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Lynedoch place ; Napiershall street at Holyrood
crescent ; New City road at Well road ; Possil road
at Rodney street; Stewart street at Maitland street;
Sauchiehall street at Elmbank street ; Sauchiehall
street at Rochester place.
14. From Cowcaddens Street to —
Blythswood square at N.W. corner ; Buchanan
street at Bath street ; Crawford street at Charlotte
street ; Canal road at Rae street ; Great Western
road at Melrose street ; Garscube road at St. George's
road ; Hampton Court terrace ; New City road at
Park circus; Renfield street at Regent street; Sau-
chiehall street at Pitt street; St. George's road at
Carnarvon street ; St. George's road at Granville st.
15. From Monkland Street to —
Charles street at East-end ; Dobbie's loan at Kyle
street; Garngad road at Villiers street; Keppoch-hill
road at Bogside ; Kirk street at Rottenrow street ;
Kyle street at Stafford street ; Necropolis at gate ;
Parliamentary road at Frederick street ; Springburn
road at Huntingdon place ; Stirling's road at Hope-
ton place; St. James' road at Ronald street ; Town-
mill road at Ark lane.
16. From Glassford Street to —
Argyle street at Hope street; Blackfiiars' street at
East-end ; BuchanaD street at Bath street ; Clyde
Terrace at Buchan street ; Gallowgate street at Char-
lotte street ; George street at High street ; Gordon
street at West Nile street ; Great Clyde street at
Dixon street; Hutchesontown Bridge at North side;
Main street, Gorbals, at Kirk street; St. Vincent
street at Renfield street ; Stirling's road at Hope-
ton place.
17. From Cross to —
Argyle street at Mitchell street ; Castle street at
Nicholas place ; Crown street at Govan street ; Duke
street at North prison ; Gallowgate street at Barrack
street; George street at John street; Great Hamilton
street at Morris place ; Ingram street at Hanover
street; Kirk street, Calton, at Main street; Main
street, Gorbals, at Kirk street ; Queen street at Na-
tional Bank ; St. Andrew's chapel at Great Clyde st.
18. From Graham Square to —
Canning street at Greenhead Church; Craigpark,
Oakley terrace ; Crownpoint road at Tylefield street ;
Duke street at Hunter street ; Gallowgate at Char-
lotte street ; Gallowgate at East John street; George
street, Mile-end, at King street ; Graeme street in
Blackfiiars' street ; Great Hamilton street at Morris
place; Great Hamilton street, So. St. Mungo street;
House of Refuge ; Kirk street at Well street.
The distances in the preceding Table, of Half-a-
mile or under, are Sixpenny Fares, if taken at the
Stand by a party not exceeding two grown-up Per-
sons without Luggage other than a carpet bag or
the like.
For the Shilling Fare, three grown-up persons
with 100 lbs. of Luggage will be carried. For all
above the Shilling Fare four grown-up Persons with
70 lbs. of Luggage will be carried, Sixpence for each
grown-up Person above four.

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