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M'William, And. 18 Maxwell st
M'William, Jas. 5 Stirling st. city
M'William. Jas. 64 Clyde pi
M'William, J. & J. 38 Queen st
M'William, Miss H. 88 Whitevale
Magee, Mrs. 6 Forth st.Pt.-Dundas
Mair, Hugh, 106 Eastmuir street,
Malcolm, James, 26 Struthers st
Manson, Mrs. Margt. 91 Water-
loo street
Manuel & Webster, 137Buchan st
Margey, Mrs. M. H. 129 St.
Andrew's road
Marr, G. D. 206 Broomielaw
Marshall, James, /) M'Lean st
Martin, Alex, J. 81 Main st s.s.
Martin, Mrs. 100 Old Kelvin -
haugh road
Massie, D. 98 West street
MastertoD, J. 483 St. George's rd
Mather, James, 68 M'Aipine st
Mather, John, & Son, 147 Queen st
Mathieson, Wm. 147 New City rd
Meek, Mrs. Thos. 43 Wallace st.
Jlehan, H. 103 Maitland st
Meikle, John, 24 Portugal st, and
103 M'Lean st
Meikle, Peter, 44 Grove st
Meikle & Ross, 168 Dumbarton rd
Meiklejohn, Miss, 56 Hospital st
Melaugh, W. 687 Garscube road
Melling, J. 26 Grace st
Menzies Bros. 33 Nelson st. s.s.
Menzies, J. L. 98 Eglinton st
Menzies, James, 68 Bath st
Menzies, John, 23 Cleland St. and
96 Thistle st. s.s.
Menzies, John, 22 Canal st. Port-
Merry, Miss, 442 Rutherglen rd
Miller, Bowman, 171 G. Hamilton
Miller, James, 46 Cavendish st.
80 S. Kinning place, 82 So.
Portland St. 68 and 102 Norfolk
street, and 237 Eglinton street
Miller, Jas. 43 Stockwell st
Miller, John, 9 Douglas street
Millar, Wm. 28 Anderston quay
Miller, Wm. 139 Crown st
Miller, Wm. 27 Little st. Calton
Miller, Mrs. R. 1 Morrison st
Milne, Jas. 62 Renfrew st
Milne, Wm. 291 Stirling road
Mitchell, Jas. 63 Dale st. Trades.
Mitchell, J. Dunlop, & Co. oil and
spirit sample bottles, wirh or
} -without wooden post blocks, all
[ kinds of glass, china, and
earthenware goods for wine and
spirit merchants, ships, hotels,
restaurants, &c. 136 Ingram st.
and at Old Trinity Ho. Water
Llane, London, E.C.
itchell, Jno. 2 I Argyle st
Mitchell, Robt. 43 W. Bothwell st
Mitchell, William, 291 Main street,
Moir, F. 259 Buchanan st
Monney, T. 274 Mathieson st
Montgomery, Jas. 151 Duke street
Moon, John, 162 West st
Morrison, H. 815 Gallowgate
Morrison, M. 21 Wilson st
Morrison, R. & Co., 39 Stockwell st
Morrison, Rodk. 350 Durabart. rd
Morrison, Wm. 62 Glassford st
Morrison, Wm. 170 Dumbarton rd
Morrison, Mrs. Isabella, 6 Duke st
Morrison, Mrs. Jessie, 293 West
Campbell st
Morrison, Mrs. 293 W. Campbell st
Morton, Janet, 13, 63 Richard st
Muir, G. 125 N. Dalmarnock road
and 602 Gallowgate
Muir, Jos. 114 Shamrock st. W.
Muir, Mrs. G. 34 Green st. Cal-
ton, and 94 Main st. Bridgeton
Muirhead, Jas. 122 Millburn st.
and 380 Springburn road
Muirhead & MCallura, 377 Argyle
Muirhead, Wm. 54 Anderson st.
Munn, Mrs. 2 Gairbraid street
Munro, Hugh, Crossmjloof
Munro, H. 24 Stockwell p'ace
Munro, R. T. 113 Springburn rd
Murdoch, Alex. & Co. brokers,
123 Hope street
Murdoch, W. 22 Hozier st. Partk.
Murphy, Mrs. E. 216 Main street,
Murray, Geo. 46 John Knox st
Murray, James, & Co. brokers,
45 Oswald st
Murray, R. G. 89 Stockwell st
Murray, T. 5 Anderston quay
Murray, Wm. 281 High street
Murray, Cath. 46 Crown st
Nairn, A. 83 S. Wellington street
Nairn, Ales. 261 Caledonia road
Naisraith, Jno. H. 55 Kelvin-
haugh street
Napier, W. 7 High street and
86 Bell st
Neeson, A. 3 Park pi. Paisley rd
Neeson, P. 35 Bridgegate, 52
King St. city, and 129 Crown st
Nelson, James, 131 W. Nile st.
and 21 A del phi street
Newton, J. 152 London road, 359
Springburn rd. and 226 Baltic st
Newton, Janet B. 126 Parlia-
mentary road
Nicholson, D. & Sons, Edinburgh;
R. Ellison, agent, 60 West
Regent street
Nicholson, John S. 125 West
Graham street
Nimmo, Wm. 10 Douglas st
Oatts, H. H., broker, 11 Oswald st
Oliver, J. 127 W. Regent st
O'Neil, John, 396 Cumberland st
Orr, John, 8 Kent street
Orr, J. K. & D. 29 Waterloo st
Oswald, A. & Son, 1 Alexandra
place. Crossbill
Oswald, John, 122 Canning st.
and 1 Cranston place
Park, William, 157 Centre st. 42
Gloucester st. 147 Elderslie st.
and 81 King st. s.s.
Park, Mrs. Martha, 96 Hospital st
Park, Mrs. W. 572 Rutherglen rd
Park, Ann, 110 Renfrew st
Paterson, Dug. 64 E. Howard st.
and 1 Park buildings, Paisley rd
Paterson, James, 67 Carrick st
Paterson, John, 5 Monkland st
Paterson, Helen, 158 Dumbartoa
road, Partick
Paton, Thos. 181 Ingram street
Paton, Wm. 184 Caledonia rd
Paton, Wm. 342 Cumberland st
Paxton, M. 199 Argyle st. and 11
Jamaica street
Peacock, John, 529 Garscube rd
Pearson, Joshua, 14 Pitt st
Pedelty, J. 1 Dumbarton road
Peden, Jas. 246 W. George st
Penman, J. 37 Robertson street
Perry, Jas. 35 Belgrave st
Perry, T. 221 Main st. Bridgeton
Petrie, Thos., 1 Victoria pi. Mount
Florida, and 1 Queen's crescent,
Pettigrew, Mrs. 8 Tobago st
Pettigrew, John, 54 Muslin st
Phillips, David, 47 New st. Calton,
19 Annfield st. and 46 Marlboro'
Philp, John H. 43 E. Crawford st
Pincock, Samuel, 159 James st.
Pincock, Eliz. 6 Findlay st
Piukerton, J. 140 London rd
Pirrie, James, 142 Watt st
Pollock, John, 112 Canning st
Porter, D. 72 Centre street
Porter, Margaret, 42 Fielden st
Power, W. H. 40 King st. city
Prangnell, G., 229 Dumbarton rd
Prenty, John, 264 Gallowgate
Provan, C. 220 Main st. Anderst.
Queen's Restaurant Co. 70 Bu-
chanan street
Quillan, P. 8 Stevenson st
Quin, Peter, Gushet house, Springb.
and 302 Possil rd
Rae, Mrs. Janet, 184 Castle st
Ramsay, Jno. 402 Duke st
Rankin, John, 2 Greenvale st
Rattray, Geo., 181 Gallowgate
Reid Bros. 69 Cambridge st
Reid, G. S. 47 Nelson st. s.s. and
250 Main st. and Rutherglen
Reid, Hugh, 286 Buchanan street
Reid, Jas. 69 Cambridge street
Reid, John, broker, 62 St. Vin. st
Reid, Jno., 125 John Knox st
Reid, Thos. N. 190 Polloksbaws
Reid, Thos. 796 Garscube road

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