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a M'Kinlay, Jn, N. 421 Sauchie-
ball street
M'Kinlay, Robt. 25 Stirling rd
LI'Laggan, A. 336 Nuneaton st
M'Laren, A. 263 Paisley road;
branch, 54 Paisley road, west
M'Laren, John, 14 Garthlandr st
Maclaren & Sons, 128 Renfield st
M'Laurin, James, 87 Ingram st
BlacLehose, J. & Sons, 61 St. Vin-
cent St. and West. Book Club —
See Ad
M'Leod, Neil, 142 Woodlands rd
M'Millan & Marshall, 169 Ingram
M'Murtrie, Miss, 193 Duke st
M'Nab, Jas. 106 West Nile st
M'Naughtan & Sinclair, 24 West
Nile St. and 55 St. Vincent st
M'Neill, J. 242 Main st. Anderst.
Macniven & Cameron, wholesale,
and patentees of the Waverley
pen, 23 Blair street, Edinburgh.
— See Advt. in Ap.
Macphail, Neil, 8 Buchanan street
M'Queen, J. & W. 12 Renfield st
a M'Raith, J. 61 Gt. Western rd.
Mactear, A. & W. 9 Gordon st
M'Wbinnie, Mrs. 12 Wellpark pi.
Mair, Margaret, 16 Watt st
Mann, Summers, & Co. 1 to 7 W.
Regent street
Margey, H. 14 Great Clyde st
Marr, Downie, &Co. 36 Ingram st
Marr, Jas. 396 Parliamentary rd
Marr, John S. & Sons, wholesale,
51 Dundas street
Marshall, Mrs. A. 103 Gt. West, rd
Martin, Miss J. 238 London road
Maxwell, William, 53 Wilson st
Meldrum, Miss, 376 Paisley road
Menzies, James, 373 Springburn rd
Middleton, Wm. 8 Oswald place,
Miller & Co. 179 Ingram st
Miller, James, 135 Hope st
Miller, John, export, wholesale,
and retail, 116 Renfield st
Miller, John, Main st. Barrhead
aMiller, Robt. 182, 186 Trongate
Miller, William, 186 Trongate
Miller, Mrs. 216 Gt. Western road
Milne, John, 206 Garscube rd
Milne, J. & W. S. wholesale, 118
Waterloo st
Monteath, Jno. 26 St. Vine. pi.
Montgomery, J. 86 Catbcartrd
aMore, Robt. 505 Sancbiehall st.
and 167 Great Western road,
Morison Bros. 99 Buchanan st
Mowat, Alex. 124 Paisley rd. W.
Muir, D. 545 Dalmarnock road
Muir, Mrs. 308 Cumberland st
Mmiro, Agnes, 57 Caledonia rd
Murdoch, Thomas, & Co. 67 Bu-
chanan street
Murdoch, W. & J. 37 Glassford st
Murray, T. 410 a Parliamenty. rd
aMurray, Thomas, & Son, 31 Bu-
chanan st
Neilson, R. & Son, 8 Prince's sq
Nicol, Miss, 4 Bute ter. St'bnngo
Niddrie, Mrs. A. 284 New City rd
Niven, Wm. 17 Bridge street
Niven, W. G. 40 Union st
Oatts & Runciman, 81 Buchanan st
Orr, Francis, & Sons, 131 Renfd. st
Parker, Jane, 231 Gallowgate
Paterson, J. C. 18 West Nile st
Paterson, John, 31 Argyle st
Paterson, Mrs. 157 Cumbld. st. s.s
Paton, John, 49 Brunswick street
Peacock, M. 84 Woodlands rd
Pinkerton, Mrs. 115 Caledonia rd
Plant, Wm. 240 Parliamentary rd
Plenderleith, Mrs. W. 100 Main
St. Anderston
Pollock, Jas. 39 W. Milton st
Porter, Wm. 133 Kent rd
Preston, Smith, & Co. 81 Virg. st
Quin, James, 440 St. George's rd
Rae, J. 208 Saracen st
Rae, John J. 127 Stockwell st
Ramsay, John, 13 Kennedy st
Rankin, Robt. 125 George st
Rankin, W. 146 Renfield st
Reid, James, 144 Argyle st
Reid, J. & E. 120 Queen st
Reid, John, 66 Broad st
Reid, Jd. & Son, 97 W. Campbell st
Revie, A. & Co. stationers, 129
Sauohiehall st
Richmond, Mrs. 161 Taylor place,
Govan rd
Ritchie, E. B. 160 Dumbarton rd
Robertson, Andrew, 43 Finlay dr.
Robertson, And. wholesale, 132
W. Nile st
Robertson, David, & Co. 94 Mit-
chell street
Robertson, Pet. 15 lo Gamgad rd
aRobertson, R. 304 & 595 Duke st
Robertson, Isa. 33 Wilson st. Pik
Robinson, Parker, 544 N. City rd
Ross, D. & Co. wholesale fancy,
63 N. Frederick st
Ross, H. G. 53 Holmhead st
Ross, Miss Jane, 343 N. City rd
Rutherford, C. R. 1 Govan st
Sands, Mrs. 1 18 Cathedral st
Scott, John C. 227 Ingram st
Scott, Walter, & Co. 4 Bridge st
Scott, Mrs. J. 288 South York st
Seaton, J. & Co. 83 Dunlop street
Sellar, Robert F. 39 Candleriggs
Sewill, F. nautical, 126 Broomie-
law, and at Liverpool and London
Shanks, John, 136 Cathcart road
Shaw, Elizabeth, 186 Garngad rd
aSime, W. S. 130 Sauchieball st
oSimpson, Frank, 69 Sauchieball
Sinclair, A. 62 Argyle st
Sinton, J. 3 Oswald place, White-
Smith, Alexander, 32 Duke street
Smith, D. L. 3 Lambhill st.
Smith, J. T. 54 St. Enoch sq
Smith, J. H. 13 Scotia street
Smith, James, 16 Scotia st
Smith, Jas. & Jno. 92 Union st.
and 34 Melville lane
a Smith, J. & Son, 129 W. George
st. and 40 Renfield street
Smith, Mrs. James, 358 Cumber-
land street
Smith, Mrs. 11 Grove street
Smith, Miss M. 5 Rokeby terrace
Soady, Wm. E. 86 Cambridge st
Spence, Alex. M. 112 Ingram st
Spence, Andrew, 38 Queen st
Spence, Stuart, 52 Virginia st
Stanning, W. F. 57 West-end Park
Stather, Miss C. 300 N. Woodsiderd
Steel, A. 133 New City road
Steel, John, 36 Ingram st
oStenhouse, A. University avenue,
College gate, Hillhead
Steven, A. & E. 107 Dumbarton
aStevenaon, Jas. 308 Cathcart rd
Stewart, A. B. 58 Insjram st
Stewart, James, 226 Dumbarton
Stewart, John, 33 Glassford st
Stewart, John, 243 High street
Stirling, Joseph, 268 London rd
Strathearn & Freeman, 145 West
Nile st
Stuart, Wm. M. 94 Canning st
Sutherland, Wm. 123 Argyle st
Swan, Alex. 9 Exchange square
and 85 Queen street
Taylor, Alex. T. wh'sale, 4 Bath st
Taylor, H. & J. 185 Main street,
Taylor, John, 210 N. Woodside rd
Tennant, John, 250 Argyle st
Tennant,Mrs. J. 247Rutherglen rd
Thomlinson, J. 182 Dumbarton rd.
Thomson, A. C. 113 Union street
Thomson, John, 103 W. Nile st
Thomson, John, 12 Queen's arcade
Thomson, John, 41 Maxwell road,
Thomson, Neil, 16 Plantation st
Thomson, T. 24 Victoria road
Thomson, Miss E. 104 Oxford st
Tulloch, A. 299 Dalmarnock road
Urquhart, J. 53 Main st. Bridgtu
Walker, James, 156 London road
Walker, John, 230 Dumbarton rd
Walker, J. D. 46|- Clyde pi
Walker, M. & Son, nautical, 45
Clyde place, and 32 Catbcart
street, Greenock
Wardrop, D. C. 57 Oswald st
Warren, A. 79 Struan terrace
Watson, Don. 15 Nelson st. city
Watson, George, 162 Ingram st
Watson, John, & Co. 35 Gordon st
Weir, T. D. 395 Gallowgate

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