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Piirk, Robert, chemist and drug-gist, 8 Clyde terrace;
house, 17 Nicholson sti-eet.
Park, Thomas, S[]irit; merchunt, 21, 23 New street,
Cultoii ; house, 5 Great Hamilton street.
Park, Wemyss, City of Glasgow Bank; house, 9
Walworth terrace, Kent road.
Park, William, wine and spirit merchant, 97, 99
Bridgegate, and 40 King street, city ; house, 2
South Apsley place.
Park, William, wine and spirit merchant, 77 Centre
street. 81 King street, Tradeston ; house, 95 do.
Park, William C. (at Wm. Middleton & Co.'s), ho.
15 Wintou terrace, Victoria road.
Park, "W. C, wine and spirit merchant, 653 Gallow-
gate ; house, 5 Bellfield street.
Park, Mrs. A., dairykeeper, 79 Dundas street, city;
house, 95 King street, Tradeston.
Park, Mrs., midwife, 10 Dyers' lane.
Park, Mrs., tobacconist, 275 George street ; house, 15
Scotia street.
Park, Misses, milliners, 90 Canning street ; house,
52 Main street, Bridgeton.
PARKER, Rev. A. B,, D.D., minister of Wellpark
Fiee Church; house. Manse, Dunchattan, Dukost.
Parker, Alex., grocer and victualler, 116 Cowcaddens;
house, 128 do.
Parker, D. (of D. & J. Parker), house, 2 Corunua
place, Sandyford.
Parker, D. & J., tea merchants & wholesale grocers,
27 Turner's court, Argjde street.
Parker, George, grocer, "l 6 Eldon street, S. "Wood-
side ; house, IS Bloomfield place, Hillliead.
Parker, James, & Co., soap manufacturers, oil mer-
chants, tar and rosin distillers, and antifriction
grease manufacturers, Madeira court, 257 Argyle
street; works, 117 Port-Dundas road and 88
Stirling street ; distillery, Moore street.
Parker, James, carter and coal agent, 7 Tylefield st.
Parker, James (of James Parker & Co.), house, 28
St. George's road.
Parker, John, 8 Stanley street.
Parker, John (of James Parker & Co.), house, 129
North John street.
Parker, John (of Alex. Fyfe & Co.), 22 West Nilest.
Parker, John, spirit merchant, 97 King street,
Tradeston; house, 60 Pollok street.
Parker, M., & Co., insurance and commission agents
and merchants, 90 Mitchell street.
Parker, M. (of M. Parker & Co.), house, 71 Moray
place. Queen's crescent.
Parker, Thomas, Saint Mungo Temperance Hotel,
16 Canon street.
Parker, Wm., & Co., manufacturers, the Mai;is,
Carlisle ; Alexander Wintou & Co., G2 Ingram
street, agents.
Parker, William, baker, 2G London street; house,
Riddrie, Cumbernauld road.
Parker, Grace, milk dealer, 24 South Kinning place.
Parker, Mrs. Margaret, 4 Scotia street.
PARKES, Henry P., chain and anchor manufacturer,
Tipton, Staffordshire ; Ales. S. Ross, agent, 3
Oswald street.
Parkgate Iron Co , (limited,) Rotherham ; James
A-iiderson, 33 Renfield street, agent. •
PARKINSON, Henry, spirit merchant, 57 Hope st.;
house, 69 do.
Parkinson, Rev. Thomas B., Principal St. Aloysius'
Catholic College, 77 Charlotte street.
Paukhkad Forge Co., Parkhead.
Parkhead Colliery ; oflice, 133 St. Yiucent street ;
John Watson, jun.
Parkholm Biscuit Factory, 130 Paisley ro.id.
Pakksidb Mining Co., Whitehaven; Jas. Jenkins,
48 St. Enoch square, agent for Scotland.
P.ARLANE, Jarnes, tobacconist, 113 New City rd.
Parlane, Walter, publisher of the Faculty Adcertiser
and Property Herald, 80 St. Vincent street ; resi-
dence, 159 Rosehill terrace, South-side park.
Parlane, William, tobacconist, 231 Stobcross street.
PARNIE, M. A., boot and shoe shop, 413 Argyle st.;
house, 419|- do.
Pauociiial Board Chambers, Barony Parish, 38
Cochrane street, and 26 John street.
Parochial Board, Citv Parish, 326 Parliamen. road.
PARROCK, W. H. (at Robt. M'Arthur's, 35 Bu-
chanan street), house, Coul cottage, Lanjjbank.
PARSONS, Dunlop, & Brown, Misses, milliners and
dressmakers, 124 Bath street.
PASCOE, Mrs., stationer, bh New City road.
PASHLEY, George, saw and edge tool maker, 90
Jamaica street ; house, 21 Lily bank street.
PASLEY, Jardine, & Co., merchants, 5 Di.xon st.
PATE, Robert (at John King & Son's), 38 West
George street.
Patent agent, and agent for Patents; depot for
patents, 77 John street ; Wm. Lincoline, agent.
Patent and Designs Registry Office ; J. li. Johnson
& Day, 166 Buchanan street.
Patent Frictional Gearing Co., engineers and mill-
wrights on Robertson's patent, 147 E. Milton st.
Patent Leather Cloth Co., manufacturers of patent
American leather-cloth, oil table-covers, hat lining,
&c., 72, 98 Hutcheson street.
Patent Heddle Co., manufacturer of heddles and
reeds, 90 Blaxwell street.
Patent Metdlic Cask Works, Anderson and Watt,
182 Finnieston street; town office, (J3 St. Yin-
cent street.
Patent Metallic Cask Factory, 63 W^gton street,
Port-Dundas; Brown & Co.; office, 135 Buch.
street.— &e AdcerlisemeM in Appendix.
Patent Rivet Works, 204 Stobcross street; James
Miller & Co.
Patent Ventilator Manufactory ; Joseph Gibson &
Co., 13 Dundas .street, and 162 Buchanan street.
Patents and Designs, Office for, Edmund Hunt, con-
sulting engineer, 87 St. Vincent street, — See Ad-
vertisement in Appendix.
PATEKSON, A. & G., timber merchants, St. RoUox;
timber depot, 68 Tennant street.
Paterson, Adam (of Moncrieff, Paterson, Forbes, &
Barr;, house, Springhall, Rutherglen.
Paterson, Alex., nail manufacturer, 38 Bridge street;
hou.-is, 51 do.
Patterson, Rev. Alex. S., D.D., minister of Ilutche-
sontown Free Church, Eglintou street ; liouse, 9
Waliner crescent, Paisley road.
Paterson, Alex., book edge marker, 22 Argyle street;
house, 168 Gallowgate.
Pater.son, Alex., dairyman, 28 John St., Bridgeton.
Patterson, Alex., M".D., F.R.C.S.E., surgeon, 28
London street ; house, 48 do.
Paterson, Alex, (of Charles M'Donald & Co.), house,
49 St. Vincent ciescent.
Paterson, Alex. C. (of Paterson & Jackson), ho. 171
Hospital street.
Paterson, Allan Clark, boot and shoemaker and
leather warehouse, 30 George street ; house, 8 do.

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