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President, Robert Dalglish, Esq.; vice-presidents,
the Hon. the Lord Provost, Alexander Wbitelaw, Esq.,
M.P. ; William Holms, Esq., M.P. ; Sir William
Thomson, D.C.L., F.R.S. Extraordinary directors.
Very Rev. Principal Caird, D.D., Prof. Allen Thom-
son, M.D., F.R.S,, Prof. W. T. Gairdner, M.D., Prof.
Edward Caird, B.A , Prof. John Young, M.D., Robert
Napier, Esq., James A. Campbell, Esq., LL.D., John
Matheson, jun., Esq., Peter Clouston, Esq., James
King, Esq., A. Kirkwood, Esq., LL.D., Colonel D. C.
Buchanan, J. C. Bolton, Esq., William M'Ewen, Esq.,
Thomas Henderson, Esq., James Provan, Esq., Walter
Macfarlane, Esq., Stephen Mason, Efq. Trustees, Sir
James Watson, William Rae Arthur, Esq., James
i\rClelland, Esq. Ordinary dii-ectors. Rev. F. L.
Robertson, chairman ; A. M. Stewart, vice-chairman ;
Arthur Herriot, treasurer ; Walter Paton, James
Gray, Henry Johnston, Daniel M'Lciren, James Pater-
son, John Gray, James Leitch, G. Chapman, M.A ,
William Robertson, Geo. M'Leod, Robt. Leggat, Rev.
James Dods, Noah Smith, Robert Renton, Duncan
Lament, J. Hutcliison, M.A., John Carswel), Ales.
Nisbet, Thomas Fairie, Wm. Scott, Stuart Spence.
James Lauder, secretary.
The object of the institution is to place within the
reach of the public the fullest and most recent infor-
mation on all subjects of general interest, whether
commercial, literary, or scientific; to provide an
agreeable place of resort in the intervals of business ;
to excite, especially among young men, a taste for
intellectual and elevating pursuits; and to secure
the means of its gratification by affording the utmost
facilities for systematic study, in various branches of
useful knowledge. Terms of subscription, life mem-
ber's ticket, transferable, fifteen guineas ; do. do.,
not transferable, ten guineas; for gentlemen above
21 years of age, 20s. annually; do., do. lis. half-
yearly; do. do., 6s. quarterly; for gentlemen under
21 years of age, 15s. annually; do. do., 8s. half-
yearly; do. do., 4s. 6d. quarterly; ladies (for use of
library only), 7s. 6d. annually; country subscribers,
10s. 6d. annually.
John Buchanan, LL.D., president; Professor John
Young, M.D., and Michael Connal, vice-presidents;
R. Hart, A. Galloway, J. Napier, A. D. Robertson,
Prof. Grant, W. H. Hill, A. M'George, J. W. Guild,
J. H. Watkins, J. Kirsop, and David Mackinlay,
members of council ; W. Church, jun., hon. treasurer.
C. Monteath, 170 Hope Street, hon. secretary.
The society meets on the first Monday of each
month, from November to March inclusive, and on
other occasions fixed by the council.
For the printing of rare old manuscripts, and the
reprinting of scarce and interesting works of old
authors. Members restricted to 200. Annual sub-
scription, two guineas. Council, Professor Dickson,
D.D. University, Glasgow, Professor Young, M.D.,
University, Glasgow, A. Young, 9 Lynedoch Place,
Glasgow, J. B. Murdoch, Hamilton Place, Lang.side,
T. Russell, Saracen Foundry, A. Smith, Laurelbank
Place, Shawlands; hon. treasurer and secretary, J.
Alexander, 79 Regent Street, West.
Established to facilitate the exchange of informa-
tion and ideas amongst its members, to place on
record the results of experience elicited in discussion,
and to promote the advancement of science and prac-
tice in engineering and shipbuilding. The general
meetings of the institution take place monthly from
October to April inclusive, in the rooms. Corporation
Buildings, 2 Dalhousie Street. Monthly meetings of
the Graduate Section are also held during the session.
The Transactions of the Institution are published
monthly during the session, and in volume form at
close of session. The hbrary of the institution con-
tains engineering and scientific works, and the Tran-
sactions of various societies.
Office-bearers, Nineteenth Session, 1875-76 ; — ■'
President, Hazelton R. Robson ; vice-presidents, David
Rowan, And. Brown, and Eben. Kemp; councillors,
Alex. Morton, Robert Duncan, George W. Jaffrej',
William Clapperton, J. L. K. Jamieson, Prof. James
Thomson, LL.D., Robert Mansel, J. Z. Kay, C.E.,
R B. Bell, C.E., Alex. Shanks; treasurer, M. E. Cos-
telloe, 189 Albert Terrace, Renfrew Street ; secretary
and editor of Transactions, W. J. Millar, C.E., 100
Wellington Street.
Established for the advancement and cultivation
of the study of the natural history of the districts
surrounding Glasgow.
The Society meets in the Andersonian University,
every alternate Tuesday evening. Excursions to places
of interest are made every alternate Saturday from
April to October.
Jas. Slirton, M.D., F.L.S., president; W.J. Milli-
gan, 11 Stonefield Terrace, and John Harvie, 27 Union
Street, vice-presidents ; John Renwick, Mary's Place,
Maryhill, R. H. Paterson, 6 Windsor Place, Sauchie-
hall Street, secretaries; Geo. Barlas, 171 Buchanan
Street, treasurer'; W. D. Benson, 112 Parson Street,
curator ; A. Noble, 9 William Street, Greenhead, and
Arch. Fawcett, 13 Allanton Terrace, Crosshill, mem-
bers of council.
Secretary, Alex. Ure, JLA., 17G St. Vincent St.
The objects of the society are, by conducting
debates on legal and speculative questions, and by
making essays, to promote the legal and general
knowledge of its members, and fluency and accuracy
in the expression of ideas.
OfBce-Bearers for 1876. — President, Hugh Colqu-
houn ; vice-president, William Connal ; directors
appointed by the proprietors, John Maxton, George
W. Rainey, William Ker, Alex. Drew, Dr. Andrew
Fergus, Alex. B. Stewart ; appointed by the Univer-
sity, Prof. Allen Thomson, Prof. A. Dickson, Prof.
John Young; secretary and treasurer, Alex. Sloan,
C.A., 155 West George St. ; curator, Robert Bullen,
The Gardens and Art Palace, Great Western Road.

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