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BryJen, Mrs. J., 39 South Apsley place.
BEYDSON & Irving, painters and decorators, 42
Main street, Bridgeton.
RRYMNER, Mrs., 63 Cumberland street, west.
BRYSON, Alex., spirit merchant, 24 St. Ninian st.;
house, 114 Naburn street.
Brjson, Andrew, dairyman, 118 and 152 Eottenrow.
Bryson, Arch., baker, 137 Garngad road ; ho. 149 do.
Bryson, A. (of A. & J. Bryson), house, 96 Cambridge
Bryson, A. & J., printers, lithographers, and sta-
tioners, 34 Hutcheson street.
Bryson, Hilton, & Co., ship and ornamental carvers
and gilders, printsellers, and dealers in all kinds of
artist materials ; importers and manufacturers of
rosewood, gilt, composition, German and American
mouldings ; picture frames, show card frames,
mirrors; plate glass merchants and silverers, &c.,
88, 90 Stockwell street, and Steam Moulding Manu-
factory, South Shamrock street, Hutchesontown.
Bryson, James, iron merchant, 12 Cumberland st.,
Bryson, James, superintendent of fire engines, 34
College street; house, 31 Shuttle street.
Bryson, James, flesher, 7 St. James' street ; house,
33 Paterson street.
Bryson, James, tobacconist, 74 Woodlands road.
Bryson, John, flesher, 135 Eglinton street ; house,
21 Cumberland street.
Bryson, John, house factor, 52 West Nile street.
Bryson, John, contractor, 32 Warwick st.; ho. 36 do.
Bryson, John, oil and tallow merchant, 31 Miller
street; house, 11 Annette street. Crossbill.
Bryson, Robert, ironmonger and furniture dealei', 21,
22, 24 Millers place arcade; house, 20 do.
Bryson, Robert, grocer, 148 Main street, Gorbals ;
house, 220 Thistle street.
Bryson, Wm., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 157
Caledonia road ; house, 389 Upper Crown street.
Bryson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 379
Crown street.
Bryson, Wm., family grocer, 162 Cumberland street ;
house, 400 Crown street.
Bryson, Mrs. Andrew, grocer, 22 Marlborough st.
Bryson, Mrs. John, boot and shoe maker, 6 Candle-
riggs ; house, 15 Binnie place.
Bryson, Agnes A., hosier and furnisher, 28 Dundas st.
BUCHAN, George, wine and spirit merchant, 328
Gallowgate ; house, 342 Duke street.
Buchan, Hugh, brassfounder, gasfitter, and gas appa-
ratus maker, 66 Wellington street.
Buchan, E. (at City of Glasgow Bank's branch, 174
Argyle street), house, 163 Berkeley street.
Buchan, Thomas, brassfounder and gasfitter, 249
Argyle street; house, 267 do.
Buchan, William P., plumber, gasfitter, and zinc
worker, 25^ Renfrew street ; house, 27 do.
Buchan, W. E., writer, and commissioner of the
High Court of Chancery, 112 West Regent street ;
house, 17 Oakfield terrace, Hillhead.
Buchan, Miss, dressmaker, 46 Shamrock street.
BUCHANAN, Alexander (of John Buchanan &
Bros.), house, 264 Bath street.
Buchanan, Alexander, curator, Mechanics' Institution,
38 Bath street; ho. 120 Wellpark ter.. Ark lane.
Buchanan, Alex., physician and surgeon, 85 South
Portland street.
Buchanan, Alexander, cupper, institute for spinal
diseases and deafness, 85 South Portland street.
Buchanan, Allan (of Buchanan Brothers, 10 Prince's
square), house, 17 Sandyford place.
Buciianan, Anderson, & Co., merchants, 157 West
George street.
Buchanan, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 202
Buchanan, Andrew D. (of Joshua Buchanan & Sons),
house, 98 Parson street.
Buchanan, Andrew (of John Buchanan & Brothers),
house, 108 Rentield street.
Buchanan, Dr Andrew, professor of the institutes of
medicine, University of Glasgow ; ho. 186 Bath st.
Buchanan, Andrew, clothier, 184 Buchanan street ;
house, Woodlands place, Cambuslang.
Buchanan, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 00
JIaitland street ; house, 28 Bellgrove street.
Buchanan, Archibald (of .James Finl.iy & Co.), resi-
dence, Barskimming, Mauchline.
Buchanan, Arch., colliery agent, 10 Wellington street.
Buchanan Brothers, commission merchants, 10
Piince's square, Buchanan street.
Buchanan Brothers, chemists and druggists, Western
Apothecaries' Hall, 275 Argyle street ; house, 8
Walworth terrace.
Buchanan, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 30 Cook
street ; house, 28 do.
Buchanan, Charles (of Buchanan, Marquis, & Co.),
house, 98 Parson street.
Buchanan, David (of Smith & Buchanan), 57 Oswald
Buchanan, David (at J. & W. Campbell & Co.'s) ;
house, Gartconnel, New Kilpatrick.
Buchanan, David, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 81
Great Hamilton street.
Buchanan, Dav., cabinet maker, 13 Well St., Calton.
Buchanan, David, tobacco and snuff manufacturer,
127 George street ; house, 95 do.
Buchanan & Dobbie, general drapers, 854 Dumbar-
ton road.
Buchanan, Dugald, metal refiner, 62 St. Ninian st. ;
house, 33 Warwick street.
Buchanan, Duncan, dairyman, 115 Hospital street.
Buchanan, Francis B., wine and spirit merchant, 213,
215 EgUnton street and 59 Cavendish street ;
house, 217 Eglinton street.
Buchanan, G. Millar, interim registrar, Central District,
78 John street; house, 10 Camngton street.
Buchanan, Geo., M.D., consulting surgeon, professor
of anatomy, Andersonian University ; house, 193
Bath street.
Buchanan, George, dental surgeon, 1 Montague pi. ;
house, 12 Belhaven ten-ace.
Buchanan, George, & Sons, calenderers, bleachers,
and finishers, 95 Candleriggs.
Buchanan, George S. (of George Buchanan & Sons),
house, 23 Clarendon place.
Buchanan, Hannah, & Co., produce commission mer-
chants, 47 Waterloo street.
Buchanan, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 152
Sauchiehall street ; house, 122 do.
Buchanan, James, smith, lock, and hinge manufac-
turer, 41 Charlotte street ; house, 51 Castle street.
Buchanan, James, commission merchant and agent,
176 Hope street.
Buchanan, James, house and ship painter, 20 Y'ork
street ; house, 93 Pitt street.
Buchanan, .James, fish-hook manufacturer, 26, 28
St. Enoch wynd ; house, 13 Regent Park square.
Buchanan, James, house factor, 51 Castle street.

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