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HerbertsoD, Henry (of Henry Herbertson & Co.),
house, Dowanbill gardens.
Herbertson, James, & Sons, wrigbts and builders, 37^-
Bedford street.
Herbertson, James B., iron merchant and broker, 17
Gordon street; house, 21 Moray ph, Queen's park.
Herbertson, James D., measurer, lil St. Vincent St.;
house, Eokeby terrace. Great Western road.
Herbertson, John (of James Herbertson & Sons),
house, Langside.
Herbertson, John T., collector of dues (Cal. Ey.),
Forth and Clyde Canal, Fcrt-Dundas.
Herbertson, Mrs., 3 West-end Park street.
HERD, Robert, printer, 81 John street, city.
HERDMAS & Co., flax spinners ; agents, Fulton,
Bryden, & Co., 16 St. Vincent place.
HerltJible Securities Investment Associa-
tion (Iiimited), Andrew Paterson, manager, 123
St. Vincent street.
HERITAGE, G., gold and silver beater, 140 West
Nile street; house, 121 do.
HERKLESS, Wm., engineer and fire engine maker,
9 Shuttle street ; house, 28 Canning place.
HERMANS, Rev. Jude, St. Francis' Friary, 205
Cumberland street, south side.
HERNE, Samuel, fancy goods mer., 9 Sauohiehall st.
HERON, Dickson, & Co., Canadian merchants, 100
Wellington street.
Heron, George, clathier, 5l3 Queen street; house, 16
Newton street.
Heron, Gilbert (of Heron, Dickson, & Co.), house, 7
South Park terrace, Hillhead.
Heron, Gresham, & Craven, engineers, Manchester,
manufacturers of Gresham's patent improved
Gifford's and other injectors and patent diagonal
woven wire mattress for ships' berths, hospitals,
&c. ; agent, Wm. Lester, 25 Bath street.
Heron, John B. (at R. Paterson, Son, & Co.'s), ho.
362 St. Vincent street.
Heron, William, commission merchant, 20 Dixon st. ;
house, 15 Alexandra place. Crossbill.
HERRON, H. & T., tailors and clotliiers, 54 Portugal
street ; house, 137 Crown street.
Herron, Hugh, 36 Willowbank street.
Herron, Thos., family grocer and wine merchant, 229
Dumbarton road and 2 Corunna street ; house, 36
Willowbank street.
HERRIOT, Arthur, inspector of weights and
measures, 22 Wilson street; house, 167 Graeme st.
Herriot, Arthur, jun., secretary for the Lancelot
Cricket Club, 167 Grasme street.
Herriot, James, engineer, weighing machine maker
and smith, 163 Grame st. ; ho. 178 Bellfield st.
Herriot, James E. (of Pasley, Jardine, & Co.), ho.
6 Maule terrace.
Heniot, Peter, tailor and clothier, 110 Great Hamil-
ton street.
Herriot, Wm., tobacconist, 8 South Pettigrew street ;
house, 6 Tarbet street.
HEESHFIELD, Solomon, painter and paper-hanger,
258 Eglinton street ; house, 5 Daisy street.
HERTZ, Theodore, merchant, 149 West George
HETHERINGTON, J. B., & Co., file manufacturers,
12 Carlton court. Bridge street.
Hetherington, Moses, flesher, 226 London road;
house, 300 do.
Hetherington, R. W. (of R. Hetherington & Son), ho.
59 St. James' street, Kingston.
Hetherington, R., & Son, file manufacturers and steel
merchants, 77 Morrison street, Kingston.
Hetherington, Mr,s., 59 St. James' street, Kingston.
HEUGH, Adam (of Roberton, Heugh, & Co.), house.
18 Shaftesbury terrace.
Hewat, Arciiibalil, secretary, The Edinburgh Life
Assurance Co., St. Vincent street ; residence, 3
Ashton terrace, Dowanbill.
HEWIIT, Benjamin, warehouseman, draper, hosier,
and glover, 109 Saucliiehall st.; hou^e, 107 do.
Hevvit & Wingate, muslin and calico printers, 45
West Nile street.
Hewit, J. H. (at Stewart & M'Donald's), Crupram
house, Partick.
HEWITSON, Misses, dress and cloak makeis, 155
North street.
HEYMANN, John, merchant, Lipman & Co., 141
West George street ; house, 4 Linwood terrace,
Glasgow street, Hillhead.
HEYS, George, & Co., drysalters and commission
merchants, 160 St. Vincent street; store, 91 West
George lane.
Heys, George (of Z. Heys & Sous), house, Arthur-
lie, Barrhead.
Heys, Henry (of Z. Heys & Sons), house, Springlu'il,
Heys, John (of Z. Heys & Son), house, Woodsido,
Heys, Z., &■ Sons, calico printers ; works, South
Arthurlie, Barrhead ; ofBce, 7 South Frederick st,
HEYWOOD, Higginbottom, Smith, & Co. (Limited).
paper and paper-hanging manufacturers, 120
Union street ; Birch & Reid, sole agents.
HICKSON, M., confectioner, 239 Paisley road ; ho.
14 Cadogan street.
Hickson, AVilliam G., book-keeper, 14 Cadogan st.
HIGGINBOTHAM, Charles T. (of S. Higginbotham,
Sons, & Gray, & C. Todd & Higginbotham), res.
Craigmaddie, near Milngavie.
Higginbotham, Edwin (of C. Todd &, Higginbotham,
and Samuel Higginbotham, Sons & Gray), resi-
dence, Tighnamara, Wemyss Bay.
Higginbotham, James S. (of Miller, Higginbotham,
& Co., 147 St. Vincent street).
Higginbotham, Jn. E. (of C. Todd & Higginbotham,
and Samuel Higginbotham, Sons, & Gray), res. 2
Alford terrace, Hillhead.
Higginbotham, Samuel, Sons, & Gray, merchants &
calico and shawl printers, 4 Springfield court, 69
Queen street.
Higginbotham, Samuel, 4 Springfield court.. Queen st.
HIGGINS, a., boot and shoemaker, 59 Main street,
Bridgeton ; house, 61 do.
Higgins, Francis, wine and spirit merchant, whole-
sale 65 and 67 StockweU street ; retail at 82
Bridgegate st.; house, 5 StockweU place.
Higgins, Henry (at Mann, Byars, & Co.'s), house, 8
Franklin terrace.
Higgins, James, baker and confectioner, 76 Bath
street ; house, 43 Holmhead street.
Higgins, Rev, Nicholas, Catholic priest ; house, 36
Parson street,
Higgins, Thomas S. (at Alex. Stewart's, 102 Argyle
street), house, 12 Loudon place, Cathcart road.
Higgins, William, watchmaker and jeweller, 15 New
City road ; house, 39 Shamrock street, west.
Higgins, William, cork manufacturer, 47 Adelphi st.
HIGGINSON, W., commission agent, 80 Buchanan
street ; house, 39 Struau terrace. Crossbill.

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