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St. Andrew's Royal Arch Chapter, No. 69,
30 Hope street ; meet second Tuesday monthly ;
John MacNaught Campbell, S.E., Kelvingrove
St. Bernard's Established Church, Nabum street;
Eev. J. C. Stewart, minister.
St. Catherine's Leather Works, 22 Moir street.
St. Clement's Established Church, 63 Brook street.
St. Columba Established Church, 48 Hope street;
Eev. Lachlan M'Lachlan, minister.
St. Columba Roman Catholic School, Cameron st.
St. David's Estabhshed Church, Ingram street ; Eev.
Robert Dickson, minister.
St. David's Free Church, Cromwell street; Rev.
John Burnett, B.D., minister.
St. David's Parish School, 116 John street.
St. Denis Dye-stuff and Chemical Co. (Limd.), Paris,
aniline dye and chemical manufacturers, 13lA St.
Vincent street, Glasgow ; Andrew Findlay, agent.
St. Enoch's Established Church, St. Enoch square;
Rev. David Brown, minister.
St. Enoch's Free Chm-ch, Ovemewton ; Eev. A. Mel-
ville, minister.
St. Enoch Square Branch Post OflSce, 24 St. Enoch
St. Enoch Station Hotel, St. Enoch station; E.
W. Thiem, manager.
St. Francis' Eoman Catholic Church, Cumberland st.,
s.s. ; Very Rev. Arsenius Mertens, Revs. Cuthbert
Wood, Antonine Scannell,Columban Ellison, James
Egan, and Wilfrid D'Have.
St. George's Apothecary Hall, 496 St. George's road.
St. George's Club, 253 Sauchiehall street.
St. George's Co-operative Society, grocers and general
provision merchants, 300 St. George's road.
St. George's Cross Medical Hall, 212 New City road.
St. George's Established Chm-ch, 163^ Buchanan St.:
Eev. G. G. Gunn, minister.
St. George's Free Church, Elderslie street; Eev. Eobfc.
S. Duff, M.A., minister.
St. George's Hall, 222 St. George's road.
St. George's-in-the-Fields Established Church, 493
St. George's road; Eev. A. Laidlaw, minister.
St. George's Eoad Public School, 374 St. George's
St. George's Eoad U.P. Church, 400 St. George's rd.;
Eev. E. Anderson, D.D., minister.
St. Helens Glass Co. (Pilkington Brothers), glass
manufacturers ; works, St. Helens, Lancashire ;
warehouse, 44 Eobertson street ; Wm. M'Cul-
loch, jun., agent. — See Pilkington Bros.
St. James' Established Church, 30 Great Hamilton
street; Eev. John Henderson, minister.
St. James' Free Church, 58 London street; Eev.
Hector Hall, minister, 18 Queen's crescent.
St. James' Hall, 217 Stirling road.
St. James' Parish School, 34 Great Hamilton street.
St. John's Academy, Annfield, 613 Gallowgate.
St. John's Chambers, 168 George st.
St. John's Episcopal Church, Cranstonhill, Ander-
ston; Eev. J. W. W. Penney, D.C.L., LL.D.
St. John's Established Church, 161 Grajme street;
Eev. David Millar, M.A., minister.
St. John's Free Church, 205 George street ; Eev. John
S. Carroll, minister.
St. John's N.B. and Glasgow Steam Packet Office ;
Henderson Brothers, agents, 47 Union street.
St. John's N.B. Steam Packet Office ; Jas. & Alex.
Allan, 70 Great Clyde st.
St. John's N.F. Steam Packet Office; Jas. & Alex.
Allan, 70 Great Clyde st.
St. John's Parish School, 34 M'Farlane street;
Wm. C. Dewar, teacher.
St. John's Eoman Catholic Church, 90 Portugal st. ;
Eev. J. B. M'Luskey, P.P.
St. John's Eoman Catholic School, 27 to 31 War-
wick street ; James Keenan, head-master.
St. John's Wesleyan Methodist Church, 20 Sauchie-
hall street.
St. Joseph's Catholic Schools, 45 North Woodside rd
St. Joseph's Home for Aged Infirm Poor, care of the
Little Sisters of the Poor, 180 Garngad hilL
St, Joseph's Eoman Catholic chapel, 40 North
Woodside road.
St. Jude's, Church of England, Jane street, Blyths-
wood square ; Eev. Wm. Eobinson.
St. Kitt's and Glasgow Steam Packet Co., 175 West
George street.
St. Luke's Episcopal Chm-ch, Grafton street; Eev.
A. T. Pullin, incumbent.
St. Luke's Established Church, 44 Main street,
Calton; Eev. David Dickie, minister.
St. Luke's Free Church, 131 Great Hamilton street;
Eev. Eobert Hill, minister.
St. Jlargaret's Club, 13 Eglinton street; E. D.
Shawfield, secretary.
St. Margaret's Eoman Catholic Church and School,
70 Stanley st., Paisley road.
St, Margaret's Scottish Episcopal Church, 9 South
Coburg street ; priest in charge, Eev. E. Balvaird
Hewett, M.A.
St. Mark's Established Chm-ch, 21 Cheapside street;
Eev. Eobert Stewart, minister.
St. Mark's Free Church, 153 Main street, Anderston ;
Eev. George Milne, minister.
St. Mark's Lodge of Freemasonry, 213 Buchanan st.
St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Holyrood crescent, Gt.
Westei-n road.
St. Mai-y's Episcopal School, Braid street.
St. Mary's (Tron) Established Chm-ch, 67 Trongate;
Eev. John Orr, minister.
St. Mary's Eoman Catholic Industrial School for
Males, 570 Gallowgate.
St. Mary's Eoman Catholic Church, Abercromby st. ;
Eevs. Canon D. Camiichael, Daniel Donnelly, P.
Fegan, J. Nolder, and A. Vander Heyde, clergymen.
St. Matthew's Established Church, comer of Bothwell
and North sts. ; Eev. Eobert Armstrong, minister.
St. Matthew's Free Church, west end of Bath street;
Eev. C. A. Salmond, minister.
St. Matthew's School, William street, Anderston.
St. Mungo Art Society, 137 West Eegent street.
St. Mungo's Catholic Academy, 32 Parson street.
St. !Mungo Chemical Co., manufacturers of white
lead, red lead and litharge, fine colours for litho-
graphic and printing inks, charcoal, wood, naphtha,
and commercial acetates; dealers in lithographic
stones ; works, Euchill, Maryhill.
St. Mungo Hall, 8 Barony street, Townhead.
St. Mimgo's (High) Established Church, Castle st.;
Eev. George S. Bums, D.D., minister.
St. Mungo's Eoman Catholic Chapel, 36 Parson st. ;
Very Eev. Norbert M'Gettigan, superior; Eevs.
Oswald Eothwell, Peter P. Smythe, Maurice J.
de Nolf, Patrick Fagan, and Marcellus Wright,
St. Mungo's Eoman Catholic School for GWs, 24
Stanhope street

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