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iTerel Bros. 179 W. George st
fade, J. L. & Co. 26 Avenue st.
Wallace, John, 43 Robertson st
Valton, John, cleaning waste and
link belting, 36 Charlotte lane,
and 67 Lanark street
^eems, J. & W. Perseverance Iron-
works, Johnstone
filson & Baird, 5 York st
Pilson, W. & A. 151, 153 Canning
street, Bridgeton, cross. — See
Advt. in Appen.
fotherspoon, Jas. & Sons, asbes-
tos goods, 149 Hope st
Lbercrornbie, Alex. 4 Frederick In.
44 N. Hanover st. — See Advt
Lird & Coghill, 263 Argyle st
Litken & Fairie, 116 St. Vine, st
Ulan & Ferguson, copper, brass,
steel, silver, &c. 126 Renfield st.
— See Adv. in App.
hman, T. & R. copper-p'ate photo.
153 Sauchiehall street
Arthur, Rt. ivood, 60 Kyle street
Atkinson, Robt. 30 Charlotte st
Baird, John, 71 Bishop st
Baldwin, Thomas, silver, 35 St.
Mungo street
Barlow, T. C. 103 Bath street—
See Advt. in Appen.
Begg, Kennedy, & Harper, 118
Union st
Bertram, John A. 97 Union st
Boardman, James, brass and seals,
55 Charlotte lane. — See Adv.
Boston, Thos. seal, 18a Renfield st
Brown, Ales, calico print. Charles-
ton, Alexandria, by Dumbarton
Brown, Jas. & Son, 54 Union st.
and 35 Mitchell street
Brown, Jas. & Son, 26 Green st.
Brown, John, 11 Miller street
Bryce, J. & Co. to calico printers,
23 Abercroiriby street
Bums, Alex. C. 383 Sauchiehall st
Campbell, Alex. 56 Hutcheson st
Campbell, John S. brass and seals,
55 Charlotte lane. — See Adv.
Campbell & Tudhope, 45 Cranston
Christie, James, 11 Miller street
Crawford, David, 43 Renfield st
Crawford, John, 66 Mitchell st
Criehton, John, 22 Argyle st
Crickmore, Henry, portrait, 46
Oxford street
Cruikshank, G. M. wood, and
draughtsman, 135 Buchanan st
— See Adv.
Cunninghame, D. 48 Buchanan st
Cunninghame, David, jut), seal, 48
Buchanan streat
Dalziel, Jno. & Son, 220 Ingram st
Dotchin, James, 411 Sauchiehall
Duff & Toward, calico printers,
Mason st
Duncan, James, 75 Buchanan st
Dunn & Wright, 100, 102 West
George st. and 102 Stirling rd
Ewing, A. R. 85 Buchanan st
Ferrier & Speirs, 245 Ingram st
Finlayson, H. 100 Brunswick st.
and 85 Candleriggs
Fleming, George. 96 Buchanan st
Forbes, D. 17 Douglas street
Fulton, David & Co. calico printer,
Duke st. Engraving works, 24
Ark lane, and Clarence street
Fulton, John, & Co. 93 Hutcheson
st and 8 Garthland street
Gardner, Robt. & Co. 52 North
Frederick street
Gass, W. H. & Co. wood, copper,
and draughtsmen's street pos-
ters, and hand bills, 16 Hope st
Gillespie Bros. Ltd. by machinery,
photo zinc, and also by etching
process, 253 Argyle st
Gillespie, H. G. 253 Argyle st
Gillespie, Thomas, 253 Argyle st
Gilmour & Dean, 50 North Han-
over street. — See Advt. in App.
Gorman, Robt. brass, 13 Argyle st
Gorman, W. & Co. 153 W. Nile st
— See Advt. in Appen.
Grant & Co.; agent, 108 Renfield st
Hamilton, Archibald, brass, 34
Ann st. — See Advt. in Appen
Hamilton, C. 85 Sauchiehall st
Hamilton, James, 39 Stockwell st
Hamilton, Wm. brass, 34 Ann st
Henderson, Wm. 106 Montrose st
Hill & Hodge,- draughtsmen, 71
Waterloo st
Imperial (The) Printing Co. 107
N. Hanover st
Kirk Brothers, 209 Hope street
Knox, James, 52 Howard street
Laidlaw, Wm. P. 80 St. Vincent st
Law, A. M. 97 W. George st
Leggat Brothers, draughtsmen, 38
Sauchiehall st. and 5 Renfrew In
Lorimer, R. & W. 50, 52 Jamaica
street, and 21, 23 Renfield st
Louden, Alex, glass, 163 Moncur
Lyon, Wm. 389 Sauchiehall st
M'Connell, J. E 144a Broomielaw
M'Culloch, Jos. 518 Duke st
M'Glashan, John, & Co. bottle
seals, and furnishers to calico
engravers, Catherine lane, 100
Stirling road
M'Gowan, Jno. and bra?s name-
plate maker, 47, 49 Renfield st
MTlraith, J. & Co. 88 Glassfordst
M'Intyre, Robt. & Co. to calico
printers, French st. Bridgeton
M'Kee, Stewart, & Co. 35 Mitchell
st. and 54 Union st
M'Kenzie & Co. 83 Renfield st
Mackenzie, William, ivood, 43
Howard st
M'Kenzie, W. A. 85 Buchanan st
M'Laren & Meikle, brass and cop-
per, 25 Gordon st — See Ada.
M'Laren & Sons, wood and copper-
plate, illustrations for catalogues
price lists, pamphlets, and books
executed in best styles, and at
moderate rates ; illustrations by
the new photo-zincotype and
zincotype process, in many cases
one-fourth the cost of engravings;
designs of all kinds lor bills,
show-cards, circulars, or other
advertisements ; printing and
lithography, in artistic or plain
styles ; particulars and estimates
on application. Printing offices
and works, 128 Renfield street
M'Laren, W. P. 25 Gordon st
Maclure, David, & Son, Sydney ct.
62 Argyle street
Maclure & Macdonald, 2 Both-
well circus. Bothwell street
M'Lintock, Shaw, & Co. to calico
printers, 38 Bain sq
McMillan & Melville, 15 Drury st
Macphail, N. seal, 7 Buchanan st
M'Tear, A. & W. 9 Gordon st
Malcolm, John, 339 N. City road
Meikle, Robert, 74 Buchanan st
Miller, John, 116 Renfield st
Miller, Jno. & Cc. 153 Greendykest
— See Adv. in App
Miller, Stephen, wood, 103 North
Hanover street
Mitchell, J. Dunlop & Co. all kinds
of glass ware for wine and spirit
merchants and druggists, glass
engravers, etchers, and decora-
tors, 130 and 136 Ingram st
Mollison, W. M. & Co. wood and
copper-plate, 133 Renfield st
Morrison, G. & M. wood and
draughtsmen, 166 Buchanan st
Morrison, Geo. 166 Buchanan st
Morrison, Geo. 62 Argyle st
Morrison, M. wood § draughtsman,
166 Buchanan st. — See Adv.
Murdoch, Thomas, & Co. 57 Bu-
chanan street
Murdoch, W. & J. 37 Glassford st
Murray, A. 47 Kelvinhaugh st
Nisbet, T. vjood, 75 Buchanan st
Oatts & Runciman, 81 Buchanan st
Oliphant, Wm. 13 Exchange place
Park, Wm. 31 Sauchiehall st
Paul, Jas. B. and draughtsman for,
96 Buchanan st
Pritty, Francis, 44, 45 Argyle arc.
Reid, John C. 40 Union street
Riley, F. & Co. 15 Gordon st
Ritchie, John M. 46 Jamaica st
Robertson, Robert, 304 and 595
Duke street
Robertson, Thos. wood, 89 la-
gram street
Robertson, Wm. die, seal, and
brass, 62 Argyle st
Ro;s, A. G. M. 53 Holmhead st

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