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Harvey, G. & A. and millwrights,
Albion Works, Woodville street,
Harvey, Robert, & Co. Parkgrove
Ironworks, off Paisley rd
Harvie, Wm. & Co., electric light-
ing, 222 Broomielaw
Haslam Foundry & Engineering
Co. Ltd. Derby ; agent, Matthew
Taylor Brown, 33 Hope st
Hatch, J. & R. belting oils, waste,
and white and brown, 83 Pitt st
Hay, John, 318 Paisley road
Hay, John, heating and ventilating ',
64 Douglas st. city
Hayes, John, 10 Ardgowan ter
Hayward, Tyler, & Co. aerated
water engineers, London ; agent,
■ John Cum mock, 32 Main street,
and 1, 5 Kirk st. Gorbals
Henderson, Chas. 9 York buildings,
York street
Henderson, David & Wm. & Co.
190 Elliot street
Henderson, Dav. 172 Lancefield st
Henderson, John, & Son, general
termiQus, Paisley road toll. —
See Advt. in App.
Henderson, W. civil, 121 West
Regent st
Herkless, William, 9 Shuttle st
Herriot, Geo. 7 York street
Herriot, James, 163 Gramme st
Hill, Laurence, consulting, Western
Club, Buchanan street
Hislop, James, gas engineer, Par-
tick, Hillhead, and Mary hill Gas
Works, by Maryhill
Hogg, C. P. civil, 175 Hope st
Holmes, Joseph R. & Co., electric,
steam, and hydraulic, 12 Water-
loo street
Hood, Wm. & Co. 27 Commerce st
Hope, J. A. heating, consulting,
129 Garthland dr. Dennistoun
Horton, Joshua, gas and electric
light, 12 Waterloo street
Howden, Jas. & Co. 8 Scotland st
Hudson, Thos. Sheepford Works,
Hume, Jas. S. & Co. 67 Portman
st. Kinning park
Hunt, E. consulting, 87 St. Vincent
st. — See Advertisement in Ap.
Hutchieson, Archibald, 21 Mair st.
Hutson & Corbet, Kelvinhaugh
Engine Works
Hydepark Locomotive Works,
Hydraulic Engineers, Drysdale &
Pirie, 183 Fordneuk street
Inglis, A. & J. 64 Warroch st. and
Lines, Peter, gas, 11 Both well st
Institution of Engineers in Scot-
land, 207 Bath street; W. J.
Miller, C.E. secy. 100 Welling-
ton street
Jack, A. & Sons, 20 Graham sq
Jack, Henry (of Turnbnll, Grant,
& Jack), Canal Basin Foundry
Jamieson, And. Stonefield Engine
Works, Blantyre — See Advt.
Jamieson, Andrew, C.E. F.R.S.E.
mechanical or consulting and
electrical, College of Science and
Arts, 38 Bath st. — See Advt.
for College in App.
Jam : eson, Crawford, pattern maker,
75 Clyde st. Calton
Johnson, James Yate, civil, 115
St. Vincent street
Johnston, David, consulting, 12
York street
Johnston, Park, & Co. gas, 78
Gordon street
Johnstone, Wm. 869 Govan road,
Johnstones & Rankine, civil and
mining, 75 W. Nile st
Johnston, Wm. H. 5 Woodsideter
Kellock & Galbraith, 10 Orr st.
Kelly, Andrew, 269 N. City rd
Kemp, William, Helen st. Govan
Kerr, Stuart, & Co. 17 Royal
Exchange sq
Kershaw, A. W. ventilating, 24
Kesson, Andrew (of Kesson &
Campbell, Carntyne Engine
Works, Parkhead)
Kesson & Campbell, Greenfield
Foundry and Engine Works,
near Hamilton
Kesson & Campbell, Carntyne
Engine Works, Parkhead. — See
Advt. in App.
Kinetic Engineering Co. electrical,
134 St. Vincent street
King, H. & Son, sanitary, 46
Sauchiehall st
King, John B. gas and sanitary,
10 Kensington ter. Govan
King, Robert A. contractors, 130
Waterloo st
King, Wm. & Co. 27 South Kin-
ning place
Kinghorn Brothers, 81 St Vincent
street, also at Crue-woode build-
ings, Liverpool
Kinghorn, W. A., 81 St. Vincent st
Kingston Engine Works, 71 Park
street, Kinning park
Knox, Adam, 47 Crownpoint rd.
— See Advt. in App.
Kyle, Dennison, & Frew, civil, 17 '5
Hope st
Laidlaw, R. & Son, gas, water,
&c, 147 E. Milton st. ; Broom-
hill foundry, 358 Dobbie's loan
Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine, gas en-
gineers and contractors, Bar-
rowfield iion works, Fordneuk
street, Mile-end
Laing, And. Whitehall Foundry,
Warroch street
Laing, R. G. 29 Waterloo street
Laing, Wm. mechanical and marine
supt. 17 M'Alpine street
Lamberton, A. Sunnyside Engine
Works, Coatbridge
Lamberton & Co. makers of stone-
breakers and patent pulverizing
and crushing machines, Sunny-
side Engine works, Coatbridge
Lamberton, John, jr. Sunnyside
Engine Works, Coatbridge
Lamont, D. 16 Adelphi st
Landale, D. mining, 75 Bath st
Landale, Frew, & Landale, mining,
lb Bath street
Langmuir, Jas. civil, 23 Miller st
Lawrie, J. G. Whiteinch
Lees, Anderson, & Co. 100
Clyde street, Anderston
Lennox, Lange, & Co. 131 West
Regent st
Leslie, W. M. civil, 112 Bath st
Lester,Thos. 7 Derby ter. Sandyford
Lester, Wm. 11 W. Regent st
Lewis, H. R. & Co. 157 St. Vin. st
Llewellins' Art Metal Co. Bristol
Llewellins' Machine Co. (Llewellins
& James). Bristol
Liddell & Co. 91, 95 Bishop st.
Port - Dundas. — See Adv. in
Lidgerwood, W. V. V. Speedwell
Iron Works, Whifflet, near Coat-
bridge — See Advert, in App.
Lincolne & Co. 65, 67 N. Wallace st
Lindsay, C. C. civil, 167 St. Vin-
cent street
Lindsay, Burnet & Co., Helen st.
Linton, S. T. 2 Sedan pi. Paisley
road, W.
Lobnitz & Co. Slip dock, Renfrew
London and Glasgow Engineering
and Iron Shipbuilding Co. (Li-
mited), David Kinghorn, gen.
manager, 172 Lancefield st
Loudon Brothers, 46, 48, 50 Water-
loo street
Lyle, David, 138 Woodknds road
Lyle, Jas. 12 Waterloo street
M'Ca'lum, D. 42 Claremont st
M'Callum, M. & Co. Main street.
Macaulay, C. G. consulting and
patent agent, Fel. Inst. Pat.
agents, 135 Buchanan st. — See
Advt. in App.
M'Coll, Hugh, 52 Kenmure street,
Maclure, Hugh, 127 Sauchiehall st
M'Clure, James L. & Co. 63 St.
Vincent st
M'Conechy, J. & D. B. & Co. gas,
90 Wes't Regent street
M'Creadie, D. 83 King st. off Tron-
M'Creath, Geo. W. civil, mining,
95 Bath street
M'Creath, Jas. mining. 95 Bath st

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