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St. Nazaire Steam Packet Co., John & Peter
Hutchison, 62 Broomielaw.
St. Ninian's Episcopal Church, Pollokshaws road;
Eev. M. B. Hutcheson, minister.
St. Ninian's Parish Church, Crown street ; Eev. Jas.
Bryce, minister.
St. Patrick's Eoman Catholic Chapel, Hill street,
St. Paul's Balfour Public School, 24 North Portland
street ; James Galloway, teacher.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Buccleuch street; Eev.
J. Percy Neville, incumbent.
St. Paul's Established Church, 70 High John street ;
Eev. James Paton, minister.
St. Paul's Free Church, 72 North Frederick street ;
Eev. William Jeffrey, E.L.C.P., minister.
St. Paul's Schools, 16, 20 Shuttle street; John
B. Freebaim, teacher.
St. Peter's Established Church, Oswald street ; Eev.
M. Cochran, minister.
St. Peter's Free Church, 53 Mains street; Eev. James
Brown, M.A., minister.
St. Peter's Free Mission Church, 54 Carrick street.
St. Peter's Eoman Catholic Church, Bridge st., Par-
tick; Bevs. John A. Maguire, E. J. M'Cluskey, and
P. Houlihan.
St. Eollox Apothecaries' Co., wholesale and retail
druggists, 176 Castle street.
St. Eollox Bowling Club, 139 Millbum street ; Walter
Towers, treasurer, 60 Tennant st.
St. Eollox Branch of the National Bank of Scotland,
Limited, 181 Castle street; James Stewart, agent.
St. Eollox Branch of the Eoyal Bank, 107 Castle
street ; John Young, agent.
St. Eollox Chemical AVorks, 229 Castle street.
St. Eollox Co-operative Society, provision merchants,
151 Glebe street.
St. Eollox Cotton Spinning Works, 21 Gamgad road,
A. & A. Galbraith; ofSce, 1 North court, Eoyal
Exchange square.
St. Eollox Established Church, Gamgadhill ; Eev.
Eobert Pryde, minister.
St. EoUox Fire Engine Station, 30 Kennedy street.
St. Eollox Flint Glass Works, 51 Tennant st., A. & R.
St. Eollox Horse Slaughtering Co., horse slaughterers,
150 Old Keppochhill road, head of Glebe street.
St. Eollox Passenger Station, 148 Springburn rd.
St. Eollox Police Office, 47 Tennant street.
St. Eollox Post Office, 13 Kennedy street, John
Eamsay, receiver.
St. Eollox Eegistry Office, 102 Parson street.
St. Eollox Saw Mills, 20 Baird street.
St. Eollox Timber Yard, 60 to 68 Tennant street;
A. & G. Paterson.
St. Silas' English Episcopal Church, Eldon street
and Park road. West- end park.
St. Stephen's Established Church, Cambridge street ;
Eev. James Douglas, M.A., minister.
St. Stephen's Free Church, New City road; Eev.
James NicoU, minister.
St. Thomas' Established Church, Campbellfield st.;
Eev. T. F. Mathieson, minister.
St. Thomas' Wesleyan Methodist Church, 600 Gal-
lowgate ; Eev. John Leathley, minister.
St. Vincent's Established Church, Dover street; Eev.
A. T. Donald, minister.
St. Vincent (The) Property Co., Limited, registered
office, 163 St. Vincent st.
St. Vincent's Roman Catholic Church, 44 Duke st. ;
Eev. Julis Evertz, clergyman.
Sabbath Free Breakfasts ; hon. treasurer, J. H. N.
Graham, United Evangelistic Hall, James Morrison
Sabbath Scholars' Missionary Association (Glasgow
Free Presbytery), corresponding secretary, James
Miller, 17 Aitkenhead road.
Sabbath School Magazine, 181 Buchanan street;
John M'Callum & Co., pubhshers.
Sabbath School Union, Andrew Crawford, assistant
secretary, Christian Institute, 70 Bothwell st.
SACHS, C. F., furrier and skin merchant, 25 Stock-
well place ; ho. 24 Eopework lane.
Sachs, C. F., manager (at Paterson, Eobb, & Co.'s),
183 Rutherglen road.
SADLER, Andrew, cabinetmaker and upholsterer,
and bedding manufacturer, 307 Byars rd.
Sadler & Co., Limited, alizarine manufacturers,
Middlesborough ; agents, James Laing & Co., 8
Bothwell st.
Sadler & Co., soap manufacturers, oil merchts. and
refiners, Dalmarnock Soap and Oil Works, 94 Dale
street, I5ridgeton.
Sadler, James S. (of Sadler & Co.), ho. 8 Morris pi.
Sadler, James S. (of Smith & Simons), house,
Pollokwood, Thomliebank.
Sadler, Eobert (at Jas. Wright's, 114 John st.), ho.
113 Duke street.
Sadler, Eobert (of Sadler & Co.), house, 8 Morris
Sadler, Misses M. & L., ladies' wool cap manufac-
turers, 292 Argyle st. ; ho. 286 Kelvinbank terrace,
Dumbarton road.
SAGE, John, cigar importer and tobacconist, 337
SauchiehaU street; house, 339 do.
Sage, Misses, 6 Walworth ter.
SALMOND, Eev. Chas. A., M.A., Free St. Matthew's
Church, Bath street ; ho. 4 Eoyal crescent, W.
Salmond, D. S. (at Donald Currie & Co.'s), ho,
8 Berlin place, Pollokshields.
Salmon, James, F.R.I.B.A and LA., estate agent and
valuator, 197 St. Vincent street; house, 3 Broom-
park circus, Dennistoun.
Salmon, James, & Son, F.E.LB.A., LA., architects,
197 St. Vincent street.
Salmon, John, clothier, 220 and 222 Cambridge st. ;
ho. 32 Lansdowne crescent.
Salmond, John, cowkeeper and dairyman, 207 North
Woodside road ; ho., 374 New City road.
Salmon, Wm. Forrest, F.R.I.B.A. and LA., architect,
197 St. Vincent st.; ho. 12 Seton ten, Dennistoun.
Salmon, Helen R., artist, 113 W. Regent st.
SALOMON, H., & Co., manufacturers of French boots
and shoes, 413 SauchiehaU street; house, 319 do.
SALT, Tbomas, & Co., brewers, Burton-on-Trent;
A. Urquhart, agent for Scotland, 65 Bath street ;
stores, Grseme street.
SALTER, Geo., & Co., manufacturers of springbalances,
steel springs. Bourdon's pressure and vacuum
gauges, West Bromwich ; agents, Hendry Bros.,
79, 80 Gt. Clyde St.
Salter, Henry, & Sons, mortgage brokers, 58 West
Regent street, and London.
SALTON, John, warehouseman (of John Millar, Son,
& Co., 18 to 26 High street), house, 1 Stanmore
terrace, Mount Florida.
Salton, T. W. (at R. S. Muir & Co.'s), ho. 108 Arma-
dale street, Dennistoun.

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