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Glaagow Sheet Metal Works
(M'Haffie's patent), Margaret
St. High John st
Grimshaw, S. 1 William st
Hooper & Bulloch, glass louvre,
Moseley; agts. Niven & Pratt,
70 Waterloo st
Lawson, D. 1 Monteith row
M'Haffie & Co. Margaret st. off
High John st — See Ad. in Ap.
Munn, Robt. (at Jas. G. Garrick
& Co.'s), Calderwood st
Purdie, Thos. jun. 212 St. Vin. st
Purnell, Henry, 305 Parliamentary
Sharp & Co. London ; sole agent,
Wm. B. Morrison, 400 Eglintoii
Mitchell & Co. Govan
The Kelvin Chemical Co. Craighall
Works, Maryhill
Anderson, Wm. M.R.C.V.S. 146
West Nile street, and 145
Castle st
Blue, Allan P. 81 Pitt st
Boyle, W. M.R.C.V.S. acting vete-
rinarj' surgeon to the '' Queen's
Own" Yeomanry Cavalry, 49
Douglas street
Brock, e.,M R.C.V.S. 112 North st
Dickson, John, M.R.C.V.S. 14
Grant street
Frew, G., M.R.C.V.S. 80 Elcho st
M'Call, Jas. F.R.C.V.S., 85
Bucclench st
M'Nicol, A. M.R.C.V.S. 11 Come-
lypark st
M'Queen, James, M.R.C.V.S.
83, 85 Baccleuch st
M'Queen, J. B. M.R.C.V.S. 9
Egiinton lane
Meneely, S. shoer, Pollokshaws
rd. Strathbnngo
Mitchell, R. M.R.C.V.S. 30 Car-
rick street
Mitchell, Robert, & Son, 7 Shaf-
tesbury lane
Peddle, William, M.R.C.V.S. OH
Pollock, D. 131 Sydney st
Prentice, Jn. P. M.R.C.V.S. 388
Paisley road
Renfrew, J. M.R.C.V.S. 85 Buc-
cleuch st
Kobb, Andrew, M.R.C.V.S. 16
Ward street and 240 Great
Eastern road
Tweedley, H. M.R.C.V.S. 57 Park
st. Kinning park
Weir, James, M.R.C.V.S. 88
) Crookston street
' Wilson, R. 38 Dalhousie st
Wyper, James, M.R.C.V.S. 89
Byars rd
Alldays & Onions (Limited), Bir-
mingham; agent, Alex. Young,
47 Waterloo st
Ashforth, J. & Co. 104 W. Geo. st
Baird, Arch. & Son, 67 Robertson
St. and 46 Robertson lane
Binney & Son, 50 W. Howard st
Brooks, John, 16 Hope st
Burley, B. B. 9 Watson street, off
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49
Robertson st
Llewellins Machine Co. Bristol
Mathieson, A. & Son ; Saracen
Tool Works, 13 E. Campbell st
Macbriar, Maxwell Wm. Sheffield,
wrought iron and metal parallel
vices of all descriptions, and
genera! engineers' tool maker,
patentee of the solid vice box;
ai;ents, Blackwood & Lamb, 101
St Vincent st
Mealing, Edwin, agent, 95 Bath
Powell, John, Birmingham ; agent,
W. B. Bain, 57 Hope st
Thomson, R. B. Parkinson's patent
Perfect Vice, 59 Osborne st
Young, A. agent, 47 Waterloo st
Bridgeton Old (Limited), 139, 147
Main st. Bridgeton
Bridgeton (Limited), 186, 188
Main st. Bridgeton
Friendly Bread Association, 37
Clarendon street
American Cider Co. 23 Jamaica st.
and 14 Adam's Court lane
Beveridge, A. & Co. Surrey street
Pickle Works
Burnett, Sir R. & Co. ; W. & H.
Potts, agents, Glasgow
Kellie, Wm. & Co 10 Nicholas st
Messer, Wm. 464 So. York st
Paterson, Campbell, 33 Osborne st
Paterson, Robt. & Son, S3 Os-
borne street
Pott, R. & N. 96 Renfield st
Walker, G. & Son, 48 French st
Campbell & Co. 103 Trongafe
Dearlove, W. G. 137 N. City rd
Duncan, G. 16 Queen st
Lawson, Rankin, & Co. 85 Bu-
chanan street
Mann, J. A. 1 1 Miller street
Panton, G. & Son, 34 Stockwell st
Yorston, Jas. 102 Paisley rd. W.
Harburg India-Rubber Comb Co.
(F. Winter, agent), 138 London
wall and 4a Cripplegate build-
ings, London, E.G.
Glasgow Wadding Co. 24 Hut-
cheson st
Halstead, H. 753 Duke st
Hamilton, R. 81 Virginia st
Harley, Dav. & Co. 112 Ingram st
Manchester Wadding Co. 81 Vir-
ginia st
Marshall, H. 44 Kent st
Renfrew, Jno. 49 Dunlop street
Abernethy, Alex. 12 to 14 Brans-
wick street
Adam, C. 96 Sauchiehall st
Aitken, Campbell, & Co. 161
Ingram st
Aitken, Wra. 62 Glassford st
Alexander & Neilson, 20 South
Frederick st.
Alexander, Wm. 1 3 Reidvale st
Allan, A. & Co. 211 Cumberland
street, s.s.
Allan & Orr, 90 Maxwell st
Allan, P. 55 S. Wellin;!iton st
Allan & Stewart, 165 Argyle st
Anderson, Andrew, Fordyce, &
Co. 103, 105 Glassford st
Anderson, F. & Co. 51 Miller st
Anderson, Jn. Royal Polytechnic
Warehouse, 97, 99 Argyle st
Arnott & Co. 19 Jamaica st
Arthur & Co. (Lim. ), 78 Queen st
Baillie & Macdiarmid, 42 Hutche-
son street
Baird & Miller, 179 Sauchiehall st
Bankier & Co. 56 Mitchell st
Barnet & Young, 12 Cadogan st
Barrie & Dick, 42 Argyle st
Bayne, Jas. sen. 23 George st
Beaton, W. & Co. 172 Cowcad.st
Bennett, R. 5 Morrison's court
Berry, T. & Co. wholesale, 24
Queen street
Black, D. & Co. 4 Queen street
Black, Wm. 81 London st
Blair, J. & Co. 34 Howard st
Brand, A. & Co. 74 Gordon st
Brown, Robert, 455 Paisley road
Brown, Smith, & Co. 14 Bu-
chanan street
Burns, Wm. 72 So. Wellington st
Caldwell, Jas. 90 Abbotsford place
Campbell, John G. S. 161 Trongate
Campbell, J & W. & Co. wholesale,
137 Ingram street
Caskie, A. B. & Co. 43 Mitchell st
Chalmers, T. & Co. (Limited), 167
Clapperton, John,& Co. 61 Miller
St. and 62 Queen at

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