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North British Daily Mail newspaper, 102 to 108
Union street.
North British Imperial Hotel, 1 North Queen street ;
Peter M'Donald, proprietor.
North British Oil and Candle Co. (Limited), paraffin
oil and candle makers ; office, 4 Bath street ; works,
North British Pottery, earthenware manufacturers,
295 Dobbie's loan.
North British Railway Station, 16 Dundas street and
North Queen street.
North British Railway, head office, 14 West George st.
North British Rubber Co. (Limited), manu-
facturers oi waterproof sheeting, coats, capes,
Ulsters and leggings, boots and shoes, game and
ammunition lags, fishing stockings, gun and rifle
covers ; warehouse, 13 and 15 Oswald street,
Glasgow. — Set Advt. in Appen.
North Britisl Rubber Co. (Limited), manu-
facturers of irdestructible door mats and matting,
stair treads for saloons ; warehouse, 13 and 15
Oswald street, Glasgow. — See Adv. in Appen.
North British Rubber Co. (Limited), manu-
facturers if the very best India rubber belting,
hose, valve;, washers, gaskets, and piston packing ;
warehouse, 13 and 15 Oswald street, Glasgow. —
See Advt. it, Appen.
North British Rubber Co. (Limited), manu-
facturers of ]atent elastic metallic piston packing —
the best pacling ever offered ; warehouse, 13 and
15 Oswald steet, Glasgow. — See Advt. in Appen.
North Motherwll Colliery Office, 127 St. Vincent
North Street Lan Office ; 12 and 18 North street,
Anderston ; F.Farmer, manager.
North Shore Flou- and Rice Mill Co., Liverpool;
agents, WilliamRoger & Co., 19 Waterloo street.
Northern Assurance Company. Head office
in Glasgow, 24 George square ; George W. M.
Bremner, sec. — fee Advt. in Appen.
Northern Assurane Co. ; City of Glasgow Life Co.,
and Manchester ? ire Office, 96 Trongate.
Northern Club, 137 iath street.
Northern Counties if England Fire Insurance Co.
(Limited), 139 Si Vincent street.
Northern District Pace Office, 19 Maitland street.
Northern Loan Offic, 11 George street.
Northern Welsh SlattCo. (Limited), quarries, Carnar-
von; Moore & Brwn, secretaries, 128 Hope st.
NORTHROP, J. «S A., manufacturers of Italian
cloths and geneil stuff goods, Drake street,
Bradford; A. J. Lrke, agent, 51 Buchanan st.
NORVAL, George (c Norval & Wilson), house, 71
Abbotsford place.
Norval & Wilson, bliard, bagatelle, and furniture
show rooms, 42 Aryle street.
NORWELL, J. M., avertising agent, 52 St. Enoch's
square ; house, 29Vrlington street.
Nokwich and Loton Accident and Casualty
Assurance Associabn ; Thomas Carr, agent, 166
Buchanan street.
Norwich and LondonA.ccident and Casualty (Land
and Marine) Insurace ; Bell & Paterson, 30 Ren-
field street, agents.
Norwich and London .ccidental Insurance Associa-
tion ; A. Craig Mui agent, 75 Buchanan street.
Norwich and London ccident, Casualty, and Plate
Glass Insurance Asiciation ; Smith & Macdonald,
agents, 44 St. Vinctt place.
Norwich & London Accident and Plate Glass Insur-
ance Association; F. E. Skinner, agent, 97 Bu-
chanan street.
Norwich Equitable Fire Assurance Society,
George Mackinlay, resident secretary, 97 West
George street. — See Advt. in Appen.
Norwich Union Fire Office (established 1797), 101
St. Vincent street.
Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance Society ;
F. E. Skinner, 97 Buchanan street, agent.
Norwich Union Life Insurance Society;
Branch office for Scotland, 135 Buchanan street;
R. Alexander Gardner, manager for Scotland. — See
Advt. in Appen.
NORWOOD, David, tailor and clothier, 71 George st.
NOTMAN, Thomas, shoemaker, 44 Russell st.,west.
Notman, Mrs. Thomas F, 34 Hill street, GarnethilL
NOTT, L. P., clerk (at J. Wakefield & Macgill's, 70
George square), ho. 19 Kelvinside ter., south.
Nott, W. H., & Co., forwarding agents, 37 West
George street.
Nottingham Malleable Iron Co. (Limited), makers
of Hart's patent injectors ; William Smith, agent,
53 Waterloo street.
Nova Scotia and Glasgow Steam Packet Office;
Henderson Brothers, 47 Union street.
NOWERY, James (at British India Steam Naviga-
tion Co. Limited), house, 129 Shields road.
Nowery, William (at A. & J. Inglis'), house, 37
Derby street.
Oak Foundry Co., architectural ironfounders and
sanitary engineers, 40 Black street.
Oakbank Cotton Spinning and Power-loom Weaving
Works, 472 Garscube road ; A. & A. Galbraith ;
office, 123 Hope street.
Oakbank (The) Oil Co. (Limited), mineral oilmanufs.,
oil merchants and refiners, 128 Ingram street.
Oaths, Commissioner for English and Irish; J.
Muirhead, 30 Gordon street.
Oatlands Free Church (Buchanan Memorial) ; Rev.
A. C. Fullarton, minister.
Oatlands Parish Church, Pine street; Rev. John
W. Ritchie, minister.
Oatlands Post Office, 452 Rutherglen road.
Oatlands Public School, Caledonia road.
Oatlands United Presbyterian Church, Lime street,
Caledonia road; Rev. Geo. Blah-, minister,
OATMAN, Francis, & Co., slaters, 93 Renfrew street;
house, 48 Grafton street.
OATTS, Charles (of Oatts & Runciman), residence,
Dunglass, Douglas gardens, Uddingston.
Oatts, J. Lumsden (of Meldrum & Oatts), house, 4
Newton street.
Oatt, J. W. (H.M. Inland Revenue, 3 Carlton pi., s.s.),
house, 571 Sauchiehall street.
Oatts & Runciman, stationers, engravers,lithographers
and printers, 66 Mitchell street.
Oatts, Wm. M. (of Oatts & Runciman), house, 4
Newton street.
Oban Steam-Packet Office, 119 Hope street.
O'BRIEN Brothers, manufacturers of down quilts,
shirts, &c, Clarke's Bridge Factory, Cork ; John
Meiklejohn, agent, 68 Trongate.
O'Brien, James, wine and spirit merchant, 47 and 49
Norfolk st. and 2 Portugal street ; house, 9 May
terrace, Mount Florida.

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