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CEOy, Andrew, merchant, and manufacturer of
improved non-conducting cement, 99 Bath St.
Croy, Edward, chandler, 21 Hill St., Anderston.
CROZIER, Rev. Forster, Wesleyan minister. Great
Wellington st. Church; ho. 9 Walmer crescent.
CRUDEN, Andrew Jackson, draper and hosier, 185
Gallowgate ; house, 5 Morris place.
CRUICKSHANK, Charles J. (at English Baking
Co.'s), house, 23 South Portland street.
Cruickshank, F. J. (at Stewart & M'Donald's), ho.
3 South Apsley place.
Cruickshank, Eraser, & Co , oil, grease, and tallow
merchants, 27, 29 Carlton court, S.S.
Cruickshank, Geo. (of Cruickshank, Eraser, & Co.),
house, 23 South Portland street.
Cruickshank, James, blacksmith, 35 Nelson street,
Cruickshanks, Jas., spirit merchant, 22 Kinning st.
Cruickshank, James (of R. Cruickshank & Son),
land and property valuator, 67 Buthwell street ;
house, 69 Moray place, Queen's crescent.
Cruickshanks, J. J. H. (at R. E. Simpson & Co.'s),
house, 80 New City road.
Cruickshank, John (at Summerlee Iron Co.'s), ho.
3 Windsor street, New City road.
Cruickshanks, Low, & Co., malleable iron tube
makers, Vulcan Tube works, Cornwall street,
Paisley road.
Cruickshank, M. (at Summerlee Iron Co.'s), house,
99 Breadalbane terrace.
Cruickshanks, Peter, plumber, 373 Gallowgate;
house, 314 Duke street.
Cruikshank, Robert, & Son, Caithness, Arbroath,
and granite stone merchants, 67 Bothwell street.
Cruickshank, Robert (English Baking Co.), 15, 17,
19 South Portland street ; house, Norwood,
Lenzie Jirnction.
Cruickshanks, Robt. H. (of Cruickshanks, Low, &
Co.), house, Dowanvale, Partick.
Cruickshank, Wni., business agent, 32 W. Nile st.
Cruickshank, W. R., consul for Chili, 149 Hope st.
Cruickshank, Wm., & Co., merchants, 149 Hope st.
Cruickshank, William, sen. (of Wm. Cruickshank
& Co.), house, 1 Clifford street, Paislej' road.
Cruickshank, William R. (of Wm. Cruickshank &
Co.), 149 Hope street.
Cruickshank, Mrs. James (English Baking Co.), 15,
17, 19 South Portland street; house, 23 do.
CRUM, Alexander, of Thornliebank, residence,
Thornliebank house.
Crum, Hugh B. (of Grahames, Crum, & Spens),
house, Oakcraig, Skelmorlie.
Crum, John, merchant, 20 Buchanan street ; resi-
dence, Haggs castle, Polloksha-^vs.
Crum, John, wholesale stationer, 73 St^Vincent st. ;
house, 33 Granville street.
Crum, Walter, & Co., calico printers, 4 W. Regent st.
CRUMLISH, James, spirit merchant, 124 Garscube
road ; house, 6 Finnieston street.
Crumlish, William, pawnbroker, 67 Garscube road
and 238 Stobcross st. : ho. 384 St. George's rd.
CRUSE & Fils Frer-es, wine shippers, Bordeaux ;
Robertson & Baxter, agents, 48 West Nile st.
CULLEN, Gavin (of Wise & GuUen), house. Burn-
side cottage, NitshilL
Cullen, James, writer, 79 West Regent street, and
Cullen, John, pastry baker, 417 Gallowgate; house,
415 do.
Cullen, John, grain, meal, flour, hay, and straw
merchant, 247 Gallowgate ; stores, 35, 37, 39
Cubie street ; house, 9 Whitehill street.
Cullen & Pollock, wholesale watchmakers and jewel-
lers, 67 Buchanan street.
Cullen, Robert, pastry baker and spirit merchant,
16 Canning street, Calton ; house, 2 William st.
Cullen, Walter C, g ocer, 135 New City road , ho.
30 Grove street.
Cullen, Wm., contractor and dairyman, 33 Struthers
street; house, 29 uo.
Cullen, Mary, dairy, 54 Grove street ; house, 56 do.
CuJiBEisLAND Foundry, 1G8 Gallowgate; Moses
MCulIoch & Co.
*' Cumberland " training ship ; sec. . R. D. Douglas,
111 Bnuiswick street; treas., E. S. M'Harg, 7
Royal Bank place.
Cumbernauld Fire Clay Co., fire brick manufac-
turers, Cumbernauld; town office, 71 Queen st.
GUMMING, David, surgeon-dentist, 86 Bath st.
Gumming, Rev. Dr. (of Sand3'ford church), house,
8 Buckingham terrace, Hillhead.
Gumming, Duncan, grocer, 365 Sauchiehall street.
Gumming, Isaac, butter and egg merchant, 12
London road ; house, 35 St. Andrew's street.
Cumming, James, surgeon-dentist, 86 Bath st. —
See Advertisement in Appendix.
Gumming, James Simpson, M.D., surgeon, 230 Main
St., Anderston; house, 467 St. Vincent street.
Gumming, James, 86 Sauchiehall street.
Cuniming, J., grocer, 186 West Nile st. ; ho. 184 da.
Gumming, John, news agent and stationer, 92^
Main street, Bridgeton ; house, 84 Muslin street.
Camming, John, news agent and oil and cblourmaii,
7 Old Dalmarnock road ; hoirse, 84 Muslin street.
Gumming, John, 145 Sauchiehall street.
Gumming, Robert, manager (at R. F. &J. Alexander
& Co.'sj, house, 229 Duke street.
Camming, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 63
Stobcross street ; house, 10 Oxford street.
Gumming & Tweedale, clothiers, 40 Union street.
Gumming, Thomas, fringe, tassel, and upholstery
trimming manufacturer, 3 Morrison's Court, 108
Argjde street and 16 Buchanan street; house,
88 North John street.
Gumming, W.A., commis-ion agent, 80 Gordon st.
Cumn ing, Mrs A., underclothing, hosiery, and
small ware-% 156 Sauchiehall street.
Gumming, Mrs, provision dealer, 10 Oxford stieet.
CUMMISKEY, James, musician, 209 High street.
GUNLIFF, Eichard S., British and African Steam
Navigation Co., 28 Renfield st. ; res. Carlton
House, Stirling.
CUNNINGHAM, Alex, (of Brownlie & Cunning-
ham); house, 158 Cumberland street, south.
Cunningham, Ales., grocer, 330 High street; house,
292 do.
Cunningham, Andrew (at Campbell & Alexander';*),
house, 26 Orchard sireet, Paisley.
Cunningham, Andrew, 195 West George st. : house,
257 St. Vincent st.
Cunninghame, Andrew, fown-elerk-depute. Town-
clerk's Chambers ; ho. 125 Bath street.
Cunningham, Archibald, wriglit and b'^llder, 9
Grafton street; house, 17 Holmhead street,
Cunningham Brothers, painters and paperliangers,
111 London street; house, 1 Tureen street.
Ctmningbam, Bulloch, & Co., merchants and dr}--
salters, 55 West Nile street.

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