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M'Naught, E. T., 134 Wellinglon
M'Naughton, D. 23 Miller st
Millar, George, for Wine, Spirit,
and Beer Trade Association, 53
Waterloo st
Miller, Wm. 146 Broomielaw
Motion, Jas. K., 38 Cochrane st
Munro, Donald, 105 Eaeberry st
Paterson, James, 9 Pitt street
Police, &c. assessments for Eastern
district, 11 Tobago st
Police, &c. Assessment Surveyor's
ofiBce, 128 Ingram st
Police and City Assessment Col-
lector's office, 68 Hutcheson st
Eeid, Jas. 68 Hutcheson st
Scott, Jas. Custom-house
Smith, George, 57 West Nile st
Tennent, Thos. jun. 58 Renfie'd st
Timmics, John L. 108 Ingi-arn st
Watson, Geo., factor's dep't. Cale-
donian R'y. 212 Argyle st
Wilson, Ales., gas, Burgh b'Idgs,
Wilson, Geo., for Partick burgh,
10 Maxwell st. Partick
Wood, Wm. Jas. Barony Parochial
Board, 38 Cochrane st
Argyle (The) Rubber Co. 60
Buchanan st
Ashforth, Joseph, & Co. Bruce
Steel wks. Sheffield. — See Ado.
in App.
Baird, Arch. & Son, 67 Robertsons!,
and 46 Robertson lane
Bennett, H. & Co. 45 Bothwell st
Binney & Son, 50 W. Howard st.
Blackley, Young, & Co. 103 Holm st
Bogle, Gilbert, & Co. 137 West
Regent st
Bowman, John, & Co. 13 to 19
Nicholson street
Brown, Geo. 41 Ann st. city
Brown, Hugh, & Co., 213 Argyle st
Brown, Jas. L. & Co. 69 Morrison
Butters Bros. 93 Hope st
Cameron, John B. & Co. 160
Hope st
Cocker Brothers (Ltd.), Sheffield;
agent, Peter Smith, 58 Renfieldst
Cowan, John, 7 Commerce st. s.s.
Cowie, .Jas. & Co. agents, iron and
steel winding ropes, chains, &c.,
59 St. Vincent st
Craven & Speeding Bros., Sun-
derland ; agents, W. G. Morri-
son & Co., 75 W. Nile st
Cross, Jas. 445 Eglinton st
Dempster, Moore, &Co. 49 Robert-
son street
Donald, John, & Son, 42 Cadogan
Donald, T. Allan, 25 Wellington
Ferguson, D., & Sons, railway
depot, Barrhead
Findlater & Co. 19 Waterloo st
Forbes & Co., Arden lime, Port-
land and Roman cements ; store,
17 to 21 Port-Dundas rd
Fowler, John, & Co., Leeds; agfs.
Blackwood & Lamb, 101 St.
Vincent st
Fraser, Alex. & Co., 17 Oswald st
Glasgow Weighing Machine Jlanu-
factory ; makers of every descrip-
tion of weighing apparatus for
collieries, iron works, &c. ;
bogg'e, coal hutch, cart, lorry,
and railway waggon weighing
machine?, &c. ; Alexander Wood
& Sons ; worlis, 130 Baltic street,
Bridgeton ; warehouse, 8 and
10 Stockwell street
Hannah, Wm. 101 Bothwell st
Hatch, J. & R. oils, tallow, and
grease, 60 Bothwell circus
Henderson & Co. 106 Broomielaw
Kesson & Campbell, Greenfield
Foundry and Engine Works,
near Hamilton
Kerr, Stuart, & Co., 15, 17 Royal
Exchange sq
King, Robert A. 130 Waterloo st
Laing, E. G. waggons, wheels, and
axles, springs, tyres, rails, loco,
tubes, &c., 29 Waterloo street
Lester, Wm. (wagons, rails,hutches,
hutch wheels, and wheels and
asles), 11 W. Regent st
Lincolne & Co. 65, 67 N. Wallace
Love & Stewart, 33 Renfield st
Lynn, J. & Co. 12 Dixon street
Macfarlane & Craig, 77 E. Howard
M'Gregor, D. & Co. (instruments
used in mines, gauges, indi-
cators and safety barometers),
37, 38 Clyde pL; also at Liver-
pool and London
M'Lean, And. & Co. 155 Canning
street, Bridgeton cress. — See
Advertisement in Appen.
Mills, George, 40 Union street
Mi'chell, Jas. 124, 126 Main st.
Morrison, Jas. & Co. 66 Wilson st.
and 60 Glassford st
Nelson, zindw. S. & Co. 18a Ren-
field St., and at Suffolk House,
Laurence Pountney Hill, Lon-
don, E.G.
Neilson & CLland, 116 & 120 Main
st. Coatbridge
Nimmo & Stirling, 72a Waterloo st
Pooley, Henry, & Son, head office &
works in Scotland, Albion Wks.
69, 71 M'Alpiue st, off Argyle st.
Glasgow; Ja?. Hines, manager.
Repairing depots in Edinburgh,
Dundee, Dunfermline, Inver-
ness, Aberdeen, &c.; patentees
and manufacturers of every de-
scription of weigliing apparatus
for railways, ironworks, collieries,
mills, warehouses, &c. ; sole
makers of Pooley's patent self-
indicating weighbridges and
weighing machines, polygraded
weighing machines for shippers,
and weigliing machines without
loose weights ; contractors -;o
the chief public works in Scot-
land, also to the Caledonian,
North British, Highland, Great
North of Scotland, Glasgow,
Barr. & Kilmarnock, and Glas.
& Paisley Joint, and other chief
Railway Co.'s in England & Ire-
land. Chief office & wks. Albion
Foundry, Liverpool. Branch
establishments in London, Man-
chester, Newcaslle-on-Tyne, Bir-
mingham, Newport (Monmouth),
Derby, &c. Repairing depots in
Bristol, Cardiff, Chester, Dar-
lington, Hull, Lancaster, Leed?,
Middlesbro', Norwich, Reading,
Sheffield, Widnes, York, &c.
Pulsometer Engineering Co. Ltd.
74 Broomielaw
Ramage & Whitehead, 30 Cadogan
Reid Bros. 67 St. Enoch sq
Reid & Cook, 4 Germiston st
Riddell, John H. 49 Jamaica street
Robertson & M'Gill, 19 and 21
Pitt street
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen street
Schoenfeld, A. & Co. 21 Hope st
Smith, Wm. & Son, Argyle Engine
Works, 123 Mansion street
Somerville & Morrison, 205 Bu-
chanan street
Spence, John, & Sons, Airdrie and
Spencer, John, & Sons, Newburn
Steel Works,Newcastle-on-Tyne,
wheels, axles, springs, buffers ;
agent, Wm. A. Dobie, 11 Both-
well st
Stewart & Co. 63 Commerce st
Stewart, A. M'P. 48 Oswald st.
and Main street, Barrhead
Wallace, John, 43 Robertson st
Whiteside, John,& Sons, 31 Moir st
Wilson & Baird, 80 Mains street
and 97 West Campbell street
Wilson, Wm. & Alex. 151, 153
Canning street, Bridgeton cross.
— See Adv. in App,
American and Continental Stores,
343, 345 Argyle street, and 54
York street
Buchanan, John, & Co. 15
Grovebank place, So. Woodside
road, Kelvinside

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