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M'Skimming, William (of G. Glen & Co.), ho. 34,
or 40 Candleriggs.
M'SYMON, John, wine merchant and family grocer,
397 Argyle street ; ho. Ivybank, Port-Glasgow.
M'Symon & Potter, ship chandlers, tinsmiths, and
coppersmiths, 26 Clyde place.
M'TAGGART, Archibald, teacher, Martyrs' School,
Barony street ; house, 88 North Hanover street.
M'Taggart, Rev. D., D.D., minister of St. James'
parish, Great Hamilton St. ; ho. 10 Sandyford pi.
M'Taggart, John, grocer, 388 Gallowgate; house,
1 Tureen street.
M'Taggart, J., tailor and clothier, 145 New Cityrd.
M'Taggart, Mrs. Isabella, spirit merchant, New York
tavern, 30 Broomielaw.
M'Taggart, Mrs., 13 Minerva street.
M'Taggart, Hannah, eating-house, 10 M'Alpine st.
M'TAVISH, Alexander, wright and glazier, 49
Carrick street ; house, 4 Shaftesbury street.
M'Tavish, D., messenger-at-arms, &c. (of Beale &
M'Tavish), 49 Virginia St.; house, 81 London st.
M'TEAR, Andrew (of A. & W. M'Tear), house, 11
Moray place, Regent park.
Mactear, A. & AV., lithographing and engraving
office and photographic depot, 67 Buchanan st.
M'Tear & Co., felt manufacturers, Belfast ; Hendry
Brothers, agents, 8 Dixon street.
M'Tear, Robert, auctioneer and valuator, St. Mary's
Hall, 33, 37 Renfield st.; ho. 2 Charing Cross.
Mactear, William (of A. & W. Mactear), house, 11
Moray place, Regent park.
M'Tear, Mrs. Dr. John, 95 Holland street,
M'TOURNIE, Hugh, newsagent, 45 Nelson st., city.
M'VEAN, Donald, plumber, gasfitter, and bell
hanger, 3, 5 St. George's road, and 13 Eglinton
terrace, Queen's park ; house, 12 Stanley street.
M'Vean, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 69
Naburn street; house, 65 do.
M'Vean, James, tailor and clothier, 44 George street.
M'Vean, Peter, spirit merchant, 91 South Welling-
ton street; house, 47 Naburn street.
M'VEY, George, provision merchant, 107 New City
road ; house, 32 Buccleuch street.
M'Vey, James, grocer, 13 West Campbell street.
M'Vey, John, oils and colours, 21 King St., Calton.
M'Vey, John, corkcutter, 29 High street ; house,
21 King street, Calton.
M'Vey, M., & Co., booksellers and stationers, 101
George street.
M'Vey, Peter, furniture dealer, 132 Nelson street,
Tradeston ; house, 125 do.
M'Vicar, Alexander, victualler, 30 St. Andrew's
street ; house, 35 do.
M'Vicar, Archibald, forge master, smith, chain-
cable and anchor manufacturer, Kinning park,
Paisley road ; office, 1 Robertson street ; house,
Shield's cottage, Pollokshields.
M'Vicar, Daniel, wine and spirit merchant, 219, 221
High street ; house, 39 Duke street.
Macvicar, James, 3 College street.
Macvicar, John, 3 College street.
M'Vicar, J. (of Arundell & Co., 257 Argyle street),
house, 12 Eglinton terrace, Victoria road.
M'WALTER, Miss, dressmaker, 66 Sauchiehall st.
M' WATERS, James, flesher, 381 St. Vincent street ;
house, 379 do.
M'Waters, Robt., tailor and clothier, 239 Argyle st.
M'WHANNELL, Edward, plumber, 10 North Albion
street ; house, 18 do.
Macwhannell, John, custodier and registrar, Central
Police Chambers ; house, 26 Hopetoun place.
M'WHINNIE, Thos., precentor, 74 Whitevale street.
M'Whinnie, William, flesher, 633 Gallowgate.
M'Whinnie, William, eating-house, 34 Broomielaw.
M'WHIRTER, Andrew, spirit merchant, 56£ Dale
street; house, 187 New Dalmarnock road.
M'Whirter, John, superintendent, Night Asylum
and House of Industry, 71 North Frederick street.
M'Whirter, John, hosiery and furnishings, 160
Paisley road.
M'Whirter, William, cotton waste merchant, 44 W.
College street.
M'Whirter, William, 192 Hospital street.
M'WILLIAM, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant,
18, 20 Canon street.
M'William, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 382
Argyle street.
M'William, Andrew, wine aud spirit merchant, 12
Bridge street; house, 102 South Portland street.
M'William, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 46
South Coburg street, and 291 St. George's road;
house, 45 Robertson street.
M'William, Arch., grocer and provision merch., 115
and 117 Dalmarnock road; house, 6 Canning st.
M'William, James, wine and spirit merchant, 3, 5,
Stirling street; house, 93 North Frederick street.
M'William, J. & J., wine and spirit merchants,
Wardrop's court, 38 Queen street ; ho. 93 North
Frederick street.
M'Williams, James, boot and shoemaker, 98 Ruther-
glen loan; house, 122 Rose street, south.
M'William, Richard, publisher and proprietor of the
Property Circular, 59 St. George's place ; house,
Levengrove cottage, Clyde shore, Dumbarton.
M'Williams, Robert, grocer, 21 Duncan street, off
Abercromby street.
M'William, Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 73 Stobcross
street ; house, 45 Robertson street.
MACAW, Mrs., 224 Great Western road.
MACHIN, Alexander, fruit and produce broker, 30
Adams' Court lane, off Howard street.
Machin, Alex., oil, coffee, and spice merchant, 30
Adam's Court lane, off Howard street ; house, 44
Regent Park square.
Mackie. See M'Kie.
MACKLIN, Thos., teacher of Latin and Greek,
Andersonian University ; house, 129 John street.
MACLEROY, Hamilton, & Co., power loom manu-
facturers, 47 Ingram street.
MADDEN, Edward, grocer and provision mer-
chant, 81 Havannah.
Madden, John, broker, 20 Milton street, Cowcaddens,
MAFFETT, Hugh, sharebroker, 107 Buchanan St. ;
house, Haughhead cottage, Govan road.
Magdalene Asylum, 290 Parliamentary road.
Magdalene Institution ; home, 130 Parson street ;
office, 75 St. George's place.
MAGEE, Abraham, blacksmith, 359 Gallowgate.
M AGUIRE, John, provision merchant, 15 Blackfriars'
street ; house, 9 do.
Maguire, J. & P., provisions, 83 Parliamentary road ;
house, 65 Glebe street.
MAIN, Alexander, & Co., skinners, tanners, glue, and
size manufacturers, 28 Bedford lane, Gorbals.
Main, Alexander J., (of Main & M'Lean), house, 2
Linden terrace, Pollokshields.
Main, Charles, painter (of Robert Gilchrist & Co.),
house, 424 Argyle street.

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