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Shearer, John, & Son, 247 Paisley
road and Graving Dock, Govau
Trencb, Alex. 46 St. James' st
Trench, T. 46 St. James' street.
Paisley rd
White, David, & Co., Eaglesham
street, Govan road.
M'Lachlan, P. & Co. 134 St. Vin-
cent st
Kane, Charles, 204 Kelvinhaugh st
M'Donald, John, 167 Taylor place,
Govan road
JM'Fall, James, 43 Plantation st
Ritchie, Charles S. 159 Taylor pi.
Govan road
Baillie & Moffat, 1 2 Wallace st
Barr, Jas. 45 Napier,4iall st.
Blair, Geo. agent for Berkfield
fossil meal composition, 38
Queen st
Carbon (The) Cement Co. 20
Carlton place
Carter, Bird, & Co. West Hartle-
pool ; sole agent for Scotland,
J.F. Borthwick, 52 St. Enoch sq
Clyde Felt and Composition Co.
2, 3 Darnley st. Pollokshields.
— See Advt.
Croggan & Co., 7 John st
Duff, Wm. 79 Finnieston st
Fleming, Andrew (land, marine,
and locomotive), 201 PoUok-
shaws road. — See Ad.
Forsyth, John, 214 North Wood-
side road
Glasgow (The) Boiler Covering Co.
209, 211 New Dalmamock rd
Lang, Wm. & Co., -43 William st.
London rd
M'Farlane & Craig, 77 E.Howard st
Munro, Robert, 52 Bishop street,
Reid, M'Farlane, & Co. 114 Hyde-
park street
Keid, Parker, & Co., 6 Main st.,
Anderston. — See Advt.
Rhodes, Henry, 56 Brown st
Scliuman & Co. 2 Darnley street,
Scottish (The) Asbestos Co. Lmtd.;
registered office, 106 St. Vin.st
Wertheim, Louis (asbestos boiler
covering composition), 48 Os-
wald street
Wonnald & Co. 43 Victoria street,
Wotherspoon, James, & Son, as- 1
bestos boiler covering composi-
tion, 149 Hope st I
Abbott & Co. New,'?.rk-on-Trent,
vertical boilers and the " Sharpe-
Palmer " multitubular vertical
boiler ; Ales. Young, agent,
47 Waterloo st.
Adamson, Daniel, & Co., Dukin-
field, Manchester; sole repre-
sentative for Scotland, D. Gray,
58 West Regent st
Alley & M'Lellan, Sentinel Works,
Alma Boiler Works, 824 Gallow-
gate, James Neilson & Son
Anderson & Lyall, Whitefield road,
Ardrossan Shipbuilding Co. Ar-
Arnott, W. Coatbridge Boiler
Works, Dundyvan, Coatbridge
Arrol, William, & Co., Dalmar-
nock Iron Works, 249 Baltic st
Babcock (The) & Wilcox Co.,
patent water tube, 107 Hope
Baird, Archd. & Sen, 67 Robert-
son street and 46 Robertson lane
Bennie, Jas. & Co. Hamilton st.
Bennie, John, Star Engine Works,
149, 155 iVIoncur street
Blackwood & Gordon, Castle
Building Yard, Port-Glasgow.
Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean, 18
Scotland street, Tradeston
Braby, Fred. & Co. (Limited), 835
Argylest.; wks. Petershill rd. —
See Advt.
Britannia Engineering Woiks Co.
(Cornish and LaLcashire boilers,
&c.), Kilmarnock. London ad-
dress, Dick, Kerr, & Co., 101
Leadenhall street ; Glasgow ad-
dress, 196 St. Vincent St.; agent,
D. G. Hoey
Burnet & Co. (Lindsay), boilers
for high pressures, plates flanged
by hydraulic machinery, Moore
park Boiler Works, Govan
Cameron, D. & Co. Springfield
Iron Works, 80,88 M'Neil st
Carruthers, J. H. & Co. Hamilton
street, Polmadie
Clarke, Chapman, Parsons, & Co.,
Victoria Works, Gateshead-on-
Tyne; Clyde representative, W.A.
Kiiighorn, 81 St. Vincent st
Clark, Neil, 15 Plantation st
Cochrane & Co.'s Patent, Birken-
head ; agent, W. A. Kinghorn,
81 St. Vincent st
Cockburn Bros., 64 St. James' st.
Paisley road
Cockburn, David, 72 M'Neil st
Cockburn, M., & Co. 41, 43 Both-
well street
Collie, diaries, & Co. 18 Spring-
field place
Copeland, J. & Co. 16, 22 Pul-
teney street — See Advt.
Craig, A. F., & Co., Caledonia
Engine Works, Paisley
Davidson, D. Union Boiler Works,
19 Union place, North street
Davidson, Robert, Union Boiler
Works, 19 Union pi. North st
Dunsmuir & Jackson, Govan Engine
Works, Campbell st. Govan
Elder, Jn. & Co. Fairfield, Govan
Fairfield (The) Shipbuilding and
Engineering Co. (Ltd.), Govan
Ferguson, Thos. & Son, Parkhead
Boiler Works, 105 Westmuir st.
Fowler, John, & Co. Leeds ; agents,
Blackwood & Lamb, 101 St.
Vincent st
Galloway, W. & J. & Sons, 128
Hope street
Gilmour J. & Co. 51 Gt. Welling-
ton street
Goodwin, James, & Co. Mother-
well. — See Advt.
Hamilton & Abercrombie, 23 Hyde-
park st
Harvey, Robert, & Co. Parkgrove
Iron Works, Paisley road
Henderson, David & Wm. & Co.
190 Elliot st
Hudson, Thos. Sheepford Boi'er
Works, Coatbridge
Hume, J. S. & Co. 67 Portman
Hutcheson, Arch. 37 Mair st
Hutson & Corbett, Kelvinhaugh
Engine Works, Kelvinhaugh st
Inglis, A. & J., 64 Warroch st
Kemp, William, Helen st. Govan
Kessou & Campbell, Parkhead. —
See Adv. in App.
King, W. & Co. 27 So. Kinning pi
Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine, Limited,
Barrowficld IronWorkSjFordneuli
Lees, Anderson, & Co., 100 Clyde
street, Anderston
Lidgerwood, W. V. V. WhifHet,
near Coatbridge. — See Advt.
Lilybank Boiler Works, 493 to 509
Eglinton street
London &Glasgow EngineeringCo.,
172 Lancefield street
M'Ewan & Marshall, 159 Finnie-
ston street
M'Lellan, P. & W. 127, 129 Tron-
gate ; works, Clutha Iron Works,
Vermont street
Manlove, Alliott, Fryer & Co. 46
Gordon st
Marriott & Graham, (welded and
riveiled), Broomloan rd. Govan
Menzies & Johnston, 41 Eagles-
ham st. — See Advt
Miller & Co. Vulcan Foundry,
Miller, John, & Co. copper, 86 Dale
St. s.s.

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