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Ciinninghame, David, die sinker, stamp and seal en-
graver, and embossing press manufac., sole agent
for pfirallel motion endorsing machines, 40 Bu-
chanan St. ; ho. 12 Valeview ter., Mount Florida.
Cunningham, E., messenger, Banli of . Scotland ;
house, Langside.
CnnDingham, Gavin, provision merchant, 152 Hous-
ton St. ; house, G Wallacegrove place, Watt st.
Cunningham & Henderson, writers, 175 Hope st.
Cunningham, James, bootmaker, 46 Gordon street;
house, 117 Hill street, Garnethill.
Cunningham, James, janitor, Normal School, Dun-
das vale.
Cunningham, James (of Cunningham, Bulloch, &
Co.), residence, Netherton House, Pollokshields.
Cunningham, Jas,, bird merchant, 30 King street,
Tradeston ; house, 32 do.
Cunningham, Jas., & Sous, bleachers and finishers.
West Arthurlie, Barrhead ; house of call, Kerr &
Richardson's, 89 Queen street.
Cunningham, James, shiit and collar dresser, 230
Berkeley street; house, 17 Kelvinhaugh street.
Cunningham, James, 3(5 Ronald street.
Cunningham, James(of James Cimningham & Sons),
house, West Arthurlie cottage, Barrhead.
Cunningham, John, fruiterer, 107 Crown street.
Cunningham, John, hairdresser, 46 Bedford street.
Cunningham, JohnR., produce merchant and com-
mission agent, 41 Ann street; ho. 7 Kerrsland ter.
Cunningham, J. R.,jun., 27 West George St.; house,
7 Kerrsland terrace.
Cimningham, John, & Co., manufacturers of lead
paint and varnishes, oil and colour merchants,
home and foreign glass dealers, &c,, 39 St. James'
street, Kingston.
Cunningham, John (of J. Cunningham & Co.), ho.
105 South Portland street.
Cunningham, John, butcher, 48 Stevenson street;
house, 711 Gallowgate.
Cunningham, John, dairyman, 11 Richard street.
Cunningham, John, stationer,bookbinder,bookseller,
and account book manufacturer, 42 Adelphi st.
Cuninghame, John, managing director, Merry &
Cuninghame (Limited), 127 St. Vincent street;
residence. The Pavilion, Ardrossan.
Cunningham & M'Haffie, Orchard cement manufac-
turers; cement works, Orchard; office and stores,
4 Cook street and 26 Market street, East.
Cunningham, Mark, boot and shoemaker, 60 Caven-
dish street.
Cunningham, Peter G., lieutenant of police, Central
Police Chambers; house, 129 Cambridge street.
Cunningham, Thomas Stewart, clothier,l Bridgegate
and 152 Saltmarket; house, 160 do.
Cunningham, T. S. (at T. E. Keyden's), house, 9
Steven street.
Cunningham, William, grain weigher, 1 Robertson
street ; house, 257 St. Vincent street.
Cunningham, William, wine and spirit merchant, 10
Anderston quay ; house, 12 Anderston quay.
Cunningham, Wm. (at M. Robin & Sons), house,
522 St. Vincent street.
Cunningham, Wm.M. (of Cunningham & Henderson),
175 Hope street.
Cunningham, William, provision merchant, 127 St.
James' road and 2 JI'Aslin street; house, 12 do.
CUNNION, Michael, flesher, 82 King st.; ho. 64 do.
Cnnnion, Patrick, spirit dealer, 72 King street, city,
and 171 Gallowgate ; ho. 7 Park place, Stockwell,
CURLE, John (of M'Symon & Potter), house, 276
Paisley road.
Curie, Robert (of Barclay, Curie, & Co.), house, 12
Crown gardens.
Curie, Mrs., lodgings, 15 Willowbank st.
CUROE,John smith, bellhanger, &c., 45 Sauchiehall
lane ; house, 43 do.
CURRERjRobt., district superintendent, Caledonian
Railway, Buclianan st. ; house, 30 Florence pi,
CURRIE, Alexander, baker and confectioner, 28
Westminster terrace, Sauchiehall street ; house,
20 Eelvingrove street.
Currie, Andrew (at James Finlay & Co.'s), house,
13 Parkgrove terrace.
Currie, Archd., tailor, 36 Dale street, Tradeston.
Currie, Daniel, plane, edge tool, and saw maker, 118
Waterloo street ; house, 133 do.
Currie, David, bootmaker, 41 North Albion street.
Currie, David (of Macgregor, Currie, & Co.), house,
121 North Montrose street.
Currie, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 190 Pol-
lokshaws road ; house, 163 do.
Currie, D., & Co., grocers, 12 M'Alpine street; ho.
86 Macfarlane street.
Currie, Hugh, grocer, 727, 779 Gallowgate"; house,
2 Slatefield street.
Currie, James, tailor and clothier, 33 John street.
Currie, James, & Co., steam ship agents; agents for
Leitb, Hull, and Hamburg Steam Packet Co.,
Forth & Clyde Shipping Co., Leith & Newcastle
Steam Packet Co., Donald Currie & Co., London
and Liverpool; 40 St. Enoch square.
Currie, J., & Co., general drapers, 248, 250 Paisley
road; house, 85 Shields road.
Currie, John, chemist, 22 East Nelson street; house,
4 9 Whitevale street.
Currie, Jobn, architect, 121 West Regent street.
Currie, Jolm P., commission agent and merchant,
14 Queen street; store, 60 Jackson street. — See
Advertisement in Appendix.
Currie, John, chemist and druggist, 311 Sauchiehall
street and 223 Dumbarton road; house, 199
Renfrew street.
Currie, John, chemist and druggist, 64 Crown st.
and 70 Eglinton street; house, 68 do,
Currie, Malcolm M., commission merchant, 53 Glass-
ford street ; house, 4 Carnarvon street.
Currie, Malcolm, commercial traveller, 4 Elm row,
Currie, Neil Neilage, Ardrossan Slapping Co, _ 130
Eglinton street; house, 58 Rose St., Garnethill.
Currie, Neil, grocer, 94, 96 M-Lean st. ; ho. 49 do.
Currie, Rae, & Co., silk mercers, drapers, and
clothiers, Ailsa Buildings, High street, Ayr.
Currie, Robert (of Craig & Son), house, 58 Dundas
street, Kingston.
Currie, Robert, grocer, 260 Scotland st. ; ho. 262 do.
Currie, Robert, tobacconist. 35 Dry gate.
Currie, R. I. (agent for S. Allsop & Sons, brewers,
Burton-on-Trent), 138 West Regent street; ho.
32 Windsor terrace, St. George's road.
Currie, Samuel, flesher, 369 South Wellington s^.
Currie, Thomas, letter carrier, G.F.O. ; house, 37
Abercorn street.
Currie, Thomas, broker, 24 Duke street ; ho. 26 do.
Currie, Thomas, builder, Partick; house, 1 Brown
place. Clarendon street.
Currie, Walter, grocer and spirit merchant, 78 W.
Scotland street; house, 2 Caprera place.

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