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M'Daid, James, 98 Glebe street
M'Diarmid, Arch. 113 Kent road
M'Diarmid, Jas. 9 W. Scotland st
M'Donald, Allan, 119 Oxford st
M'Donald, And. 8 Cathedral st
M'Donald, James, 12 Clyde street,
M'Donald, J. & A. 99 EenSeld st
M'Donald, J. S. 490 Gallow-
gate and 246 High st
M'Donald, Joseph, 142 Dalmar-
nock road
M'Donald, John, 91 MaiQ street,
M'Donald, P. & Co. 4 Carlton pi
Macdonald, Robert, 37 Marquis st.
656 Gallowgate, & 5 Tobago st
M'Donald, Mrs. D. 66 St. James'
st. Kinning park
lyi'Donald, Mrs. M. 63 North st
M'Dougall, Alex. 16 Taylor st
M'Dongall, A. 8 Springfield ter
M'Dougall, Don. 239 Cambridge st
M'Dougall, D. jun. & Co. brokers,
62 St. George's place
SI'Dougall, D. A. & Co. 13 Druiy
M'Dougall, D. Ill Bridgegate
M'Dougall, D. 39 Wallacfgrove pi
M'Dougall, Hugh, jun. 1 Hampden
M'Dougall, Lachlan, 40 Broomiel.
M'Dougall, Wm. 8 Charing cross
M'Elhatton, J. 25 Caledonia read
M'Elhaw, J. 94 George st
M'Elroy, J. 30 Market st. city,
522 Rutberglen road, and 498
M'Ewan, J. 26 Maio st. Anderston
M'Fadyen, Miss Mary, 40 Broomie-
M'Farlane, Andrew, 91 Go van st
M'Farlane, John, 191 Castle st
M'Fatlane, Wm. 55 Abercromby st
M'Garrv, James, 124 Bridgegate
M'Genn, P. S. & Co. 9 Howard st
M'Gibbon, Miss, 36 Park road
M'Gill, Mrs. David, 267 S. Wel-
lington street
M'Ginn, Thos. 8 Bridgegate
M'Glashan, John, & Co. corking,
bottling, capsuling, and bottle-
washing machinery, capsules,
pumps, hydrometers, and every
requisite for the cellar and bar ;
catalogues free, Albany Works,
Catherine lane, 100 Stirling rd
M' Govern, Mr^. 74 Douglas st.
M'Gowan, Jane, 9 Scotia st
M'Grail, P. 76 Eglinton street
M'Gregor, G. 44 Jamaica street
M'Gregor, John, 1 Errol street
and 79 Abington street
M'Gregor, M. 90 Kirk st. Calton
M'Gregor, Peter, 61 Clyde street,
M'Gregor, Peter, 6 M'lntyre st.
and 145 Stobcroas st
M'Gregor, E. W. 463 London rd
M'Gregor & Turner, 108 Argyle st
M'Gregor, Mrs. IGl Garscube rd
M'Gugan, J. 232 Cathcart road
M'Guire, B. 245 S. Wellington st
M'Guire, Chas. 5 N. City rd. and
132 Trongate
M'Guire, E. 9 Ferguson st
M'Hardy, J. 85 Main st. Bridgeton
M'Hugh, Arthur, 134 Gallowgate
Macilquham, Jane, 418 Garscu. rd
M'llraith, David, Btownlie place,
New Cathcart
M'Inally, Mrs. M. 174 Parliamt. rd
M'Intosh, A. 5 Findlay st. and 42
Cambridge st
M'Intosh, D. A. S. 43 Rumford st
and 13 Avenue st. Springburn
M'Intosh, G. 343 Gallowgate
Macintyre, J. & R. 60 Elderslie st.
400 New City rd. 546 Debbie's
loan, 28 Burnside street, 175
Finnieston st. 49 Piccadilly, and
35 Kelvinhaugh st
M'lntyre, John, & Co. 147 St.
Vincent street
M'lntyre, Mrs. C. 81 Candleriggs
Mackay, A. & B. 501 SaucbiehaU st
Mackay, C. Spring pi. Crossmyloof
M'Kay, Jas. 55 Camdeo st
M'Kay, Wm. 252 St. George's rd
M'Kay, Mrs. 140 Saltmarket
M'Kellar, Mrs. 16 Tarbet st
M'Kelvie, John, 78 Stevenson st
M'Kenna, Mrs. P. 193 Main st.
M'Kenzie, A. R. 159 Stobcross st
M'Kenzie, John, 107 Main st. s.s.
and 38 Adelphi st
M'Kenzie, B. 1 Gloucester st
Macjjie, Christina, 247 Duke st
M'Kill Bros, brokers, 53 Waterloo
M'Killop, A. 215 Dumbarton rd
M'Killop, John, 47 Kent street
M'Killop, W. 15 Mair st
MacKinlay, Chas. & Co. Leith ;
agent. Arch. M'Millan, broker,
4 W. Nile st
M'Kinlay, Jn. 28^ St. Andrew's st
M'Kinlay, Robt. 113 Main street,
Anderston, and 112 D'bartonrd
M'Kinnon, H. 360 Scotland street
M' Lachlan, Angus, 429 Gallowgate
M'Lachlan, D. 70 Maitland st
M'Lachlan, D. 286 Pcssil road
M'Laughlin, E. 75 JIaxwell st. and
143 Bridgegate
M'Lachlan, G. 31 Paisley road, W.
and 17 W. Nile st
M'Lachlan, H. 55 Clyde street,
M'Lachlan, J. 71 Crown street,
and 69 King street, Calton
Maclachlan, John, Garscube cross
M'Lachlan, John, 244 Garscube rd
M'Laughlin, Catherine, 4 Clyde st.
M'Lardy, E. 120 Stirling road
M'Laren, Alex. & Son, 13 Candle-
riggs and 103 Gallowgate
M'Laren, Alex. 146 Stirling rd. & :
251 Duke st
M'Laren, John, 97 George st
M'Laren, Mrs. John W. 80 Can- ■
ning St. and 361 Gallowgate
M'Laren, Mrs. 145 London st
M'Laws, George, 155 Garngad rd
M'Lean, Alex. 132 Trongate
M'Lean, D. C. 234 Scotland st
M'Lean, John, 9 Castle street and !
7 Shuttle st
M'Lean, John, 45 Houston st. ,
and 9 Main st. Gorbals
M'Lean, John, Langside rd. Cross- -
M'Lean, P. 356 Gallowgate
M'Lean, Robert A. 79 and 124'
Crown st
M'Lean, Thos., 8 Kelvingrove st
M'Lean, Mrs. Mary, 104 Shamrock
St. and 44 Carrick street
M'Learie, S. 218 Broomielaw
M'Lellan, David, 216 Duke st
M'Lellan, .John, 22 Abercromby st
M'Lellan, P. 161 West Nile street
and 60 Orchard st. Partick
Maclennan, A. & Co. 212a St.
Vincent street
M'Leod, A. W. 36 S. Coburg st.
and 429 Eglinton st
M'Leod, Wra. 394 Parliamenty. rd
M'Meekin, M. 631 Garscube rd
M'Meekin, Mrs. M. 171 Craig-
hall road
M'Millan, Archd. (broker), 4 West
Nile st
M'Millan, John, 1 Houston st
M'Nab, H. 77 Finnieston st
M'Nee, Alex. 16 So. Wellington st
M'Nee, John, 1 Victoria road and
721 Govan road
M'Nee, Jno. 190 Castlebank st
M'Nee, Mrs. Wm. 546 St. Vino, st
M'Neisb, J. 40 Kinning st
M'Nicol, A. 130 Gloucester st
M'NicoI, Don. 257 Parliament, rd
M'Nicol, John, 27 Duke street
M'Nicol, John, 539, 679 Gallowga
M'Phail, John, 46 Both well st
M'Phail, Wm. 359 Govan st
M'Phee, Hugh, 145 Bernard st
M'Phee, S. 73 Green st. Calton
M'Pherson, And. 218 Crookston st.
and 199 Pollok st
M'Pherson, H. 30 Stockwell st
Macpherson, John, Squire street,
M'Pherson, Mrs. M. 387 Argyle st.
and 6 Dale st
M'Queen, John, & Co. 49 Stobcross
street, and 11 Adelphi st
M'Queen, Wm. 44 St. James' rd
M'Rae D. 133 W. Nile street
M'Sherry, M. E. 62 Gt. Clyde st
Jl'Sporran, J. 48 Clyde pi
M'Vey, Thos. 70 Eenfield street
M'Vicar, Don. 221 High st

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