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Eoberton, Low, RobertoD, & Cross,
176 St. Vincent st
Roberts, A. 172 St. Vincent street
Robertson, A. 108 West Regent st
Robertson, Dun. 116 St. Vine, st
?« Robertson, James H. (of J. M. &
J. H. Robertson)
Robertson, John M. (of J. M. &
J. H. Robertson)
Robertson, J. M. & J. H. 120
Bath st
Robertson, Wm. 42 Bath st
Rodger, R. 67 W. Regent st
Rodie, Wm. 150 St. Vincent st
reSoss, Robt. G.(of Paterson& Ross)
Ross, W. T. (of W. T. Ross &
Ross, W. T. & Thomas, 173 St.
Vincent st
jRoxburgh, Henry A. LL.B. 145
i West George st
[Russell, Alex. 113 W. Regent st
WRutherford, J. & J. 189 St. Vin-
cent st
,?zScott, A. M. 156 St. Vincent st
Scott & Craig, 156 St. Vincent st
Scott, Wm. R. 65 W. Regent st
iService, Jas. & Nelson, 35 Bath st
iService, Wm. S. 5 Annfield place
iSewell, J. G. (of M'Cubbing &
?jShand, W. B. (of Burns, Aitken,
& Co.), 201 W. George st
Sharp, A. 278 Dumbarton road,
Shaw, Wm. (of Borland, King, &
Shaughnessy, J. 182 Hope street
Sinclair, A. M. 135 St. Vin. st
j 'Sinclair, Jas. F. 12 Miller street
Sinclair, Robt. &Thos. 12 Miller st
jjSinclair, Thos.(of R.&T. Sinclair)
Smillie & Blyth, 141 W. Geo. st
iSmillie, Thos. J. 141 W. George st
Smith, Boyd, & Wilson, 11 West
Regent street
Smith, Gordon, & Parker, 205
Hope st
Smith, J. C. (at Muirhead &
Guthrie Smith's)
raSmith, James, 21 Bath street
;«Smith, Jno. B. 221 W. George st
Soniih, Jno. S., B.L., 22 Ren-
field st
?iSmitb, M. 120 W. Regent st
Smith, R. S. 150 W. Regent st
Smith, W. K. B.L. (of Smith,
Boyd, & Wilson)
Speus, J. A. (of Maclay, Murray,
& Spens)
Stark & Hogg, 180 W. Regent st
nStark, Robert, 43 W. Regent st
Stark, T. 180 W. Regent st
KStevens, Jas. C. (of Macbride,
Davidson, M'Arthiir, & Stevens)
Stevenson & Fyfe (See MacLean,
. F}fe, & MacLean)
JzStevenson, J. M. P, 176 W. Geo. st
Stevenson, Jas. 67 W. Regent st
raStewart, Ales. 156 Bath st
Stewart, A. W. 156 Bath street
Stewart, James, 4 Parliament, rd
Stewart, Jas, 170 Hope st
Steuart, John, & Gillies, 204 W.
George street
Stuart, John W. M..A., 88 St,
Vincent st
wSteuart, Jn. W. 204 W. George st
Stuart & Phillip, 88 St. Vinct. st
nStewart, Robt. 116 W. Regent st
raStewart, R. B. 156 Bath st
Stewart, Thos. M., M.A., 173 St.
Vincent st
nStewart, Wm. (of Murdoch &
wStirling, H. A. (of Baird & Stir-
Stoddart, Francis (of Stoddart &
Stoddart & Neilson, 58 W. Reg. st
wStout, Tho?. 178 St. Vincent st
Stout, Thos. jun. M.A. B.L. 178
St. Vincent street
Stout, T. & T. 178 St. Vincent st
Strain & Barnett, 212 St. Vine, st
Strain, W. W. (of Strain & Barnett)
Strang & Weir, 103 W. Regent st
Strang, Wm. 103 W. Regent st
Strathem, John, 95 Bath st
wTaylor, J. M. 180 St. Vincent st
Taylor, J. M. & Foulis, 180 St
Vincent street
Thorn & Headrick, 58 Bath st
Thorn, J. A. (of Thorn & Headrick)
Thomas, W. M.A. 173 St. Vine, st
Thomson & Campbell, 113 West
Regent street
«Thomson,D. & Sharp, 278 Dum-
barton road, Partick
Thomson, G. A. 180 W. George st
Thomson, Jas. J. 208 W. Geo. st
Thomson, John (of Thomson &
Thomson, Laurence, & Miller, 140
Hope street
Thomson, Laurence (of Laurence
Thomson & Miller)
nThomson, S. M., M.A. 101 St.
Vincent st
Thomson, AV. B. 145 St. Vine, st
Threshie, Jas., 75 St. George's pi.
Threshie, J. M. Ill Brunswick st
Todd & Campbell, 170 Hope st
Todd, D. (of Todd & Campbell).
Torrance & Nimmo, 95 Bath st
Trench,T. (at Murdoch & Stewart's)
wTurnbull, Jno., 50 W. Regent st
Turner & Boyes, 69 St. Vin. st.
and at 17 West Blackball street,
Turner, Jas. W. (of Turner &
Tweedale, J. 225 W. George st
Ure & Macrae, 43 Renfield street
Ure, Robt., LL.B. (of Ure &
Walker, Robert, & Ingram, 63
Bath st
Wallace, John, 58 W. Regent st
Wallace, M. 42 Bath street
Wallace & Wilson, 42 Bath st
Wark, Juo. 120 Bath st
«Warren, T. (of Moncrieff, Barr,
Paterson, & Co.)
Watkios, G. Y. S. 186 W. Geo. st
Wat SOD, Jas. B.L. (of Douglas
& Watson)
wWatsoD, Jos. 225 W. George st
Watson, R. 401 St. Vincent st
re Watson, Thos. 60 W. Regent st
Watt, A. (of Fisher, Watt, &
wWebster, Alex. 75 W. Nile st
Weir, Alex. 104 West Regent st
Weir, Thos. 207 Ingram st
Williamson & Bell, 194 W. Geo. st
raWilliamson, C. M, (of William-
son & Bell)
Williamson & Paterson, 24 George
wWilliamson, Jas. (of WiHiamson
& Paterson)
Wilson, CaldvTell, & Fjfe, 79 West
Regent st
Wilson & Chalmers, 212 St. Vin-
cent street
wWiison, D (of Wallace & Wilson)
Wilson, .Thos. F. 212 St. Vine, st
wWilson, Wm. C. 11 W. Regent st
Wright, Hugh, 35 Cockburn st.
Wright, Jno. S. (of Wrig:ht, John-
ston, Mackenzie, & Aitken)
Wright & Johnston, 175 St. Vin-
cent street
Wright, Johnston, Mackenzie, &
Aitken, 150 St. Vincent st
Wyllie, Arch. D. 169 W. George st
York, William, 150 Hope street
wYoung, Adam, 193 St. Vincent st
Young, Alex, (of A. & G. Young)
Young, A. & G. 97 Wellington st
wYoung, G. B. (of Moncrieff, Barr,
Paterson, & Co.)
Young, George (of A. & G. Young)
Young, P. S. (at M 'Lean, Peattie,
and M'Intyre's)
Young, P. T. auditor, County
buildings, Wilson st
Young, T. 0. & Son, 173 St. Vin-
cent street
Young, T. C. (of T. C, Young &
«Young, T. C. jun. M.A. LL.B.
173 St. Vincent st
Young, Wm. 55 Bath st
Young, Wm. W. (of Duncan,
Baird, & Young)
Dawson, G. F. & Co. (official), 134
St. Vincent street
Goldie,A. W.&Co., 101 St. Vin. st
Hislop, Robert, 123 Hope street
Hodge, Wm. & Co. 123 Hope s\
Lang, A. M. 6 Finnieston st .'^yr
M'Donald, J. A. 9 Pitt st

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