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Bruce, James, stationer, printer, and account book
manufacturer; agent for CotteriU's fire and thief
proof safes, 26 West Nile street ; bouse, 22 Wil-
lowbank crescent.
Bruce, James (at Robert Wotberspoon & Co.'s), bo.
1 Magdala place, Paisley road.
Bruce, James, furniture dealer and ironmonger, 119,
121 Stobcross street ; house, 140 do.
Bruce, James VV. (of Bruce, Bros., & Co.), house,
Prospeotbill House, Jlount Florida.
Bruce, J. & S., tailors, 8 North Coburg street.
Bruce, Jarvis, & Co., soap, lard, and oil merchants,
drysalters, &c., 26, 28 Springfield court, 58 Bu-
chanan street.
Bruce, J. L. & D. Sturrock, architects, 103 West
Regent street.
Bruce, J., tobacconist and outfitter, 26 Crookston st.
Bruce, Jolin L., architect, 103 West Regent street.
Bruce, John J. (of Bruce, Brothers, & Co.), residence,
Prospect-hill House, Mount Florida.
Bruce, John W., provision merchant, 147 Parliamen-
tary road ; house, 55a Sauchiehall street.
Bruce, John W., boot and shoe maker, 153 Parlia-
mentary road; house, 55a Sauchiehall street.
Bruce, Michael M., accountant ; agent for Scottish
Fire Insurance Co. (Limited), Life Association of
Scotland ; secretary and treasurer of the Bothwell
Lunatic Asylum Co. (Limited), 68 Bath street;
house, 1 Nerval place, Kilmalcolm.
Bruce, Robert, papermaker, Woodside Mills, South
WoodsJde rd. ; ho. 39 North Park ter., Hillhead.
Bruce, Robert, builder, 82 Hill street, Garnethill.
Bruce, Robert, commission agent, 97 Jlitchell street.
Bruce, Robert Wilson, surgeon, 177 Parliamentary
road ; house, 55a Sauchiehall street.
Bruce, R., & Keir, builders, 82 Hill street, Garnethill.
Bruce, R., wholesale and retail grocer, 70 Gallowgate.
Bruce, William (of Bruce, Jarvis, & Co.), 58 Bucha-
nan street.
BRUNNER, Brothers, & Co., iron merchants, 45
Hope street.
Brunner, Gottfried (at Brunner, Brothers, & Co.),
house, 353 Bath crescent.
Brunner, William (of Brunner, Brothers, & Co.),
house, 04 Buccleuch street.
BRUNSDON, Richard, 50 Renfield street; house,
149 Hill street, Garnethill.
BRUNTON, Rev. Alex., Albert Street U.P. Church,
Parliamentary road ; house, Ardbeg Villa, Craig-
park, Dennistoun.
Brunton, James, tailor and clothier, 77 West Nile st.
Brunton, Thomas, sohcitor, G. & S. W. Ry. Co., 16
Bridge street ; house, 24 Queen's Park square.
BRYAN, James, slater, 4 Hospital street; house, 17
Nicholson street.
Bryan, John, church officer, Lansdowne Church ;
house, 228 Great Western road.
Bryan, Barbara, draper and hosier, C66 Gallowgate ;
house, 674 do.
BRYCE, Ales,, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 40,
42 St. Andrew's street.
Bryce, Alex., 164 Woodlands road.
Bryce, Alex , grocer, 111 South Cumberland street.
Bryce, Andrew C, wine and spirit merchant, 46
Adelphi street ; house, 45 do.
Bryce, A. (of Young & Gardner), house, 110 Annfield
Bryce, A. S , drysalter and oil merchant; chem. wks.,
Calton entry ; house, Birkenshaw, Uddingston.
Bryce, Charles C. (at Gillespie, Cathcart, & Eraser's),
house, 27 Sardinia terrace, Hillhead.
Bryce, David, & Son, booksellers, stationers, litho-
graphers, and reading-club, 129 Buchanan street ;
warehouse and workshop, 90 Mitchell street.
Bryce, D. (of D. Bryce & Son), house, 15 Kelvinside
terrace, Hillhead.
Bryce, David, plumber and gasfitter, 179 Noith
street; house, 114 do.
Bryce, James, slater and plasterer, 19 Clyde terrace ;
house, 14 Apsley place.
Bryce, James, spirit merchant, 1 Broomhill street,
Port-Dundas ; house, 13 Canal street.
Bryce, James, M.A. , LL.D., mathematical depart-
ment. High School.
Bryce, James, grocer, 149 Cumberland street.
Bryce, J. G., warehouseman, 260 Crown street, S.S.
Bryce, John, smith, farrier, and cartwright, 177 New
Dalmarnock road ; house, 183 do.
Bryce, John, plumber and gasfitter, 82 Oswald st. ;
house, 26 South Apsley place.
Bryce, John D., 13 Buckingham terrace.
Bryce, John, & Son, hatters, 80 Jamaica st. ; house,
71 Abbotsford place.
Bryce, Morrison, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 54
and 56 Sauchiehall street ; house, 176i Hope st.
Bryce, Peter B., traveller, 77 East Howard street :
house, 044 Gallowgate.
Bryce, Robert, watchmaker and jeweller, 523 Gal-
lowgate ; house, 521 do.
Bryce, William, & Co., commission merchants and
agents, 40 St. Enoch square and 59 Mark lane,
London, E.C.
Bryce, Wm., & Co., seed merchants, 40 St. I'^noch
square; stores, 11 Wood lane, Broomielaw.
Bryce, William (of William Bryce & Co.), house, 11
Woodlands terrace.
Bryce, William, spirit merchant, 148 Ruthei-glen
road ; house, 146 dn.
Bryce, William, manufacturing chemist, Parkhead
Chemical Works, New road, Parkhead; house, 1
West Prince's street.
Bryce, Mrs. Alexander, 1 West Prince's street.
Bryce, Mrs., 181 West Regent street.
BRYDALL, Robert, arti.-t, Glasgow Scbool of Art ;
house, 46 Buccleuch street.
BRYDON, A., confectioner, 24 Great Hamilton st. ;
house, 26 do.
Brydon & Breen, merchants & brokers, 18 George sq.
Bryden, James, painter and decorator, 188 Buchanan
street and 20 Copeland road, Govan ; house, 4
West Ibrox terrace, do.
Brydon, John, & Co., com. merchants, 5 Dixon st.
Bryden, John, & Sons, bell hangers, brassfounders,
gasfitters, and locksmiths, Venetian, wire-gauze,
and holland window blind makers, 24 Renfield
street, Glasgow; 16 Frederick street, Edinburgh ;
7 Prince's st., Perth; and 33 Bank st., D\indee.
Bryden, Robert A., LA. (of Clarke & Bell, architects).
house, 167 West Regent street.
i Bryden, Thomas G. (of John Frew & Co.), 34 Forth
St., Port-Dundas.
Brydon, W. J. (of Brydon & Breen), 18 George sq.
Bryden, William, & Son, bellhangers, brassfounders,
gasfitters, smiths, Venetian and roller-blind manu-
facturers, 71 Gordon street, Glasgow, and 55
George street, Edinburgh.
Bryden, Wm. Anthony (of Fulton, Bryden, & Co.),
16 St. Vincent place.

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