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Parochial Board's Office (City Parish),
326 Parliamentary Road. — E. Adamson, inspector.
Police Chambers (Central), 9 South Albion St.
Police Office, Western, 55 Cranston St.
" " Eastern, 15 Tobago St.
" " Southern, 47 S. Portland St.
" " Northern, 19 Maitland St.
" " St. Rollox, Parliamentary Rd.
" "Marine Division, 16 Robertson St.
Police Station, Court House, Jail Square.
" " Springvale, Springburn.
Police Surveyor's Office for the city and
royal burgh of Glasgow, 24 Ingram Street. — William
Campbell, surveyor.
Police Collector's Office, Central, 70 Bell
St.— Wm. Gibb,
" " " Eastern, 13 Tobago
St. — John Craig,
" " " Southern, 47 South
Portland St.— Jas.
Gibb, collector.
Police Treasurer's Office, 70 Bell Street —
J. L. Watson, treasurer.
Post Office, George Square, Richard Hobson,
post-master. (For names of clerks, &c., see page 1
of Appendix; and for letter carriers, see Trades'
Procurator Fiscal's Office for the Burgh
AND Police Courts, Central Police Chambers. —
J. Lang, P.F.
Procurator-Fiscals foe the Co., Sheriffs
Commissary, and Admiralty, County Buildings,
Wilson Street. — W. Hart and J. Gemmel.
Procurator-Fiscal for the Justices of
the Peace. — R. D. Douglas, County Buildings, 111
Brunswick Street.
Property and Income Tax Office for City
OF Glasgow, 13 Queen Street. — R. Donald, clerk.
Property AND Income Tax Office for Lower
Ward of LanapvKshirb, 13 Queen St. — J. Pyle,
clerk' J. Jlitchell and W. Smith, 75 West Nile
Street, and T. C. Ross, assessors.
Recruiting District Offices, 84 and 90
Shamrock Street.
Registration of Voters' Office foe the
City of Glasgow, 24 Ingram Street. — William
Campbell, assessor.
Religious Institution Rooms, 170 Buchanan
Street. — John M'Callum, manager.
Sanitary Chambers, 1 Montrose Street. — Dr.
J. B. Russell, medical officer of health ; Kenneth M*
Macleod, sanitary inspector; Geo. M'Kay, in-door
inspector; J. Dobson, A. Walker, J. P. Hart, A.
Laurie, T. B. Stewart, district inspectors.
Sasine Office for the Burgii of Glasgow.
— Andrew Cunningham, registrar. City Chambers.
Session-Clerk's Office for the City, 1 Clyde
Terrace — Thomas Smith, session-clerk.
Session-Clerk's Office foe the Barony
Parish, also foe the Quoad Sacra Parishes
OP Andeeston, Bluevale, Blythswood, Kel-
vinhaugh, Macleod, Milton, Martyrs, Park,
Parkhead, Poet-Dundas, Sandyford, St.
Mark's, Sr. Stephen's, and St. Matthew's, 122
Wellington Street. — E. R. Catterns, session-clerk.
Session-Clerk's Office for Goebals, Hut-
GovAN, AND PoLMADiE, 1 Clyde Terrace. — Thos.
Smith, session-clerk.
Session-Cleek's Office foe the Parishes op
Calton, Beidgeton, St. Luke's,and Greenhead,
27 Tobago Street, Calton. — Thomas Cochran, session-
Session-Cleek's Office for Hutchesontown,
Laurieston, Tradeston, Kingston, Little
GovAN, Strathbungo, Pollokshields, and
other parts op Go van Parish.— Adam A.
Robertson, session-clerk.
Session-Cleek's Office foe St. Peteb's,
Chalmers, St. Geoege's-in-the- Fields, Bridge-
gate, AND Robertson Memorial Parishes, 178
St. Vincent Street. — Thomas Stout, session-clerk.
Sheriff Chambers, County Buildings, Wilson
Street. — William Gillespie Dickson, LL.D., sheriff;
Alexander Erskine Murray, James Galbraith, Francis
William Clark, William Guthrie, and John M'Kie
Lees, substitutes ; George Sellar, sheriff-clerk ; Alex-
ander Pearson, John Boyle, and Robert Wilson,
deputes; William Hart and John Gemmel, joint
procurators-fiscal ; P. T. Young, auditor of accounts.
— Courts for ordinary business on Tuesday, Wednes-
day, Thursday, and Friday ; Debts Recovery Courts
on Mondays; and for Small Debts on Monday, Wed-
nesday, and Thursday, weekly. Appeal Courts,
Mondays and Thursdays for Lower Ward Cases,
Wednesdays for Upper and Middle Ward cases.
Stamp Office, 13 Queen Street. — Open from
10 till 4 o'clock, and shut on Saturdays at 12. —
James Davidson, distributor.
Town Cleek, City Chambers, 49 Ingram St. —
J. D. Marwick; Andrew Cunninghame, town clerk
Aitken, J. engineer, Glasgow
Aitken, R., accountant, Glasgow
Allan, J., shipowner, Glasgow
Alston, G., of Craighead
Alston, R. F., merchant, Glasgow
Anderson, G. S., merchant, Glasg.
Anderson, R. H., manufac, Glasg.
Anderson, W., accountant, Glasg.
Armour, R., of Waterside,mer. , Glas.
Arthur, A., merchant, Glasgow
Arthur, J., merchant, Glasgow
Arthur, W. R., calico print., Glas.
Auld, W., accountant, Glasgow
Bain, J., Lord Provost, Glasgow
Baird, T., bank agent, Govan
Bannatyne, J., merchant, Glasgow
Bannerman, W., builder, Glasgow
Barclay, R , Glasgow
Bartholomew, R., mercht., Glasg.
Birrell, A., manufac, Glasgow r"
Bolton, J. C, merchant, Glasgow
Borron, W. Geddes, of Leadhills
Brown, H., manufact., Glasgow
Brown, J. Kay, mercht., Glasgow
Brown, J., merchant, Glasgow
Brown, J., jr., merchant, Glasgow
Brown, W., banker, Glasgow
Brown, W., merchant, Glasgow
Bryce, J. D., merchant, Glasgow
Buchanan, A., of Mount Vernon
Buchanan, J., LL.D., banker,
Bulloch, M., distiller, Glasgow
Burns, G., merchant, Glasgow
Burns, J. C, shipowner, Glasgow
Burns, J., shipowner, Glasgow
Cabbell, J., insur. agent, Glasgow
Campbell-Bannerman, H., M.P.,
merchant, Glasgow

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