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Steven & Struthers, makers of
Thomson's patent valves for air
and circulating pumps, 32 Elliot
Stone, J. & Co., Deptford, Lon-
don, S E.; C. R. Stewart, sole
agent, 57 Robertson st
Turnbul), Alex. & Co. 139 Brook st
Wilson, Wm. & Alex, india-rubber
for hot and cold water, and to
resist "cranes" aud other oils ;
also iron and brass valves for
steam, water, and gas; 153
Canning st. Bridgeton cross. —
See Ad. in Ap.
Aim, J. & J. 70 Crawford st. s.s.
Aim, W. L. & Co. 91 W.Camp, st.
and 8 Bothwell lane
Alexander, Fergusson, & Co. 38
M'Alpine st. and Ruchill wharf,
Anderson, Geo. & Co. 58 Hyde-
park st
Aspin, Jas. 51 Hydepark st
Berger, Lewis, & Son, Ltd. 146
St. Vincent st. ; work^^, Homer-
ton, London
Bird, Malcolm & Co. 97 Milton st
Elacklock & Macarthur, 171 West
strtet; works, 102 Dale st. s.s.
Borland, M. 270 Crownpoiiit rd
Brown, Wm. Sons, & Co. 22 St.
Enoch sq
Christie, Jas. & Co. 162 St. Vin-
cent street
Coates Bros. & Co. 103 Hope
Craig & Rose, 100 Holoa street
Dickson, J. & J. & Co. 12 Dale
street, s.s.
Dnthie, Jas. representative of Rolls
& Linoms, St. Jamfs' road, Old
Kentrd. Lon'^n, S.E. 49 Bath
St. ; house, 143 Elderslie st
Fergusson, Alexander & Co. 38
M'Alpine st
Forsyth, M'Kechnie & Co. Hope-
hill rd
Gas (The) Residual Products Co.
Ltd. 156 St Vincent st
Gibson Bros. 7 Stockwell place
Gibson & Mathia, 49 Brown st
Gittings, J. R. & Co. Birmingham ;
agent, Alex. Stuart, 11 West
Nile st
Graham, M.& Co. 50 Anderson st.
off Gallowgate
Grandison, J. J. R. & Co. 47
Carrick st
Hamilton, J. & D. 132 Trongate
Hatch, J. & R. for all trades, 60
Bothwell circus
Hill & Smith, black varnish for
iron fences, &c., Brierly Hill,
Staffordshire, and 73 Elinbank st
Hobbs, Jas. (representing Mander
Bros.) 3 Albion crescent
Jenson & Nicholson ; agents, Wal-
lace, Wilkie, & Co. 79 West
Regent st
Kirkpatrick, Andw. representing
J. M'Glashan, 109 Hope st
MacBean, H. & Co. 66 Cook st
M'Donald, John, 4 Terrace st
M'Glashao, Jas. 109 Hope st
M'Laren, Wm. agent, 5 and 9
Madeira court
M'Neil, Jas. & Co. St. Enoch's
Works, Barrowfield
Mander Bros. Wolverhampton;
representatives, W. H. GrifRn,
30 Granby terrace, Hill-
head, and J. Hobbs, 3 Albion
crescent, Hillhead
Miller, Alex. jun. & Co. 50 Ken-
street, Calton
Parker & Lester, London, Parker's
imperial black varnish ; Niven
& Pratt, agents, 72 Waterloo st
Paterson, T. 10 Washington st
Philip, P. & Co. 57 Norfolk st
Rolls & Linoms, St. James' road.
Old Kent road, London, S.E. ;
representative, Jas. Duthie, 49
Bath St.; house, 143 Elderslie st
Scctt, Jas. & Jno G. Crown Colour
Works, 220 Dohbie's loan
Scottish Silicate Paint Co.; sole
agents, Young & Morrison, 173a
St. Vincent st
Sinclair & Macintyre, Dundas
Colour Works, and 124 E. Mil-
ton street
Stevenson, W. & Co. 28 Robertson
Steer Bros. & Coles, lithographic
and printing, 9 W. Howard st
Sttrer, David, & Sons. 58 Sydney
street, Glasgow, Mlllwall, Lon-
don ; and 12 Eumford place,
Storer, James, & Co. Barrowfield
Colour Works, French street,
Bridgeton, and 2 King Wilham
street, London
Tabor, Trego, & Co. London ; agt.
Wm. Lester, 11 West Eegvnt st
Walker, G. & Son, 48 French st.
Waverley (The) Varnish Co.,
Granton, by Edinburgh ; agent,
W. B. Blane, 20, 22 Oxford st
Williamson, James, & Sons, W.
Gentles, 338 Saucbiehall street,
sole agent for Scotland
Austin, G. 39 Pitt street
M'CoU, Matthew, Vict. Patent
Saw Mills Co. 1 03 St. James' rd
M'Phun, J. & D. Mill st
Mowat & Milier, Helen and Robert
streets, Govan
Stewart, J. & A. Kelvinhangh st
Victoria Patent Saw Mills Go.
103 St, James' road
Anderson & Monro, wire gauze,
zinc, and Holland, 186 Bothwl.
St. ; works, Moncrieff st. Kelvin
St. and 4 Grove st
Brown, Jas. & Co. 33 S. Portland st
Brown & M'Neil, 39 Surrey st
Bryden, Jn. & Sons, 24 Renfield
St. 16 Frederick st. Edinburgh,
7 Prince's St. Perth, Commercial
St. Dundee, and 2 Bulstrode St.
Bryden, Wm. & Son, 112 St. Vine.
st. and 55 George st. Edinburgh
Calder, Eben. Holland wire gauze
and outside sunshades, 290
Shields rd
Cardwell, J. & A. 269 Eglinton st
Falconer & M'Kinnon, 112 Both-
well st
Gemmell, John, 75 Oxford st
Graham, D. & G. Holland (wire
gauze and outside sunshades),
Saucbiehall st. and 140 Douglas
street; branch, 201 Byars rd
Hally, R. A. 233 Shields road
Hutcheson, Jas. 249 W. George st
Laird, Jn. & Son, 207 Dumbart. rd
M'Kenzie, Ales. & Co, 87, 89
Buchanan st
M'Lacblan, D. 14 Cambridge st
Martin, B. 4 Charing cross
Meighan, James, 70 Clyde street,
Meikle, J. P. & E. & Co. 190
Dumbarton rd
Smith, F. & J. Gordon and Union
streets ; works, Kent road
Whyte, Robert, & Sons, 111 St.
Vmceot street
Wy lie & Lochhead, 45 Buchanan st
Baird, Thompson, & Co. 24 Bath st
Boyle, Robt. & Son, 110 Bothwell
street, and 64 Holborn viaduct,
London. — See Advt. in Appen.
Braby, Fred. & Co. (Limited), 335
Argyle st. ; wks. Petershill rd.
Bruce, A. 75 Cathedral st
Buchan, W. P. 21 Renfrew st.—
See Adv. in Appen.
Carrick, Jas. G. & Co. Oalderwood
St. — See Ad. in App.
Clark, Wm. & Son, 44 John st
Cotkburn, M. & Co. 43 BoihwJ. st
Combe, Jas. & Son, 46 Holmheadst
Cormack, Jas. & Sons, 36 Aber-
corn street
Croffgan & Co, archimedian and
all kinds, 7 John street
Donald, John, & Son (patent
blowers and exhausters), 42
Cadogan st
Drummond, Jas. 48 Ropework In
Finlay, Jno. & Co. 18 Renfield St.;
Works, Overnewton
Fulton, D. & R. 104 Woodlands rd

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