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M'Creath & Stevenson, civil and
mining, 95 Bath st
M'Cullock Bros. 59 Elcho street
Macdouald, Alex. 403 St. George's
M'Donald, A. B. 74 Hutcheson st
M 'Donald, David, 41 Watson st.
M'Donald, James, 7 Claremont st
'Donald, John, consulting, 293
New City road
M'Dowall, John, & Sons, saw mill
and general ,Walkinshaw Foundry
M'Farlane, George, consulting, 65
Gt. Clyde st
M'Farlane & Craig, 77 E. Howard st
M'Farlane, George, superintendent,
State Steamship Works, Plan-
tation quay, east
M'Farlane, Jas. 141 George st
M'Farlane & M'Lean, 10 Hyde-
park street
Maefarlane, Strang, & Co. water
and gas (Limited), Lochburn
Iron Works ; office, 145 St.
Vincent street
M'Farlane, Walter, & Co. sanitary,
Saracen Foundry, Possilpark
Macfie, Daniel, civil, 42 Bath st
M'GechaD, A. & R. marine, 20
Union street
M'Glashan, John, & Co. to the
wine, spirit, beer, and aerated
water trades, Catherine lane,
100 Stirling road, and 156 Rot-
M'Haffie & Go. 13 Margaret st.,
High John st. — See Adot.
M'Innes Bros, engine timepieces,
engine counters, steam gauge.-,
&C, 8 Buchanan st
M'Intyre, John, 89 Dumbarton rd
M'Intyre & Lang, 89 Dumbarton
M'Kay, Burley, & Heys, 9 Watson
M'Kechnie, John, 17 Oswald st
MacKenzie & Moncur, 43 St.
Andrew's Cross, Victoria road.
— See Adv. in App.
M'Kenzie, W. & Co. 20 Lanark st
Mackie, Jas. 11 Gt. Wellington st
MacLaren, Robert, & Co. Eglinton
Ironworks, Canal st. Port-Eg.
M'Laren & Sons, engineers' and
general printers, stationers and
lithographers ; catalogues, cir-
culars, specifications, prospec-
tuses, show-caids, &c, in all
languages and in best styles;
engravings on wood and copper
executed on shortest notice,
in new American style; de-
signs submitted ; printing and
advertising contracts under-
taken ; estimates on receipt of
particulars. Printing offices and
works, 128 Renfield st
M'Liren, Thos. marine, 3 Alexander
M'Lay, J. sea-going, GO Dumbar-
ton road
M'Lean, Andrew, & Co. 155 Can-
ning street, Calton.
M'Lean, Neil & Co. 89 E. Cum-
berland st
M'Leish, Robert, gas, 25 Meadow-
park st
Maclellan, J. A. Sentinel Works,
M'Lellan, P. & W. 127, 129 Tron-
gate ; works, Clutha Ironworks,
Vermont st
M'Millan, James, 57 Seott street,
M 'Murray & Co., Peel st
M'Nair, Robert, 5 Avondale ter.
Paisley rd
M 'Naught, Wm. &Son, 26 Robert-
son street
M'Neil, Duncan, consulting, 27
Oswald st. — See Ad. in App.
M'Neil, John, Helen st. Govan
MacNicoll & Co. marine,consulting
superintending & inspecting, also
naval architects, 6 Dixon street
M'Nicol, Peter, 8 Elizabeth street,
M'Onie, W. & A. Scotland st
M'Pherson, WaddcH, & Co. Mount
Blue Works, Carnlachie
Main, A. & J. & Co , portable
railway iron fence, iron bridge
and roof builders and engineers,
Clydesdalelron works, Possilpark
Malcolm, John, draughtsman, 339
New City road
Manlove, Alliott, Fryer, & Co. Not-
tingham; agents, Henry Bennett
& Co. 45 Both well street
Mair, John, 58 Kenmure st
Marshall, Robt. 45 Scotland st
Marshall, Thomas A. Stanley street
Paisley Road
Mason Bros. & Co., electrical, 17
Hope street
Massey, B. & S., steam hammer
makers, Manchester ; agents,
Wm. Smith & Son, 97 Welling-
ton st
Mathieson, Alex. & Son, Saracen
Tool Works, 13 E. Campbell st
Mavor, Henry A. consulting electric
light, 140 Douglas street
Maxwell, James S. 108 Renfield st
Meighan, Jas. sanitary, 66 to 76
Clyde st. Calton
Melbourne & Whyte, 134 Renfi. st
Melville, Wm. civil (Cal. Ry.),
Buchanan street
Melvin, Thomas, hydraulic and
general, manufacturers of hoists,
accumulator presses, patent hy-
draulic engines, organ blowers,
and patent bread and biscuit
baking machinery, St. Rollox
Iron Works, 28 Charles st
Menzies, D. P. electrical, 10G
Elliot street
Menzies, Ja=. & Co. 36 London st
Menzies & Johnston, Plantation
Engine Works, Eaglesham st. — >
See Ad. hi Appendix.
Miller & Co. Vulcan Foundry,
Miller, John F., Vulcan Foundry,
Miller, Rich, gas, electric light,
&c. 54 St. Enoch sq
Miller, W. J. 100 Wellington st
Mirrlees, Watson, & Co. Scotland
street Ironworks
Montgomery, John, 210 Saracen st
Moore, John, 159 Crownpoint rd
Moore, Robt. T. civil and mining,
134 St. Vincent street
Moore, Wm. mining, 72 Ann st.
Morrison, Jas. & Co. 66 Wilson st.
and 60 Glassford street
Morrison, James, 123 Dumbarton
Morrison, Wm. 172 Lancefield st
Morton, Alex. 241 W. George st
Morton, Alex. & Thomson (mecha-
nical), 96 Buchanan street. —
See Ado.
Morton & Williamson, consulting,
53 Waterloo st
Morton, Wm. sanitary, 1 Anderson
street, Partick
Muir & Caldwell, Scotia Engine
Works, 130 Elliot st
Muir & Findlay, 32 to 48 Henri-
etta st
Muir & Houston, 60 Portman st.
Kinning park
Muir, John 65 St. George's rd
Muir, J. Jamieson, consulting,
superintending and inspecting, 6
Dixon st
Muir & Mavor, electric light, 140
Douglas st
Munro, Geo. 254 Bath street
Muoro, R. D. 141 Buchanan st
Murdoch, William, & Co. 20 Carlton
pi. — See Advert in Appen.
Murray, James, 8 Brown street —
See Advert, in App.
Murray, John Dick, 144 Queen st.
and 53 Cavendish street
Murray & Paterson, Coatbank
Engine Works, Coatbridge
Murray, Richard, 160 Hope st
Murray, Wm. civil, 208 St. Vin-
cent street
Murrie, Jas. 73 John st. city
Myles, Andrew, LA. civil, 143
West Regent st
Napier Brothers, 100 Hydepark
Napier, R. & Sons ; head office,
Lancefield house, Glasgow; build-
ing yard at Govan
Napier, Shanks, & Bell, Yoker,
near Glasgow

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