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Maclay, Jas. (of Maclay, JIurray,
& Spens)
Maclay, Murray, & Spens, 169
West George st
MacLea, Duncan, 95 Bath st
M'Lean, Allan (of E. & J. M.
Hill, Brown, & Co.)
Maclean, C. J. (of ilacLean, Fj-fe,
& Mac Lean)
MacLean, Fyfe, & MacLean, 115
St. Vincent street
M'Lean, J. A. (of M'Lean &
n M'Lean, J. G. 178 St. Vincent st
» M'Lean, Neil, 175 Hope street
Maclean, Peattie, & Macintyre, 175
Hope st
M'Lean & Baird, 212 St. Vin-
cent sireet
n M'Lean, R. 155 Gt. Western rd.
m MacLean, Wm. (of MaoLean,
Fyfe, & MacLean)
M'Lean, Wm. & C.J. (see MacLean,
Fyfe, & MacLean)
M M'Lelland, Jas. S. (of M'Lel'and,
Tliomson, & Towers-Clark)
M'Lelland & MaUoch, 175 West
George street
M'Lelland, Thos. 175 W. George st
M'Lelland, Thomson, & Towers-
Clark, 180 West George st
M'Lennan, Alex. 205 St. Vincent st
M'Leod, H. 194 St. Vincent st
Macleod, Hugh (of Ramsay &
M'Leod, Jas. M., M.A., 175 St.
Vincent st
M'Leod & Martin, 175 St. Vin-
cent street
M'Leod, Peter(of M'Leod &Martin)
M'Nab, P. B. (of Paul & Macfar-
M'Nee, G. 51 West Regent st
n Macniven, James Orr, 139 St.
Vincent street
M'Phee, Donald, Central Police
M'Pherson & Foulis, 135 St.
Vincent street
Macpherson, Jno. 95 Bath st
Macquaker, T. (of Martin, M'Kay,
& Macquaker)
Mactavish.D. A. 128 St. Vincent st
M'William, James (of Nicholson,
M'William, & M'Gowan)
Mair, Gemmill, & Hislop, 196 St.
Vincent st
Mair, Jno. B.L. 162 St. Vincent st
Malcolm & Aitken, 157 St. Vin-
cent street
Malcolm, W. H. 157 St. Vincent st
Malloch, James M'G. M.A. 175
West George street
Marr, D. M. LL.B. (at M'Lelland
& Malloch's)
Marshall & MacLachlan, 95 Bath
Marshall, A. 302 Buchanan st
Marshall, Jas. 95 Bath st
Marshall, Mark, & Inglis, 147 St.
Vincent st
Martin, H. Robertson (at Mac-
Bride, Davidson, M'Arthur, &
n Martin, John, 69 W. Regent st
Maston & Gillespie, 175 St. Vin-
cent street
Maxton, John, 175 St. Vincent st
Meldrum, R. (of Lindsay, Meldrum
& Oatts)
n Miller, Allan C. 208 W. George st
Miller, Jas. & Ness, 100 W. Reg. st
Miller, J. & A. C. 208 W. George
Miller, John, 208 W. George st
n Miller, P. L. (of J. & J. Boyd &
Milligan & Alston, 183 St. Vincent
MiUigan, W. J. 183 St. Vincent st
Mitchell, Andrew (of Mitchells,
Cowan, & Johnston)
Mitchells, Cowan, & Johnston,
160 West George st
n Mitchell, J. C. (of Mitchells,
Cowan, & Johnston)
Moir & Forbes, 146 Buchanan st
n Moir, Jas. (of Moir & Forbes)
MoncriefF, Barr, Paterson, & Co.
45 W. George st
Moncrieff, H. (of Moncriefi", Barr,
Paterson, & Co.)
Monro, J. G. City Chambers,
Ingram street
7jMonteath, James R. (of Black,
Honeyman, & Monteath)
Montgomerie & Flemings, 241 St.
Vincent st
Morrison, A. F. M.A. 75 St.
George's place
wMon-ison, William (of M'Clure,
Naismitb, Brodie, & Co.'s)
Jlotton, John (at J. & D. T. Colqu-
Mo ton, John N., M.A., 162
Buchanan st
wMoscrip, G. C. 68 W. Regent st
Muir, Jno. (at Dick & Stevenson's)
Muirhead & Guthrie Smith, 54
W. Nile st
Muirhead, James, 64 West Nile st
Muirhead, James, 30 Gordon st
Murdoch, Jas. 147 W. Regent st
Murdoch & Stewart, 175 St. Vin-
cent street
w Murdoch, Wm. (of Murdoch &
Murray, A. K. 302 Buchanan st
K Murray, D. (of Maclay, Murray,
& Spens)
Murray, Jas. M. (of Kidstons,
Watson, Turnbull & Co.)
Neave, H. B. 302 Buchanan st
Neilson, G. (of Stoddart & Neilson)
Neilson, R. T. 115 St. Vincent st
jjNeilsoD, Thos. 113 W. Regent st
?iNelson, James, 35 Bath st
Ness, J. LL.B. (of James MillerSi
Ness). ^
Newlands, G. F. (at Laurence:
Thomson & Miller's) '
Nicholson, M'William, &M'Gowanji
163 West George st
«Nimmo, AVm. C. LL.B. (of Tor-
rance & Nimmo)
Nisbet, Edgar S. 203 W. Geo. st
Niven & M'Niven, 139 St. Vin. sf
Niven, M. (withBrownlie, Watson
& Beckett)
Niven, W. 139 St. Vincent st
?iOatts, J. L. 87 W. Recent st
7iOkel\, H. 33 Renfield street
Orr, Jas. & Hogarth 29 Bath st
Orr, J. R. 93 W. Regent st
Orr, John F. 183 West George sli
Orr, W. V. 93 W. Regent sireet
Orr, W. V. & J. K. 93 We:
Regent st
Paisley & Maclintock, 113 West
Regent st
Parker, G. (of Gordon Smith 5
nPaterson, A. C. (of Moncrieff
Barr, Paterson, & Co.)
?2Paterson, Chas. On- (of Bell &
Paterson, Geo. (of Paterson & Ross^
Paterson,James Parker (of William-
son & Paterson).
Paterson, John S. 150 St. Vin. st
Paterson & Eoss, 183 W. George s'
M Paterson, W. B. 101 St. Vine, st
Patrick, D. 13 West Regent st
Patrick & Wood 176^ Hope st
Pattison, Alex. 137 St. Vincent si
Paul, Andrew, 196 St. Vincent si
Paul & M'Farlan, 136 Hope st
?iPeattie, A. Y. (of M'Lean, Peatti(
& Macintyre)
Pirie, R. H. 173 St. Vincent st
Pirie & Stewart, 173 St. Vincent si
?i Pollock, Walter W. 77 Renfield si
Preston, W. 97 Wellington street
Purvis, Jas. W. 22 Renfield st
Ralston & Clark, 173 St. Vin. st
reRalston, G. (of Ralston & Clark)
Ramsay, J. D. (of Ramsay & Mac-
Ramsay & Macleod, 194 St. Vin-
cent street
wRamsay, W. C. 163 St. Vincent s(
Reddie, C. 7 Albion cres.
Reid, D. (at Keyden, Strang &.
?jReid, James A. (of M'Grigor,'
Donald, & Co.)
wRennie, Geo. 33 W. George st
nRenwick, R. City Chambers
Risk, J. A. D. (of Craig & Risk)
wRitchie, G. M.,B. L. 22 Renfield]
BRitchie, R. B. 79 West Regent st
Robb, G. H. M.A. (at Montgomerie
& Fleming's)
wRoberton, Jas. LL.D. (of Rober-
ton, Low, Roberton, & Cross)

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