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Stewart, James Eeid (of John
Stewart & Co.)
Stewart, Jn. & Co. 30 Oswald st
Stewart, Peter, 6 Dixon st
Stonelaw Colliery Office, 3G Ar-
gyle arcade
Strain, Hugh (of Ferrier & Strain)
Strone Colliery Co. OtEce, Hamilton
hill, Fossil load
Summerlee Iron Co. 172 W. Geo. st
Summerlee Iron Works, Coatbridge
The Brownrigg Coal Co. 62 Eo-
bertson street
The Fosley Coal Co. 62 Eobertson st
The Glasgow Coal Exchange Co.
(Ltd.), 11 West Eegent st
The Haywood Gas Coal Co. 75
West Nile street
The New Glenduffhill Coal Co.
Limited, 79 St. Vincent street,
Ales. jMurray, C.A. secy.
The Shotts Iron Co. 37 W. Nile st
Thomson, Ales. 112 Bath st
Thomson, A. & Co. agents, Mineral
station, Pollokshaws
Thornton, Jas. 11 W. Eegent st
Thrashbush Colliery Office, 97 Wel-
lington st
Tredegar Iron & Coal Co. Limd.,
South Wales; agents, Peter
Dennistoua & Co. 92 St. Yin-
cent street
Tudhope, Alex. 3 W. Scotland st
Udston Coal Co. (Ld.), Tlios. Barr,
agent, lOQ Wellington st
Vogrie Coal Co. Gorebridge ; office,
98 Mitchell st
Waddell, Jas. 20 Union street
Waddfcll, John, 20 Union street
Waddell, Eobt. Belldyke Coal Co.
Waddell & Son, 20 Union st
Wallace, M. & Co. 176^ Hope st.
and 114 Mid-Wharf, Ft. Dundas
Watson, John, 123 St. Vincent st
Watson's Hartley Coal Office, John
AVafson, 123 St. Vincent street
AYcllshot Colliery Office; James
. Dunn, 183 W. George st
Westburn Colliery Co. 157 West
, George st
Wester Gartshore Colliery Office,
W. C. Ure, 153 Queen st
West Limerigg Colliery Co. 141
St. Vincent street
West Longrigg Colliery Office, 22
V/est Nile street
Westrigg Colliery Office, 11 Both-
well st
Whitehill Colliery Office, 68 Great
Clyde st
Wilson, John, 69 Great Clyde st
Wingate, Wm. & Co. 11 West
Regent st
Wishaw Coal Co. 101 St.Vincent st
Wishaw Colliery Office, 68 Great
Clyde street
"Wishaw Colliery Office, 168 St.
Vincent st
Wishaw & Hamilton Coal Co. ;
depots, StobcrooS and Oraighall
Wishaw Iron Works and Collieries ;
see Glasgow Iron Co.
Wood, Jas. & Wm. 40 St. Enoch sq.
Woodhill Colliery Office, 127 St.
Vincent st
Woodmuir Colliery Co. 68 Bath st
Woodside Coal Co. 11 W. Eegent
Young, James, & Sons, Baljaffray,
New Kilpatrick ; ofBce, 6 Dixon
Young, John, Sons, & Co. 42
Bath st
Young, E. 37 West George street
Young, Wm. & Co. 37 W. Geo. st
Cadbury Bios., Bournville, near
Birmingham ; agent, Charles E.
Price; office, 28 St. Enoch sq
Epps, Jas. & Co. London ; agent
for Scotland, G. Wright, 4 Morri-
son's court
Fry, J. S. & Sons, 71 Waterloo
street ; agent, J. C. Smeal
Houton, C. J. van & Zoon ; agt.
Ales. Leckie, 21 Hope st
Linton, Hubbard, & Co. (desic-
cated cocoa-nut), London; agts.
Dickson & Eenwick, 49 Jamaica
Price, Chas. E., agent for Cad-
bury Bros. 28 St. Enoch sq
Thomson, M. F. (homoeopathic),
17 Gordon st
Tulloch, Wm. & Co., London,
makers of the " pure Dutch
Cocoa ;" agent, H. J. Thomson,
181 W. George st
Minto, David, & Sons, 38 to 46
Grajme st. off High st. — See
Adv. in Appen
Abbeypark Coal Co. Coal Ex-
change buildings, 11 W. Eegent
Anderson, A. & G. 53 Waterloo st
Bain, Eobt. 132 W. Nile st
Baird, William, & Co. 168 West
George street
Barr, Eobt. 137 W. Nile st
Binniehill Office, 123 St.Vincent st
Birkenshaw Coal Co. 3 West
Scotland st
Black, W. & Sons, 18 George sq
Brown & Eennie, 26 East Canal
Basin, Port Dundas and Kilsyth
Coatbridge, The, Tin Plate Co.
(Limited), Coatbridge
Ferguson, D. & Son, Barrhead
Frew, Ales. 120 Mid wharf, Port-
Gordon, Geo. Parkhead Forge
Hamilton, M'Culloch, & Co. 88
Gt. Clyde st
Haxton, F. C. 40 St. Enoch sq
Kilsyth Coal Co. 100 Wellington st
Knox, Jno. & Co. 41 Midwharf,
Lyle, Jas. A. & Co., 27 Oswald
St.; depots, Stobcross and West
M'Kean, Francis, 131 Hope st
M'Naughton, J. C. & Son, 40 St.
Enoch square
Miller, Geo. 204 Stobcross street
Munro, Eicbd. & Co. 160 Hope st
Nimrao, John, & Son, 12 Water-
loo street
Paterson & Thomson, 112 Bath st
Speirs, Ales, jun., 20 Dixon st
Stirling, Hugti L. 18 Abbottford
Strone Colliery Co. Hamilton hill,
Possil road
Wallace, M. & Co. 176 1 Hope st
and 114 Mid-Wharf, Pt-Dundas
Watson, John, 123 St. Vincent st
Woodmuir Colliery Co. 68 Bath st
Altken, David, 14 Eobertson st
Allan, John, 23 Miller st
Anderson, David, 170 Berkeley st
Beattie, James, 146 Eotteurow
Beattie, Wm. 147 W. Eegent st
Buchanan, Alex. 120 Wellpark
terrace, Dennistoun
Burns, Wm. 21 S. Welhngton st
Craig, John, 11 Tobago street
Crawford, Hugh, Burgh buildings,
Dewar, James, Canal department,
Caledonian Eailway, Bowling
Doig, Chas., 58 George square
Don~ald, Thomas, 83 Eenfleld st
Dougall, Jas. 140 Hope st
Dow, John, 58 George square
Drynan, David, 212 Argyle street
Feriier, John, Forth and Cjyde
Nav. (Cal. Eail.), Port-Dundas
Gibb, Jas. 47 So. Portland street
Goold, Archd. 654 St. Vincent st
Grozier, John, 5 Victoria drive,
Mount Florida
Hall, David, 122 Ingram street
Herbertson, John T. Forth and
Clyde Navigation (Caled. Ey.),
Port Dundas
Hill, Wm. H. Merchants' house,
7 West George street
Hillhouse, Eobert, 68 George sqr
Hislop, Wm. Caledonian Eailway,
Buchanan street
Kirkwood, James D., to Statute
Labour Trustees, Govan Parish,
18 South Portland street
Laidlaw, Jas. P. 112 Eentield st
Low, Peter G. 131 Canning st
M'Culloch, Wm., of Govan Poor
and School Eates, 7 Carlton pi
M'Donald, Thomas, goods dep't..
Queen st. station
M'lntyre, Eobt. 116b Eottenrow

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