, 5274
Govan rd.; ho. 2 Copeland rd |
Cameron, Wm. police lieutenant,'!
Albert st.; ho. 20 Merryland st |
Campbell, Alex, merchant, 646 (!
Govan road; res. Murrowparkf
Campbell, Alex, (of P. & A. Camp-
bell), res. South avenue, Cope-
land road
Campbell, Alex, market gardener, j
174 Govan rd
Campbell, Arch. Mansefield (oij..
Stones & Campbell), res. Mur--
rowsdale cottage
Campbell, Archd. salesman, 27! '
Alma street
Campbell, D. insurance agent, 15
Langlands road
Campbell, Jas. (of Patoo, Baxter,
& Co.), ho. 2 Alexandra ter
Campbell, John, stationer and to-
bacconist, 509 Govan rd. ; ho.|
15 Copeland rd
Campbell, Jno. P. watchmaker andpt
jeweller, 855 Govan rd. ; ho. 1
Shaftesbury cottages, Whiteinchli
Campbell, John E. supt. purser,
State Steamship Co.; house, 4
Alexandra ter
Campbell, John, G.S. 4 Osborne pi
Campbell, P. & A. wrjghts and
builders, Windsor Saw Mil^j
Campbell street
Campbell, R. dairy, 78 Langlands rd

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