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Henderson, William (at Crawhall & Campbell's), ho.
68 Elderslie street.
Henderson, Y^'illiam, & Son, fish curers, 85 Surrey st ;
house, Gi Abbotsford place.
Henderson, William T. (at Coustonholm Weaving
Co.'s), 20 Springfield court ; ho. 4 Eoslyn terrace,
Nithsdale road.
Henderson, William (at E. & S. Scott's), house, 8
Westmoreland street, Crosshill.
Henderson, Wm., manufacturing chemist, 97 Buchan-
an st. ; residence, Williamfield, Irvine.
Henderson, Mrs. Agnes Wood, portioner, 59 Bridge
street and 11 Albert place, Rothesay.
Henderson, Jlrs. Andrew, 17 Belhaven terrace.
Henderson, Mrs. David, ironmonger, 199 New City
road ; house, 195 do.
Henderson,- Mrs. James (of James Henderson & Co.),
house, 308 St. Vincent street.
Henderson, Mrs. P., Westfield, Shawlands.
Henderson, Mrs. Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer,
50 Rottenrow.
Henderson, Mrs. William, 2 Clarendon place, Great
Western road.
Henderson, Mrs., 46 Carnarvon street.
Henderson, Margaret, dairy, 17 Salisbury street.
Henderson's Conveyance Guide Ofnce, 27 Union st.
HENDRY Brothers, iron and general metal merchts.,
commission agents, manufacturers of railway and
steam ship furnishings, 8 Dixon street.
Hendry, Ebenezer (at Alex. Paton & Co.'s), house,
25G Dumbarton road.
Hendry, Charles M., grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
128 St. George's road ; house, 87 Thistle street,
Hendry, George T. (of Hendry Brothers), house, 166
Bedford place, Renfrew street.
Hendrie, Janie,«, broker, 15 Ferguson st. ; ho. 17 do.
Hendry, James (of Hendry & Menzies), house, 11
Carnarvon street.
Hendry, James (at G. M. Grierson & Co.'s, 69 ^Yest
Nile street), ho. Kamesbnrgh ter., Udddingston.
Hendry, James, saddler and volunteer belt maker,
abdomen bandage maker, 98 Canning street ; ho.
53 Cumberland st., Galton. — *S'ee Advertisement in
Hendry, James, gi'ocer, 123 Rottenrow.
Hendry, John, coalmsster, 82 West Regent street ;
residence, Scotston house, Whiteinch.
Hendry, .John, spirit merchant, 122 Broomiehiw ;
house, 60 Centre street.
Hendry, John M., wine and spirit merchant, 130
Dumbarton rd., Partick ; ho. 2V/allaceph, do.
Hendry, John, house factor and insurance agent, 502
St. Vincent street ; house, 498 do.
Hendry, John, measurer and property agent, 140
Main street.
Hendry, Joseph, slater and plasterer, 18 Govan road ;
house, 54 ]\I 'Lean street.
Hendry & Menzies, furnishing and general iron-
mongers, tinsmiths, 41 Union st.
Hendrie, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 78
Wellington street ; house, 53 Cadogan street.
Hendry, Robert, & Co., brassfounders, 42 Broomie-
law ; house, 93 Hospital street.
Hendry, Wm., plumber, gasfitter, and zinc worker,
81 Bothwell street and 70 West Campbell street ;
house, 12 Douglas street.
Hendry, Mrs., wine and spirit merchant, 226 Scotland
street ; house, 129 Cathcart street. Paisley road.
Hendry, Mrs. A., Athole Arms Hotel, 44 Alloway st,,
HENKES, J. H., distiller, Delfshaven, Holland ;
Robertson & Baxter, agents, 48 West Nile street.
HENLEY, W. T., London, telegraph engineer, wire
drawer and galvanizer, wire rope manufacturer ;
sole agent for Scotland, John Wilkie, 33 Een-
field street.
HENNEDY, D., & Co., commission merchants, 14
Queen street ; house, 2 Grafton place.
Hennedy, R., & Co., merchants, 14 Queen st. ; ho.
2 Grafton place.
HENNESSY, James, & Co., brandy shippers. Cog-
nac ; Robertson & Baxter, agents, 48 West Nile st.
HENNEY, John, livery stable keeper, 162 Kent rd.
house, 161 do.
HENRETTEY & Co., commission agents, 17 Bruns-
wick street ; house, 5 Steel street.
HENRY, Alexander, & Co., manufacturers, 14
Garthland street,
Henry, A. & S., & Co., merchants, manufacturers,
and commission agents, 29 Exchange square.
Henry & Campbell, tea merchants and wholesale
grocers, 19 Madeira court, 257 Argyle street ; goods
entrance, Ann street lane.
Henry, Francis, auctioner and valuator, Melville art.,
132 Trongate ; house, 6 Monfeith row.
Henry, John, livery stable keeper, 130 Renfrew st. :
house, 132 do.
Henry, John, wholesale confectioner, 25 Eglinton st.
and 303 Sauchiehall st. ; house, 273 do.
Henry, John (of Henry & Campbell), ho. 12 Derby st.
Henry, .John (of Alexander Henry & Co.), house,
10 West Garden street.
Henry, E. W. (of Alexander Henry & Co.), house, 10
West Garden street.
Henry, Mrs. -James, 407 St. George's road.
HENSHILWOOD. See Hinshelwood.
HEPBURN, Charies M., & Co., shipbrokers and
passengers agents, 62 Jamaica street.
Hepburn, Laurence (at James Blackwood & Son's, 2
Jamaica street), house, 217 Dean ter.. Paisley rd.
Hepburn, Peter, salesman, 31 and 33 Crown st. ; ho.
180 Cumberland street.
Hepworth and Co.'s Trade Protection Society, Barr
& Carstairs, resident secretaries.
Herald Newspaper Office, 67 Buchanan street and
62 and 64 Mitchell street.
HERBERT, George, dairyman, 17 S. Woodside rd.
Herbert, George, biscuit manufacturer, 101, 103,
115, and 117 Gloucester street; house, 93 Water-
loo place, Kingston.
Herbert, George, sen., general furnishings, 124 Cum-
berland street.
Herbert, Thomas, hay and grain merchant, 5 Gam-
gad hill; house, 17 South Wood.-ide road.
Herbert, Thomas (at Wm. Herbert's, 12 Queen st.),
house, 10 Hilton terrace, Crossbill.
Herbert, William, clothier, 12 Queen street ; house,
105 South Portland street.
Herbert, Wm. E., manager for Scotland for the Nev,r
York Life Insurance Co., 153 Queen street ; house,
24 Granville street.
HERBERTSON, David, cotton yarn merchant, .S3
Virginia street.
Herbertson, George, property valuator, 105 South
Portland street.
Herbertson, Henry, & Co., measurers, 154 St. Vin-
cent street.

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