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Weir, Mrs. A. 60|- Thistle sfc
White, Andrew, & Sod, 40 Union
aWilkie, C. A. 27 Stevenson st
AVilkie, J. 225 Paisley road
Wilkie, William, 9 Orr street
Wilson, Grace, 590 EutLerglen rd
Wilson, Gutbrie, & Co. wholesale
and manufacturing, 36 Fredk. st
Wilson, John S. 101 Cowcad. st
aWilson & M'Cormick, 73 St.
Vincent st. — See Adv. in App.
Wilson, Eobt. 62 Dumbarton rd
Winning, W. 270 Crown st
Winning, W. 120 Cumberland st
W^cod, Wm. E. H. 53 Trongate
Wright, C. L.(la1eDunn&Wright),
100, 102 West George street,
and 100, 106 Stirling road
Wn'ght, John, wholesale, 16 Car-
rick street
Yorston, Jas. 102 Paisley rd. Trest
Young, F. G. 129 Renfrew st
Yonng, G. C. 71 Gallowgate
Zuill, J. F. 258 Saracen st
Alexander Bros. 37 Cumberland
street, Calton
Alexander, Miss A. 10 Nelson st.
Baillie & Macdiarmid, 42 Hutche-
son street
Baird, J. & L. 11 Graham square
Blair, M. 19 Argyle arcade
Collins, Mrs. P. 15 Wellington arc
Dobbin, Mary J. 4 Wellington arc
Elder, Mrs. E. 64 Argyle st
Ferguson, Mrs. 11 Cambridge st
Fisher, Joseph, 10 Hutcheson st
Gardner, Mrs. 77 Canning st
Hamilton & Sinclair, Misses, 230
Sauchiehall street
Hunter, Barr, and Co. (wholesale),
27 Jamaica st
Kennedy, Mrs. 29 E. Clyde st
King & Stewart, 151 Eenfrew st
M'Donald & M'liardie, 194 Main
street, s.s.
M'Glashan, Jas. 114 Candleiiggs
M'Hardie, J'ames, 194 Main street,
Methyen, Miss, 64 Shamrock st. W.
Miller, J. & Sons, 56 Brunswick
Moffat, Miss, 57 Argyle arcade
Morrison, Mrs. Eobert, 10 Garth-
land street
Nichol, James, 110 Brunswick st
Sellar, Mrs. 37 Canilleriggs
Slowey, Georgina, 22 Nelson st.
Somerville, J. G. 174 Upper st.
Islington, London ; house, 19
Windsor st. Glasgow
Stewart, Chas. E. 38 Stockwell st
Tajlor, John, & Co. 144 Queen st
The Patent Convex Weaving Co.
64 Gordon street
Tucker, Rachel, 106 Argyle st
Tillie & Henderson, 39 Miller st
Wilson, Mrs. A. 29 Millroad st
Baird, Arch. & Son, 67 Robertson st.
and 46 Robertson lane
Binney & Son, 50 W. Howard st
Blair, George, 38 Queen st
Bourdon, E. (Paris') ; agents,
Hendry Bros., 79 Gt. Clyde st
Carlaw, David, 52, 54, and 56
Eopework lane
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Robert-
son street
Gardner, James, 147 Stockwell st
Hannan & Buchanan, sole manu-
facturers of Richard's im-
proved patent, and makers of
Bourdon's patent pressure, va-
cuum, and compound gauges,
engine counters, engine tele-
graphs, organ steam whistles,
salinometers, thermomelers, re-
ducing gear for indicating en-
gines, &c. 75 Robertson st
Lang, F. & Son, 41 So. Albion st.
steam gauge fiitings,steam gauge
movements, bands, and dials
Llewellins Machine Co. Bristol
M'Gregor, D. & Co. 37, 38 Clyde
pi. ; also timepieces, counters,
steam gauges, &c. ; and at
Greenock, Liverpool, and London
M'lnnes Brothers, 8 Buchanan st
M'Naught, W. & Son, 26 Robert-
son st
Morrison & Sheriff, makers of Bur-
don's patent pressure, vacuum,
and compound gauges, patent
engine counters and clocks, 120
Paterson, Robb, & Co. 183 Ruther-
glen rd
Reicharts, C, movements, 77 Main
st. s.s.
Robertson, P. 32 Queen st
Schaffer & Budenberg, 198 Hope
st. — ^ee Ad. in Ap.
Sewill, F. (engine timepieces,
steam gauges, &c.), 126 Broomie-
law, and at Liverpool & London
Stewart, A. & C. 14 Victoria st
Thomson, R. B. 59 Osborne st
Wilson, Wm. & Ales. 151, 153
Canning st. Bridgeton Cross. —
See Adv. in App.
Baird, Archd. & Son, 67 Robertson
street and 46 Robertson lane
BtU & Co. 11 St. Vincent pi
Bennet, Henry, & Co. 45 Bothwell
Binney & Son, 50 W. Howard st
Cameron, John B. 160 Hope st
Campbell, Achnacb, & Co. 33
Jamaica st. ; wholesale ware-
house, Morrison's court, 108
Argvle st
Carter,' E. H. & Co. 49 Jamaica
Clyde (The) Eubber Works Co. Ld.
2 Clyde st. Port-Duiidas
Clydesdale Rubber Co. 58 Gordon st.
and 2 and 4 Eenfield st
Currie, Thomson, & Co. 47 Ja-
maica st. ; wholesale, 9 West
Howard st
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Robert-
son street
" Eagle " and " Griffen " patent
steam and hjdraulic packings
for locomotives, steam hammers,
marine en g": res, pumps, stern
glands, &c. ; Blackley, Young,
& Co. 103 Holm st
Goudie, J. T. & Co. 151 Arej-le st
Harburg and Vienna India Eubber
Co. ; A. C. Jackson, agent, 87
St. Enoch sq
Hollywood, Wm. 15 Margaret st.
off John st
Johnson & Macbean, 4 Wellington
Lincolne & Co. 65, 67 N. Wallace
Lindsay, R. B. & Co. 43 Mair st
Llewellins Machine Co. Bristol
Macfarlane & Craig, 77 East
Howard st
Mackay, Jn. C. & Co. 4 York st
M'Lellan, George & Co. Glasgow
Rubber Works, Maryhill road ;
warehouse, 55 Robertson st
MacNicol & Co. 6 Dixon st
Mica Lubricant Co. South Shields;
sole agent for Scotland, John F.
Borlhwick, 52 St. Enoch sq
Mills, George, 40 Union street
Murray, Ja=. 8 Brown st
North British Rubber Co. (Lim.),
15 Oswald st
Ramagefe Whitehead, 30 Cadogan
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen st
Rutherfurd Brothers (gaskins), 150
Ingram st
Stewart, A. M'P. 48 Oswald st
The India-rubber, Guttapercha, and
Telegraph Works Co. (Lmtd ),
20 Dixon st
The Scottish Asbestos Co. (Lmtd.),,*
106 St. Vincent st '
Thomson, R. B. 59 Osboine st
United (The) Asbestos Co. (Ld.),j
60 W. Howard st '
Wade, J. L. & Co. 26 Avenue st.
Wilson, Wm. & Alex. 153 Canning
st. Bridgetorr Cross. — See Ad.
Wotherspoon, Jas. & Stais, 149
Hope st

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