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O'Brien, James, fish merchant, 62 Portugal st. and
Fish Market; ho. 9 May ter., Mount Florida.
O'Brien, J. H., teacher of music, 277 New City road.
O'Brien, L. M., writer, 7 South Apsley place.
O'Brien, Samuel, sale-room and shoe shop, 67 and 73
Kirk street, Calton; house, 69 do.
O'Brien, Mrs. Agnes, broker, 20 Jail square ; ho.
7 Apsley place.
O'CONNELL, Thomas F., house furnisher and hard-
ware merchant, 21 and 23 Warwick street, s.s.;
house, 21 do.
O'CONNOR, Chas., wine and spirit merchant, " The
" Clarence," 92 and 94 Cowcaddens and 3 Maitland
street ; house, 9 Rutland place, Govan road.
O'Connor, James, wine and spirit merchant, 231
Paisley road ; house, 9 Rutland place.
O'DONNELL, Daniel, pawnbroker, 31 Abingdon St.;
house, 448 St. George's road.
O'Donnell, Hugh, fish merchant, 532 Gallowgate.
O'Donnell, John, jeweller and clothier, 32 Findlay st.,
O'Donnell, Roger, dairyman, 47 George street; ho.
30 Nicholas street.
O'HAGAN, Michael, greengrocer and provision mer-
chant, 23 and 25 Ferguson street.
O'HALLORAN, Patrick, salesman (at Bayne &
Duckett's), house, 19 Sydney street.
O'HANLON, William, & Co., manufacturers of the
patent Kensington quilts, 181 Trongate.
O'HARA, James, furniture dealer and broker, 142
South Wellington street: ho. 127 do.
O'Hara, John B., pawnbroker, Bon- Accord Pawn-
broking Office, 99 South Cumberland street ; house,
101 do.
O'Hara, John, pawnbroker, 2 North Coburg street.
O'Hara, John, fruiterer, 136 King street, city, and 33
East Clyde street; ho. 2 J Market street, city.
O'Hara, Spence, & Co., bill discounters and money-
lenders, 114 West Nile street.
O'Hara, Wm. Gray, spirit merchant, 56 Muslin street ,
51 Reid street.
O'LANYER, Louis, Bordeaux; R. Brown & Co.,
agents, 41, 43, and 45 Washington street.
O'MALLEY, Michael, ham curer and provision mer-
chant, 104 and 76 Govan street; house, 106 do.
O'NEILL, Charles, grocer, 22 Crossburn, st. ; house,
26 do.
O'Neill, Hugh, stevedore, 47 Clyde place.
O'Neil, James, stationer and bookseller, 238 Gars-
cube road.
O'Neil, John, wine and spirit merchant, 396 Cumber-
land street ; house, 3 Albert place, Gourock.
O'Neil, Rev. Michael, 419 St. Vincent street.
O'Neil, Peter, leather merchant, 22 Prince's street ;
ho. Shipka pass.
O'REILLY, Daniel, bill poster and advertising agent,
150 Stockwell street.
O'Reily, Rev. Thomas, R.C. priest, 90 Portugal st.
O'RORKE, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 81
King street, city.
Ocean Passenger and General Shipping Office, 62
Buchanan st. ; Moses Buchanan, agent.
Ocean Railway and General Accident As-
surance Co., and Guarantee Companies (Lim'd),
141 St. Vincent st. ; W. J. Carswell, C.A, secre-
tary. — £ee Advt. in App.
Oddfellows' Hall, 45 Montrose street.
Odessa Steam Packet Office, via Rotterdam ; James
Rankine & Son, agents, 7 Sauchiehall street.
OFEY, James, stevedore, 74 Ardgowan street.
Office of Bowmore Distillery, Islay, 41 Ann. street,
city ; W. & J. Mutter.
Office of Public works, 74 Hutcheson street
Office for Patents and Designs, and registration
of trade marks, J. H. Johnson & Day, 115 St.
Vincent street — See Adv. in App.
Office for Patents and Registration of
Designs and Trade Marks, Geo. M. Cruikshank,
135 Buchanan street. — See Adv. in App.
OFFLEY, Forrester, & Co., port shippers, Oporto ;
agents, J. Hopkins & Co., 25 Gordon street.
OGDEN, Chas., brush manufacturer, 55 Bell street,
City; ho. 261 Thistle st., s.s.
OGEREAU Freres, French conserves, Nantes ; Wil-
son & Rankin, 27 Oswald street, agents.
OGG, Aikman (of John Hardie & Co.. 18 Renfield St.),
ho. 42 Pollok st.
Ogg, Henry & Co., distillers, Strethdee Distillery,
Aberdeen ; sole agents, James Mirray & Co., 157
West George street.
Ogg & Hodge, warehousemen, 50 to 60 Main street,
Ogg, John A., tinsmith, 42 Greenhill street.
Ogg, Robt. A. (of Ogg & Hodge), ho. 4 Park quadrant.
Ogg, Mrs. James, 42 Greenhill street.
Ogg, Mrs. Jessie, spirit merchant, 114 Shamrock st.,
and 1 Steven st. ; ho. 37 Gardiner greet.
OGILVIE, Alex, (from Wm. Mirrleesi Co.), saddler
and harness maker, 126 Hope steet; house, 17
Buccleuch street.
Ogilvie, D. Petrie, 9 Cambridge stree.
Ogilvie, George, family grocer, wine merchant, and
Italian warehouseman, 108, 110 Gorge st ; branch,
164 Castle street; house, 116 Gecge street.
Ogilvie, James, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 460
Argyle street; house, 458 do.
Ogilvy, James, tailor and clothier, A Gloucester st.
Ogilvy, John, lock and patent wraght hinge manu-
facturer, 2 and 4 Marr st, off Blen st, Govan.
Ogilvie, Thomas, 3 Viewfield terrae, Hillhead
Ogilvie, Thos. (at Black & Wingate), ho. Kennishead.
Ogilvie, William (of Arthur & Co.), residence, 1
Doune terrace, North Woodside
Ogilvie, Mrs. A. H, grocer, 81 Miamentary road ;
ho. 77 Parson st.
Ogilvy, Jane, tobacconist, 3 Roseale ter., Partick.
Ogilvie, Miss J., fruiterer, 210 forth street; house,
375 Mathieson street.
OGLE, Wm., pastry baker, 67 banning st, and 23
Main st, Bridgeton; ho. 24 4yde st, Calton.
OGSTON, Alexander, & Son, sop and candle manu-
facturers ; Wm. Poison, agent23 Nicholson st, s.s.
OKELL, Arthur, chartered accontant, 22 Renfield st.
Okell & Co., warehousemen ai manufacturers, 11
George square.
Okell, Douglas, & Fash, ship store merchants, 48
York street.
Okell, Herbert, writer, 33 Renfld street ; residence,
Langside house, Langside.
Okell, William (of Okell & Co.),esid. Langside house,
Okell, William, jun. (of Okell h Co.), res. Anglesey
lodge, Langside.
Okell & Young, accountants, 2 Renfield street
Old Drug Hall, 59 Trongate.
Old English Table Salt Co., 5!Hutcheson street.
Old Exchange Loan Co., panbroking office, 132
Trongate and 398 Garscubeoad.

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