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Ferguson, Irving (mineral, Cal.
Rail.), 3 Germiston st
rietcLer, M. Camlacbie sta. N.B.E
Fotheringbam, J. Southern Necrop
Garden, Chas., St. Kentigern's
cemetery, Maryhill
Garden, Jas. Westthorn Reforma-
tory, ToUcross
Geitner, F. fl. 28a Renfield st
Gibson, John (assistant). Central
Goodchild, E. Glasgow Sakage
Graham, J. C. College Station
Graham, Joseph, goods, Buchanan
St. station
Graham, Thomas (goods), South-
side Railway Station
Haig, W. (stores), Caled. Railway,
St Rollos
Hamilton, Daniel (of markets), 76
Moore street
Hamilton, D. C. (engineer), Clyde
Shipping Co.
Hamilton, Capt. William, marine,
Allan Line
Holmes, M. (locomotive), N.B.
Railway Co.
Ingram, And. Bazaar, Candleriggs
Kempt, Irvine, general, Caledonian
Railway Co.
Laing, Wm. (A. A. Laird & Co.)
Macdonald, Jno. (mission to out-
door blind), 4 Bath st
M'Fadven, D. Drygate Home
M'Farfane, Geo. State S.S. Co. 65
Great Clyde st
M'Kean, Jas. (Boys' Industrial
School), 49 Slatefield st
M'Kecliuie, Jn. engineer,!? Oswald
M'Kenzie, D. (deputy), Mercantile
Marine office
M'Kenzie, L. (Boys' Industrial
School), 570 Gallowgate
M'Kinlay, D. G. & S.-W. railway.
College Station
M'Lellan, Duncan (of public parks),
74 Hutcheson st
M'Nicol, H. Sigbthill cemetery
MacNicoll & Co. engineering and
shipbuilding, 6 Dixon st
M'Whirter, John (Night Asylum)
Maitland, R. Stobcross Stn.N.B.R.
Marsters, John (G.N. & N.E.
Ry.), 32 West Geo. st
Mathieson, Jno. St. Enoch station
Maston, L., Club, 157 Canning st
Midgley, G. H.' (chief. Postal
Telegraph Department, G.P.O.)
Miller, And. D. Eglinton st. station
Muir, J. J. engineer, 6 Dixon st
Paterson, Wm., Fire Brigade
Paton, Jas , Kelvingrove Museum
Pinkerton, H. W., Joint Railway
Co., S.S. station
Reid, Jas. (telegraph) 6. & S. W. R.
Renfrew, Rev. John (Glasgow
City Mission), 177 Buchanan st
Riley, J. (insurance), 103 W. Reg.
Robb, George (carting, Cal. Rail.
Co.) 11 Germiston st
Robb, Jno. H. Cowlairs station
Robertson, Alex. Sigbthill station
Ross, D. C. 12 James Watt st
Scott, A. (telegraph), G.P.O.
Scott, John P. fire brigade, Hillh.
Sinclair, A. (police), 19 M'Alpine
Slight, William (Necropolis)
Tansley, E. (engineer), Post Office
Templeton, Matthew(carting,G. &
S. W. Railway), 20 Dunlop st
Thomas, M. M.D. (Royal Infirmy)
Watson, R. M. F. Stobcross station,
Cal. Railway
Weir, Jn. (works, Caledonian Rai)
Wilson, Thos. (works), Cal. Rail.
Canal dept
Cowan, Wm. (vaccination shields),
79 Dundas st
Dick, James, 45 Renfield street
Hill, John, 152 George st
Hilliard, W. B. & Sons, 65 Ren-
field st
Wetherall & Taylor, 31 Gordon st
Brown, Jas. 76 St. Vincent st. —
See Ad. in Aj).
Dick, Alex, (at Jas. White's), 16
Cambridge st
Edwards, M. 209 Sauchi,rhall st.
and 16, 18, 20 Cambridge st
Gardner & Lyle, 53 St. Vincent st
Kelso & Co. 8 Commerce st
Reid, D. 209 Sauchiehall st. and
16, 18, 20 Cambridge st
Watt & Blair, 75 Robertson st
White, Jas. 209 Sauchiehall st and
16, 18,20 Cambridge st
SURVEYORS, Miscellaneous.
Allan, A. B. 9 Broomloan rd
Armour & Lang, 207 W. George st
Barr, Jas. 132 West Regent st
Bajmes, Ja=. (Corporation Gas)
Brown, Donald, 128 Ingram st
Bruce, Donald, 261 W. George st
Burney, C. E. 36 Oswald st
Burns, W. (underwriter), Royal
Cameron, J. B. & Co. 160 Hope st
Combe, Jno. (ship), 2 Ardgowan
Copland, W. R. (laud), 146 West
Regent street
Dansken, A. B. (insurance), 179
West George street
Dansken, John (property), 121
W. Regent st
Dennison, Wra. (Iand),t75 Hopest
Diitton, W. T. C. (Lloyd's), 36
Oswald street
Edwards, Charles (Lloyd's), 35
O.swald street
Elder, Jas. 204 St. Vincent st
Ewiug, P., 125 Buchanan st
Fairlie, C. B. (land), 67 Renfi. st
Ferguson, Wm. 7 York st
Fowling, C. 36 Oswald st
Frew, Alex, (land), 175 Hope st
Fulton, John, 23 Miller st
Gatow, B. 29 Waterloo st
Glen, Jas. (insurance), 30 Geo. sq
Haddin, A. A. (land), 131 West;
Regent st
Hand, H. (Lloyd's), 36 Oswald st
Hannah, W. 7 York street
Hatfield, Cameron, & Co. 11 Both-
well street
Hedderwick, P. 47 Union st
Henderson, W. D. 150 W. Geo. st
Herriot, G. (steam ships), 7 York st
Hill, T. N. 209 St. Vincent st
Hindmarsh, G. L. 36 Oswald st
Jago, F. 7 York street
Johnstones & Rankine, 75 West
Nile street
Knox, A. (insurance), 64 St. Vin-
cent street
Kyle, Dennison, & Frew (land),
175 Hope st
Lamb, Jas. 74 Hutcheson street
Leslie, W. M. 112 Bath st
Lloyd's Office, 36 Oswald st
Lucas, P. 29 Waterloo st
Macfarlane, John A. 65 West
Regent street
Macfie, D. (land), 42 Bath st
M'Gechan, A. & E., SO Union st
Macllwraith, Wm. J. 92 W. Nile st
Macintosh, D. (insurance), 151
West George street
M'Kechnie, John (marine), 17
Oswald st
Maclure,Hugh,H.I.A.127Sauch. st
M'Neil, Duncan (marine), 27
Oswald st.
MacnicoU & Co. engineering and
shipbuilding, also for damage
claims, 6 Dixon st. Glasgow
M'Phail, D. 2 Maule terrace
Makins, W. A. 198 W. George st
Merry, James, 23 Miller streat
Miller, Ja?. S. (taxes), 208 George
Miller, W. J. C.E. 100 Welling, st
MoUison, Jas. (Lloyd's), 36 Oswald
Morrison, Wm. 90 M'Lean street
Morton & Williamson (marine)
53 Waterloo st
Mott, E. 7 York street
Muir, J. J. (marine), 6 Dixon st
Mullay, W. S. 128 Ingram street
Mumford, Wm. T. (Lloyd's), 36
Oswald street

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