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Jlirrlees, Watson, & Co. 45 Scot-
land street
Muir & Caldwell, 130 Elliot st
Miiir & Findlaj', Henrietta Boiler
"Works, 32 to 48 Henrietta st
Muir & Houston, 60 Portman st
Muir, J. Jamieson (consulting and
inspecting), 6 Dixon st
Napier, J. L. 35 Paisley road. —
See Advt. in App.
Nelson, Jas. & Son, 824 Gallowgate
Nicholson, Alex. & Co. Crownpoint
road and St. Marnock street
Norman, Jno. & Co. (late of Pul-
teney st.), Keppochhill Engine
Works, 475 New Keppochhill
road. — See Advt.
Oswald & Thomson, 31 Crookstonst
Pearson & Knowles (The) Coal &
Iron Co. (Limited), Warring-
ton ; agent, Thos. Haunay, 95
Bath st
Penman & Co., 377 Dalmark. rd.
Pjle, Jas. & Co. (copper), 40
Morrison st
Rankin & Blacismore, 28 Baker st.
Eoss & Duncan, Whitefield Works,
Rowan, David, & Son, 231 Elliot st
Russell, Geo. & Co. Alpha Works,
Scott, Thomas, Sons, & Watts, 64,
70 Lancefield street
Smith, A. & W. & Co. 57 Cook st
Smith Brothers & Co. 71 Park st.
Paisley road
Smith, Hugh, & Co. Possil Engine
Works, off Possil road. — See
Adv. in Appen.
Smith,Wm. & Son, 123 Mansion st
Sommerville, D. & Co. 35 King
street, s.s.
Stewart, Dun. & Co. 47 Summer st
Taylor, J. & A. Townhead Works,
Turnbull, Grant, & Jack, CanalBasin
Foundry, 2 Charlotte st. Port
Dundas, and 428 Dobbie's loan
Walker, Henderson, & Co. Bishop
street, Anderston
Wallace, H. & Co. Lancefield
Boiler Works, 30 Havelock st
Wallace, John, & Co. Dunterlie,
Wilson & Nicholson, Sunnyside
Boiler Works, Coatbridge
Wilson, William, & Co. Lilybank
Works, 493 to 509 Eglinton st
Wormald & Co. 43 Victoria street,
Young, J. & T. Vul. Foundry, Ayr
Blackley, Young, & Co. (boiler
incrustation preventative, liquid
tannate of soda), 103 Holm st
Brown, D. D. Black st. Chemical
Works, 17 Black st
Carbon (The) Cement Co. 20
Carlton p^ace
Carter, Bird & Co. West Hartle-
pool ; sole agent for Scotland,
John F. Borthwick, 52 St.
Enoch square
Hampden Chemical Co. Rucbill
Hatch, J. & K. boiler incrustation
preventative, 60 Bothwell circus
Invicta Co. (The), 109 Hope st
Lincolne & Co. sole manufacturers
of boiler incrustation solvent
(registered title), water supplies
specially analysed, 65, 67 North
Wallace st
Macfarlane & Craig, 77 East
Howard st
North of France DIsincrustant Co.
43 Victoria st. Govan
Thomson, G. & J. 48 French st
Wade, J. L. & Co. 2 6 Avenue st
Wotherjpoon, Jas. & Sons, 149
Hope st
Allcock & Harley, Smethwick,
Birmingham ; agent, J. J. H.
Cruikshack, 62 St. Vincent st
Ashforth, Joseph & Co. Bruce Steel
Works, Sheffield, and 104 West
George st. Glasgow. — See Adv.
Baird, Archd. & Sod, 67 Robertson
street and 46 Robertson lane
Barwell|Wm. Birmingham; sgent,
Peter Smith, 58 Renfield street
Bennie, David, & Sons, 98
Dunlop street
Bilsland, John, & Co. 37 Elliot st.
— See Adv. in Appen.
Bolt and Rivet Co. (The) Ltd.
Gateshead-on-Tyne; agent, Jas.
Mitchell, 45 Union st
Brown, Hugh, & Co. 213 Argyle st
Clutha Bolt Works, Vermont st
Clyde Rivet Works Co. 115 Dun-
das street, Kingston
Cotterill, F. W. (Ld.) Atlas Works,
Darlaston; agent, W. B. Bain,
57 Hope street
Crosher, Wm. & Co. 87 Portman
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Robert-
son street
Donald, John, & Son, 42 Cadogan
Germiston Bolt & Rivet Works,
Ogden street, Springburn
Grover & Co. (Ld.) London ; sole
agent for Scotland, William
Lester, 11 W. Regent street
Hannah, Wm. 101 Bothwell st
Hardin & Wilson, Ogden street,
Hunter, John, Sunnyside Rivet
Works, Coatbridge
Llewellin's Machine Co. Bristol,
small machine screws
M'Corkindale, A. & Sons, 182
M'Lean, Andrew, & Co. 155 Can-
ning street, Bridgeton cross
M'Lellan, P. & W. 129 Trongate
& Clutha Iron Works, Vermont st
Mercer, Edward, Hollinwocd ;
Clyde representative, W. A.
Kinghorn, 81 St. Vincent st
Miller, J. & Co., 204 Stobcross st
Motherwell, Wm. 16 Cumberland
Patent Nut & Bolt Co. London ;
agents, J. & W. Tinto, 49
Jamaica st
Patent Rivet Co. Smethwick;
agent, J. J. H. Cruikshank,
62 St. Vincent street
Phoenix Bolt and Nut Co. ; agents,
Morris Warden & Co. 21 West
Nile street
Pillans, Alexander, bolt, nut, and
rivet manufacturer, Caledonian
Works, Motherwell
Portland Bolt & Nut Co. Limited,
Birmingham ; agent, Thomas
Hannay, 95 Bat;h street
Potter, Thos. 31 to 35 Canning st.
Ramage & Whitehead, 30 Cadogan
Reid, John, 31 King street, s.s.
Robertson & M'Gill, 19, 21 Pitt st
Rose, Jas. & Sons, Govan Bolt and
Rivet Works, Helen st. Govan
Rose, J. & R. Darlaston ; agent,
John Orr, 377 Bath street
Smith, Wm. & Son, 123 Mansion
Staffordshire Bolt, Nut, and
Fencing Co. (Ltd.), Darlaston;
agent, Alex. Young, 47 Water-
loo street
Stone, J. & Co. London ; agent,
Charles E. Stewart, 67 Robert-
son street
Tudhope Bros. 62 W. Howard st
Victoria Bolt and Rivet Works,
37 Elliot st. — See Adv. in App.
Wilson & Baird, 80 Mains street,
and 97 West Campbell st
Wilson, Wm. & Alex. 151, 153
Canning street, Bridgeton cross
— See Adv. in A.pp.
Winlaton (TheJ) Nut & Bolt Co.
Limited, Blaydon-on-Tyue ; agt.
Wm. Nimmo, 2 Oswald street
Young, Alex., agent, 47 Waterloo
xVitkenhead, Geo. 90 V/arroch st
Alston Bros. 27 Jas. Watt street
Angus, James, 71 Robertson st
Arthur, Chas. 60 and 70 Fox st
Arrol, Arch. & Sons, 16 Dixon st
Boyle, Wm. & Co. 97 Holm street
Brown, Wm. 11 Oswald st

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