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M'Pherson Street, 50 High street. 2.
M'Symon Place, West Campbell st. and Holm st. 6.
Madeira Buildings, Argyle st., corner of Oswald st. 5.
Magdala Place, Cornwall street, Paisley road.
Main Street, Anderston, f. Argyle st. to Sandyford. S.
Main Street, Bridgeton, from Canning street to
Rutherglen bridge. 3.
Main Street, Calton, from Well st. to King st. 4.
Main Street, Gorbals, from Victoria bridge to Cum-
berland street. 10.
Main Street, Govan.
Main Street, Pollokshaws.
Main Street, Rutherglen.
Main Street, Springburn.
Main Street, from Argyle st. to Sauchiehall st. 6.
Mair Street, Govan road.
Maitland Lane, from Maitland st. to Milton st. 7.
Maitland Street, f, Cowcaddens to Port-Dundas. 7.
Malta Street, from Main street to Norfolk street. 10.
Manse Buildings, Govan.
Mansfield Place, west end of W. Regt. st. & Pitt st. 6.
Mansfield Street, Partick.
Mansion Street, from Closeburn st. to Hawthorn st.
Margaret Street, f. Little Hamilton st. to Love loan. 1.
Margaret Street, off Eglinton street. 9.
Market Lane, Jail square. 5.
Market Street, from Bridgegate to East Clyde st. 5.
Blarket Street (East), from Millroad street to Gal-
lowgate. 4.
Markland Lane and Street, Partick.
Markland Place, Upper Thistle street. 1 0.
Marlborough Street, f. Little st. to East Rose st. 2.
Marlow Street, Kinning park.
Marquis Street, off London road.
Marshall Street, f. Gallowgate to King st. Calton. 4.
Martyr Street, f. Parson st. to Parliamentary rd. I.
Mason Street, from Castle st. to Weaver st. 1.
Mathieson's Lane, Gallowgate. 4.
Mathieson's Lane, east end of Monteith row. 4.
Mathieson's Lane, Mathieson street. 1 0.
Mathieson Road, from Garscube rd. to Walker st. 7.
Mathieson Street, Rutherglen road. 10.
Matilda Place, Queen's Park buildings, Strathbungo.
Matilda Street, Pollokshaws.
Mauldslie Terrace, London Road.
Maule Street, Partick.
Mavis Bank, south side Broomielaw.
Maxwell Street, fr. Argyle st. to Great Clyde st. 5.
Maxwell Street, Partick.
Maxwell Street, Pollokshaws.
Maxwelton Place, Paisley road. 9
May Terrace, Mount Florida.
Mayfield Place, from Newton street to North st. 6.
Meadow Park, Duke street. 2.
Meadowbank Crescent, Partick.
Meadowside Place, Woodlands road. 7.
Mechanic's Buildings, Millroad street. 3.
Melbourne Place, Finnieston street. 8.
Melrose Place, Paisley road.
Melrose Street, f. Great Western rd. to Queen's cres. 7.
Melville Lane, 43 Gordon street. 6.
Melville Lane, Tradeston. 9.
Melville Place, 132 Trongate. 1.
Melville Street, from Wallace st. to West st. 9.
Merchant Lane, from Bridgegate to E. Clyde st. 5.
Merchants' House, 72 Hutcheson street. 1.
Metcalf's Land, off Canal street. 9.
Methven Place, corner Maitland st. and Milton st. 7.
Middleton Buildings, Govan.
Middleton Place, Garngad road, by St. Rollox. 2.
Middleton Place, Govan.
Middleton Street, Garngad road. 2.
Middleton Terrace, Paisley road, Govan.
Milan Street, off Lilybank road, Eglinton st. 9.
Mill Street, from Main street to Greenhead.
Mill Street, Rutherglen.
Millbank, Townmill road. 2.
Millburn Street, f. Townmill rd. to Garngad hill. 2.
Miller's Place, from King street to Saltmarket. 5.
Miller Street, from Argyle street to Ingram st. 1.
Miller Street (East), Bluevale. 2.
Millfield, Rose street, Hutchesontowa. 10.
Millroad Street, f. King st. to Abercromby st. 4.
Milton Lane, from West Milton st. to Stewart st. 7.
Milton Place, St. Vincent street, from Douglas street
to Pitt street. 6.
Milton Street, from Cowcaddens to Dobbie's loan.
From Cowcaddens st. to Port-Dundas rd., off do. 7.
From P.-Dundas road to Dobbie's loan, off do. 1.
Minerva Place, Finnieston street. 8.
Minerva Street, head of Finnieston street. 8.
Mitchell Lane, 81 Buchanan st. to Mitchell st. 6.
Mitchell Street, from Argyle street to Gordon st. 6.
Moncrieff Street, from Kirk street to Malta st. 10.
Monkland Street, from Castle street to Parliament-
ary road. 1.
Monro's Court, 63 Stockwell street. 5.
Montague Place, Bath street. 6.
Monteith Lane, back of Monteith row. 4.
Monteith Row, east of London street. 4.
Montgomery Street, off London road. 3.
Montgomery Terrace, Cathcart.
Montrose Street, from Ingram st. to Grafton pi. 1.
Moodie's Court, 3 1 Argyle street. 5.
Moore Place, West George street. 6.
Moore Street, from Gallowgate to Armour st. 2.
Moray Place, Cumberland street (West). 7.
Moray Place, Strathbungo.
Morris Place, Monteith row. 4.
Morrison's Court, 108 Argyle street. 1.
Morrison's Place, off West street, Tradeston.
Morrison Street, Kingston. 9.
Mountainblue, Camlachie. 3.
Mountblue Street, Parkhead.
Muir's Buildings, 7 Melville street. 9.
Muirhead Place, St. James' street, Paisley road.
Muirhead St., fr. Adelphi st. to Rutherg. loan. 10.
Muirhouses, Pollokshaws road.
Do. to centre of Butterbiggins road. 9.
Mulberry Bank, 165 Dumbarton road.
Murray Place, New City road. 6.
Murray Street, off Parliamentary road.
Murrow Park, Copeland road, Govan.
Murrow Place, Govan.
Muse Lane, from Garscube lane to Stewart st. 7.
Muse Lane, Newton place. 8.
Muse Lane, off South Pettigrew street. 2.
Muslin Street, Main Street, Bridgeton, to New Dal-
marnock road. 3.
Myrtle Street, off St. George's road. 7.
Naburn Street, off Cumberland street, South.
Napier's Closes, 77 and 85 Saltmarket. 4.
Napier Place, Minerva street. 8.
Napiershall Street, off Great Western road. 7.
Naples Place, Cathcart street, Gorbals. 1 0.

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