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Steel, J. M. (of J. Miller & J. M.
Steel), 71 Queen street
Strang, Eobt. (of Strang & Kirk-
wood), 7 Eoyal Bank pi
Struthers, Andw. 141 Buchanan st
Sutherland, A. (of A. Eeid & Co.),
97 Buchanan st
Ta.vlor, Geo. A. (of Keith & Tay-
lor), 4 West Nile street
Tajlor, James T. (of Black &
Eobson), 14 Prince's sq
Thomson, P. (of M'Farlane &
Thomson), 49 W. George st
Todd, Euthven C. 51 St. Vine, st
Turner, Jas. (of T. S. Cunningham
& Turner), 135 Buchanan st
Turner, Jas. 97 Buchanan st
Walker, G. J. (of J. Wyllie Guild
& Co.) 65 St. Vincent st
WaUcer, E. H. 128 St. Vincent st
Watson, A. J. (of Mitchell, Wat-
son, & Wink), 75 St. George's pi
Watson, D. H. (of Hart & Wat-
son), 63 Si. Vincent st
Watson, Sir Jas. 4C St. Vine, pi
Weir, D. B. 7 Eoyal Bank place
Whyte, James (of Bannatyne &
Whyte), 15 Gordon st
Wink,' Jas. (of Mitchell, Watson,
& Wink), 75 St. George's pi
Cochrane, Wm. 95 Buchanan st
Lindsay, W. G. & J. W. 157
St. Vincent st
M'Farlane & Hutton, 179 West
George st
I\I'Kinnon, H. 37 W. George st
Mafifet, H. 3 Eoyal Exchange crt
Marshall, Jno. H., 4 W. Nile st
Muir, Ales. G. 39 Hope st
Smith, E. Turner, 62 St. Vincent
Somerville, John, & Co. 85
Queen st
Zimmermano, E. 83 Queen st
Donald, Jas. A. & Co., 220 Sau-
chiehall street
Stoer Bros. & Coles, lithographic
stone quarry owners, Howard sq.
9- W. Howard street
Struthers, R. City Pavement Depot,
Cailhnes.5 and Arbroath, 22
Crookstin st
Wilton, Wm. & Alex., agents for
the celebrated Dalmore " Water
of Ayr Stone," now known as
" Tarn o' Shanter," and other
polishing stones, 151 Canning
St. — /See Adv.
Gibson, J. & Co., Havelock terrace
Allan, James, sen. & Son, Elm-
bank Foundry, Possil rd
Blackley, Young & Co., 103 Holm
Borland, Wm. 9 Croy place
Cockburn, M. & Co. 41 Bothwell st
Columbian Stove Wks. 11,13, 15
Dixon st
Dobbie, Forbes & Co. 93 Hope st
Etna Foundry, Lilybank rd
Finlay, John, & Co. 18 Eenfield
St. and Overnewton Works
Kean & Wardiop (slow combus-
tion), 142 Bath St.— A^ee Advt.
Kinnaird & Ferguson, 41, 43
Cavendish street
Neilson, Walter, & Co. Kinning pk
Nihbet, A. & Son, Star Foundry,
Portman street
Smiih, R. & Co. 92 Commerce st
Smith & Wellstood, American, 11
Dixon street
Star Foundry, Portman street,
Kinning Park
Watson, Gow, & Co. Etna Foun-
dry, Lilybank rd
Clarke, Geo. E. & Co. 2 Carlton ct
Forson, A. 1 Clydeview terrace
Gall & Co. 10 Wellington arcade
Gourlay, Mrs. 130 Hospital street
M'Laren, Miss J. 41 Mains st
M'Phie, A. & F. 569 Sauchiehall st
Miller, John, & Co. 154 Trongate
Osborne, Wm. 90 Sauchiehall st
Pinnock, J. 163 Eenfield street
Stewart & Ross, 70 Union st
Storrie, J. & Co. 25 Queen st
Willis, Nelson, & Co. 32 Miller st
Bray, Geo. & Co. Leeds ; William
Paterson & Son, wholesale agts.
83 Pitt street
Campbell, Jas. 556 Gallowgate
Carrick, Jas. G. & Co. Calderwood
st. Parliamentary rd. — See Ad.
Glasgow MetaUic Works, Calder-
wood st — See Adv. in App.
Irwin & Campbell, 33 Buchan St. s.s
Llewellins Machine Co. Bristol
M'Haffie & Co. Margaret St., off
High John st
Menzies, D. P., 106 Elliot st
Murdoch, T. & Co. 38 E. Howard
Murray, E. C. & Co. 7 Carlton court
Paterson, Wiiliam,& Son, 83 Pitt st
Barclay & Brand, 22 St. Enoch sq
Blair, James, & Co. 89 Wilson st
Brown, D. J. & Co. 33 Virginia st
Brown, Downes, & Co. 45 Dun-
lop street
Buchanan & Woodburn, 45 Virg. st
Christie, J. G. & A. 87 Wilson st!
Combat, J. W. & Co. 31 Virgin, st
Czarnikow & Boog, Virginia bdgs.
Dunn, Jas. S3 Virginia st
Edmiston & Mitchell, 33 Eenfi. st.
Ford, Sons, & Co. 45 Virginia st
Eraser, Gordon, & Co. 54 Miller st
Graham, A. & Co., 45 Virghiia st
Harvey, Wm. & Co. Virginia bldgs
Hogg, Alex. & Co. 60 Virginia st
Howie, AVm. & Co. 60 Virginia st t
Macdocald, J. & G. 89 Wilson st
Marshall, Jas. & Co. 31 Virginia st :
Mowat, Jn. & Son, 52 W. Howd. st t
Orr, Alex. & Co. 41 Virginia st
Eamsay & Smith, 53 Virginia sti
Eoberton, Heugh, & Co. 72 and
74 Union street
Rougvie, Ja?. & Co. 27 Virginia st '
Sandeman, A. & E. 89 Wilson st
Smith & Sharp, 13 and 17 Vir-
ginia street
Stewart, Brown, & Co. 116 St.
Vincent st
Stewart & Murison, Central arcade,
105 Hope st
Wilson, Eonald, & Co. 51 to 61
East Howard st
Wyse & Stewait, 79 Virginia st
Barr, E. (marine), Cawder house,
Nithsdale road
Blair, Arch, (engineer), 165 St.
Vincent st
Blair, Jn. marine, 105 St. Vincent'
street j
Blue, D., East Coast Eailways, 32»
W. George st.
Boyd, Alex, (ship), 208 Sandy-
ford st
Boyd, John, Central Police Office
Brown, F. (marine), G. Smith &
Bruce, W. Eglinton st. Goods Sta
Barns, E. Portugal st. Home
Cameron, Jno. B. & Co. 160 Hope !
Cockburn, Jas. 1 Richmond st
Condra, Patrick, 41 Rottenrow
Cook, Wm. (plant), Cal. Eaiiway
Core, Wm. M.D. (medical). Barn-
hill Poorbouse :,
Coruelly, Edward (County Police),
174 High street
Currer, R. (district), Cal. Railway!
Donald, James (police), Southerifl
Police chambers
Diumraond, D. (locomotive), Cal.'|
Ely., St. EoUox 'jj
Dunn, A. S. (telegraph, Cal. Eail.)^,'.
Dunstone, Wm. (goods), N. B. j
Eaiiway, Queen street !
Edwards, A. (police), Partick • i
Farquharson, G. Central station

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