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Kelvingrove Street, west end of Sauchiehall St. 8.
Kelvinhaugh Street, Kelvinhaugh. 8.
Kelvinhaugh Village, west Finnieston, on Clyde. 8.
Kelvinside Terrace, east end of Partick.
Kemp Place, Shields Road.
Kenmure Place, Glebe street, Parliamentary rd. 1.
Kennedy Street, from Castle st. to Glebe St. 1.
Kensington Place, Sauchiehall st. 6.
Kent Place, off Kent road. 8.
Kent Place, Glebe street, Parliamentary road. 1.
Kent Road, off North street. 8.
Kent Street, f. Gallowgate to Gt. Hamilton st. 4.
Keppoch Hill Road, north of St. Rollox.
Do., south of Canal. 1.
Kerr Street, from Little st. to Rose st (East). 3.
Kew Terrace, Gt. Western rd., near Botanic Gardens.
Killermont Court, off Garscadden street. 1.
Killermont Street, off Parliamentary road.
Kilpatrick Street, off London road.
Kincaid Place, Hospital st., corner Cumberland st. 10.
King Street, from Trongate to Bridgegate. 5.
King Street, Calton, fr. Caltonmouth to Millroad st. 4.
King Street, Mile-end. 3.
King Street, Pollokshaw.
King Street, Tradeston, from Bridge st. to West st. 9.
King's Park Place, fr. James st. to John st., Greenb. 3.
Kingston Place, St. James' street. 9.
Kingston Terrace, West st. and St. James' street. 9.
Kinneil Place, Paisley road, Govan.
Kinnel Place, Renfrew court. G.
Kinning Park, Paisley rd. 9 ; and Govan.
Kinning Place (South), from Paisley road to Hous-
ton street. 9.
Kinning Street, f. Gloucester st. to Scotland st. 9.
Kirk Close, 59 Main street, Anderston. 3.
Kirk Lane, Townhead. 2.
Kirk Street, from Castle street to High street.
East side of do. 2 ; West side of do. 1.
Kirk Street, from Main St. to Green st., Calton. 4.
Kirk Street, fr. Main st. to Buchan st., Gorbals. 10.
Kirkwood's Court, 125 Main street, Anderston. 8.
Knightswood Place, Paisley road.
Koh-i-noor Buildings, corner of Dundas and Cathe-
dral streets. 1.
Kyle Street, off Dobbie's loan.
La Belle Place, from Clifton st. to Claremont st. 8.
Ladywell Street, foot of Drygate. 2.
Laigh Kirk Close, f. 59 Trongate to Prince's st. 5.
Lambhill Street, Paisley road.
Lanark Street, off Dobbie's loan.
Lanark Street, off Greendyke street.
Lancefield, west end of Stobcross street. 8.
Lancefield Buildings, off Elliot street. 8.
Lancefield Place, west end of Anderston quay. 8.
Lancefield Quay, Broomielaw. 8.
Lancefield Street, f. Stobcross to ft. of Hydepark. 8.
Landressy Street, south of Canning street. 3.
Lansdowne Crescent, Great Western road, near
Kelvin bridge. 7.
Largo PL, corner of New City road and Rosehall st. 6.
Laurel Bank, Wilson street, Hillhead.
Laurieston, south side of the river, between Gorbals
church, Carlton place, and Bridge street. 9.
Lawmoor Place, Govanhaugh. 10.
Lawrence Place, Dowanhill, near Partick.
Law's Buildings, 118 Bridgegate.
Lawson's Court, 157 Trongate. 5.
Leadbetter Street, Parliamentary road, from North
Hanover street. 1.
Leitch's Court, 157 Trongate. 5.
Lendel Place, Paisley road, Govan.
Lendel Terrace, Paisley road.
Lennox Street, off Saracen street.
Leopard Close, 80 High street. 2.
Lily Place, Pollckshields road. 9.
Lilybank, Hillhead street, Hillhead.
Lilybank Place, West Thistle street.
Lilybank Road, off Eglinton street.
Dc, westward, to term, of inun. boundaiy. 9.
Lilybank Street, off Eglinton street. 9.
Lilybank Terrace, West Graham street.
Lind Place, corner of Dalhousie and Buccleuch sts. 6.
Linden Terrace, Pollokshields.
Little Govan, Rutherglen road. 10.
Little Street, Calton. 3.
Liverpool Court, 249 Argyle street. 5.
Lockhart Place, Parliamentary road and corner of
Dobbie's loan. 1.
Lomond Street, from Hawthorn st. to Gartmore st.
London Lane, 48 London street. 4.
London Road, Bridgeton. 3.
London Street, from Cross to Monteith row. 4.
Lorn Place, Cranstonhill, Dumbarton road. 8.
Love Loan, from High John street to North Fre-
derick street. 1.
Low Green Street, from St. Andrew's square to
Greendyke street. 4.
Lucknow Place, corner of Hospital street and Cum-
berland street (South). 10.
Lumsden's Model Buildings, Roslin place. 7.
Lyceum Court, 72 Nelson street. 1.
Lyndhurst Place, Hill street, Garnethill. 6.
Lynedoch Crescent, off Woodlands road. 8.
Lynedoch Place, head of Lynedoch street.
Lynedoch Street, off Woodlands road. 8.
Lynedoch Terrace, Woodlands road. 8.
Lyon Street, f. Garscube road to N. Woodside rd. 7.
Lyon St. (East), f. Whitevale to East John st. 2.
Mack's Close, 125 Saltmarket. 4.
M 'Adam's Lane, f. Garscube road to North Wood-
side road. 7.
M'Alpine's Close, 27 Stockwell street. 5.
M'AIpine Street, from Argyle street to Broomielaw.
East side of do. 5 ; West side. 8.
M'Arthur's Buildings, 12 Anderston quay. 8.
M 'Arthur Street, Pollokshaws.
M'Aslin Street, from St. James' rd. to Grafton st. 1 .
i M'Callum's Buildings, Duke street and corner of
| Barrack street. 2.
M'Combe's Brae, Burnside lane, opp. Havannah. 2.
M'Ewan Street, Parkhead. 3.
Macfarlane Street, fr. Gallowgate to Grajme St. 2.
M'Gill's Close, 87 Stockwell st. 5,
M'lutosh Street, off Dunchattan st. 2.
MTntyre Street, from Main st., Anderston, to Stob-
cross st.
M'Kechnie Street, fr. Clyde st., Calton, to Park la. 3
M'Kinlay Street, off Cavendish street.
M'Lean Street, Govan road.
M'Neil Street, fr. Rutherglen rd. to Clyde side. 10
M'Neil Street, Great Eastern road. 2.
M'Nicol's Court, 209 High street. 1.

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