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Patenson, A. & W., boot and shoe manufacturers, 90,
92 Argyle street.
I'aterson, Rev. Andrew, minister of Cowcaddens
Independent Church ; ho. East park, Maryhill rd.
Patersoii, Andrew (of K. H. Paterson & Co.), ho. 3
Queen's terrace.
Paterson, Andrew (of James Paterson & Co.), lio. 7
Berkley terrace.
Paterson, Andrew, spirit and provision merchant, 2
Stevenson street; house, 28 Well street.
Paterson, Andrew, tailor and clothier, 7 Canning st.
Calton; hause, 9 Newliall terrace.
Paterson, Angus, slater, 82 George street.
J'atcr.son, Archibald, IG Rutland place.
I'aterson, 15 , cabinetmaker, G3 East Howard street ;
house, 1 1 Great Clyde street.
Patcrsiin, Charles Orr (of Bell & Paterson, writers),
house, 141 Hill St., Garnethill, and Montgomerie,
Paterson, David (of Wm. Renwick & Co.), house, 9G
Regent terrace, Stirling's road.
Paterson, David, commission agent, 72 Virginia st. ;
house, 89 North Frederick street.
Paterson, Donald, spirit merchant, 33 E. Clyde st.
Paterson, Dugald, spirit merchant, 64 East Howard
street; house, 5 Buckingham place.
Paterson, E. W., cooper, brush, and basket maker,
128 West Nile street; house, 12 Dover street.
Paterson, Francis, writer, 47 Buccleuch street.
I'aterson, Gavin (of M'Mutrie & Paterson), house,
Loehside cottage, Hamilton.
Paterson, Gavin, boot and shoe maker, 49 Argyle st. ;
house, 22 Monteith row.
Paterson, Gavin, cowfeeder, 12 Main st. Bridgeton.
Paterson, George (of A. & G. Paterson), house, 20
Burnbank terrace.
Paterson, George, writer, assistant clerk and law
agent to the Board of Police of Glasgow, 124 St.
Vincent street ; house, 53 Whitovale street.
Paterson, (jeorge (of Paterson & Peebles), house, 75
Houston street.
Paterson, George (of William Paterson & Son), ho.
16 India street.
Paterson, Hni;h C, oil merchant and grease manu-
facturer; agent for F. C. Dickson & Co., Blackbeck
Gunpowder AliUa, and F. Morton & Co. (Limited),
wire-fence manufacturers, Liverpool; office, 107;
store and workS; 105 Bishop street, Port-Dundas;
house, 4(5 Rosebank terrace.
Pater.son, Hugh \V. (at Lang & Cousin's), house, 141
Kent road.
Paterson, Hugh, \vri.iht, 17 to 21 Salisbury street;
house, 146 Woodlands road.
Paterson, Hugh (at I'aterson, Williatiison, & Co.'s);
house, 6 Willowbank crescent.
Paterson, Hugh, muslin manufacturer, 95 Ilutche-
son street; house, 283 Crown street.
I'aterson, Rev. H. S., M.D., minister of Free St.
Mark's, Main st., Anderston ; ho. 308 Renfrew st.
Paterson & Jackson, calenderers and packers, 273
George street, and 71 George square.
Paterson, Jamen, D.D., minister of the Gospel, Hope
Street Baptist Chapel ; ho. 224 West Regent st.
Paterson, James, grocer and provision merchant, 19
Canon St. ; house, 2 Elgin place, I'ollokshaws rd.
Patersori, James (of A. & W. Paterson), house, 149
Renfrew street.
Paterson, James (of Paterson & Robinson), residence,
Paterson, James, M.D., late professor of midwifery,
&c., Andersonian University ; house, 6 Windsor
place, 9.3 Sauchiehall street.
Paterson, James, & Co., manufacturers, Newhall st,
Paterson, James, city inspector of weights and mea-
sures, 11 Ropework lane; ho. 11 Great Clyde st.
Paterson, James, slater, 229 Stirling's road.
Paterson, James, wright, 120 Elliot street ; house, 13
Miuerva street.
Paterson, James (of William Paterson & Co.), ho.
167 Main street, Gorbals.
I'aterson, James, clerk. Corporation Water ofilees, 23
Miller street; house, 85 Ro.se st. Hutchesontown.
Paterson, James (of James Paterson & Co.), house,,
3 Queen's terrace.
Paterson, James, cabinetmaker, 1 Great Clyde st. ;
house, 150 Stockwell street.
Paterson, Jas., dairy and victualler, 115 Hospital st,
Paterson, .James (of Laird & Thomson), house, 157
Broad street. Mile-end.
Paterson, James (at Wm. Turnbull & Co.'s), house,
9 South Apsley place.
Paterson, James, house factor, 121 Canning street.
Paterson, James, church otRcer, St. Vincent Street
Unitarian Church ; house, 9 Pitt street.
Paterson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Fin-
nieston street ; house, 3 Minerva street.
Paterson, James C, stationer and account book
maker, 20 West Nile street ; house, 8 Prince
Albert drive. Queen's park.
Paterson, J. H., & Co., wholesale shirt manufac-
turers, 5 Montrose street.
Paterson, J. II. (of J. H. Paterson & Co.), house,
Cam psie junction.
Patterson, J. IL, warehousetnan (at Wm. M'Laren,
Sons, & Co.'s), house, 2 Athole terrace, Victoria
Paterson, Jamieson, & Co., merchants and manufac-
turers, 58 Dundas street.
I'aterson, John, cabinetmaker, G2 East Howard st. ;
house, 11 Great Clyde street.
Paterson, John, brickbuilder, 99 Rutherglen road ;
house, 131 Rose street, south.
I'aterson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 143 Bar-
rack street ; house, 146 Duke street.
Paterson, John (of Paterson & Morrison), house, 97
Parliamentary road.
Patterson, J., coal agent, 49 0-Kford street.
Paterson, John, butcher, 39 George street ; house, 20
Nicholas street.
Paterson, John, portioner ; house, 103 Crown street.
Patersori, John, assistant inspector. City Poor-house,
I'aterson, John, plumber and gastittor, 148 Trong.,
and 13 Brunswick lane ; house, 40 Candleriggs.
I'aterson, John B., grocer, provision, and spirit mer-
chant, 66 Cowcaddens; house, 205 do.
I'aterson, John, fancy paper-box maker, pattern-book
and card manufacturer, 230 Argyle street.
Paterson, John, tailor and clothier, 4 9 O.Kford street.
Paterson, J,, draper, 277 Sauchiehall st. ; ho. 279 do.
Paterson, John, lithographer, 19 Ronald street.
Paterson, J. A., house proprietor, 12 Greenvale pi.
Paterson, John, grocer, 168 Great Hamilton street j
house, 135 East Hill street.
Paterson, John, bootmaker, 31 Gallowgate.
I'aterson, John W. (of Paterson, Sons, & Co.), ho.
183 Albert terrace, Renfrew street.
Paterson, Joshua, M.D., 8 Grosvenor terrace.

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