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From twelve at night till two in the morning, fare
and half shall be exigible ; from two till five morn-
ing, double fare ; after five, ordinary fare.
No charge for drivers.
Fares may be withheld. — Any parly shall be en-
titled to withhold payment of the fare : —
1st. When the name and the number are not
painted outside the carriage, or when
there is no plate inside, in terms of Arti-
cle Fourth of these By-Laws.
2nd. When the Reference Ticket is not given
on demand.
3rd. When the By-Laws and Table of Fares
are not shown on demand.
4th. When an overcharge is made.
Penalties. — Any person contravening any one of
these By-Laws shall be liable in a penalty not ex-
ceeding 40s.
1. From George Square to —
Argyle Street at Hope street ; Caledonian Railway ;
Central Police Office ; Custom House ; George street
at Balmanno street ; Parliamentary road at Poor's
house ; Regent street at Campbell street ; Sauchie-
hall street at Hope street ; Stirling's road at CanniDg
place; Stockwell street at Stockwell place ; St. Vin-
cent street at Main street ; Trongate street at King
2. From Caledonian Railway to —
Buchanan street at Scotia street ; Buchanan street
at Arcade ; Crawford street at Rae street ; Exchange ;
Garscube road at Grove street ; George street at
John street ; Gordon street at Alston street ; New
City road at Abercorn street ; Parliamentary road at
North Wallace street ; Stirling's road at Montrose
street ; Sauchiehall street at Douglas street ; West
George street at Wellington street.
3. From Commerce Street to —
Argyle street at Wellington street ; Argyle street at
Queen street ; Abbotsford place at Bedford street ;
Adelphi street at Thistle street ; Broomielaw street
at Brown street ; Cook street at West street ; Eglin-
ton street at Cumberland street ; Main street at
Rutherglen loan ; Paisley road at Springfield lane ;
Springfield quay at Springfield lane ; Union street at
Gordon street; Victoria bridge at North side.
4. From Barrhead Railway to —
Caledonia road at South Wellington street ; Carlton
place at Nicholson street ; Cathcart road at Clydes-
dale Railway bridge ; Cook street at Centre street ;
Eglinton street at Wallace street ; Fireworks road
at South Wellington street ; Hutchesontown bridge
at South side ; Lilybank road at Milan street ; Pol-
lokshaws road at Eglinton street ; Portland street at
Oxford street ; Rutherglen road at Mathieson street ;
Victoria bridge at North side.
5. From Paisley Road to —
Clyde place at Dale street; Govan road at Love
loan ; King street at Centre street ; Melville street
at Dale street; Nelson street at Commerce street;
Paisley road at Park grove ; Park street at Stanley
street; Scotland street at Kinning street ; Scotland
street at Pollok street ; ! Shields road at Scotland
street ; Terminus quay at Third crane ; West street
at Cook street.
6. From Broomielaw to —
Anderston quay at Cheapside street ; Anderston
Gushet house ; Argyle street at Virginia street ;
Bothwell street at Main street ; Buchanan street at
Gordon street ; East Clyde street at Merchant lane ;
Eglinton street at Bedford street; Hope street at
Regent street ; King street at Dale street ; Norfolk
street at Warwick street ; Queen street at National
Bank ; Victoria bridge at South side.
7. From St. Enoch Square to —
Argyle street at Douglas street ; Buchanan street at
Sauchiehall street ; Broomielaw at Brown street ;
Clyde place at Dale street ; Carlton street at Buchan
street; Cross; George street at Frederick street;
Glasgow and South-western Railway ; Ingrain street
at Brunswick street ; Renfield street at Regent street;
St. Vincent street at Wellington street ; Victoria
bridge at North side.
8. From Goedon Street to —
Argyle street at Pitt street ; Argyle street at Vir-
ginia street ; Blythsvvood square at N.W. corner ;
Broomielaw at James Watt street ; Caledonian Rail-
way at gate ; Cambridge street at Renfrew street ;
George street at Frederick street ; Glasgow bridge at
South side ; Ingram street at Frederick street ; Par-
liamentary road at Dundas street; St. Vincent st.
at India street ; Sauchiehall street at Rose street.
9. From Cambridge Street to —
Bothwell street at Douglas street; Buccleuch street
at Thistle street ; Buchanan street at Club house ;
Cathedral street at Hanover street ; Garscube road
at Corn street; Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway;
Elmbank crescent at India street ; Milton street at
Bishop street ; New City road at Scotia street ; Par-
liamentary road at Poor's House ; Union street at
Gordon street ; Sauchiehall street at North street.
10. From North Street to —
Blythswood square, N.W. corner; Dumbarton road
at Elderslie street; Dumbarton road at Claremont
street ; Great Western road at Melrose street ; Main
street at North street ; Park gardens at Park gate ;
Park circus at West- end Park street ; Sauchiehall
street at Kelvingrove street ; Sauchiehall street at
Campbell street ; St. Vincent street at Douglas
street ; Shamrock street at Rosehall street ; Wood-
land road at Eldon street.
11. From Sauchiehall St., West End, to —
Anderston Police-office; Dumbarton road, Old York-
hill lodge; Dumbarton road, near Bridge; Finnieston
street at Stobcross street ; Kelvinhaugh street at
Teviot street; Kent road at Rochester place; Main
street at Elderslie street ; Sauchiehall street at North
street; St. Vincent street at Elderslie street ; Stob-
cross street at Elliot street ; St. Vincent crescent at
West-end ; Woodside crescent at Scotland street.
12. From Great Western Road to —
Ann street, Hillhead, at Dobbie's loan; Gibson street
at Ann street; Granby terrace at West-end; Great
Western road at Victoria street ; Hamilton Park
terrace at West-end ; Lynedoch place ; New City
road at North Woodside road ; New City road at St.
George's road; Queen's crescent at Prince's street;
Royal circus; Windsor street at Terrace ; Woodland
road at Cumberland street.
13. From St. George's Road to—
Cowcaddens street at Findlay street; Cambridge
street at Hill street ; Garscube road at Sawmillfield
street ; Garscube road at Oakbank street ; Great
Western road at Park road; Lynedoch street at

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