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"i 2 7 A dvertisements.
MARK SPROT, Esq., of Gaenkirk.
WILLIAM COUPER, Esq., Writer, Glasgow.
PROFESSOR RAMSAY, Glasgow College.
WILLIAM JOHNSTON, Esq., Banker, Glasgow.
WILLIAM SPENS, Esq., Manager, Scottish Amicable Life
Assurance Society.
WILLIAM AULD, Esq., Accountant, Glasgow.
Medical Adviser, JOHN COUPER, Esq., M.D.
Secretary, -WILLIAM HUNTEE, Esq.
The object of the Professional and Mercantile Friendly Society is the securing
its Members against the contingency of permanent incapacity for Business, and for
providing to them a deferred Annuity in old age, by means of a Fund to be raised
by their own contributions.
The circumstances of the class for which this Society has been instituted, do not
require that provision should be made for temporary sickness; but against the con-
eequences of permanent sickness or superannuation, they require as much to be
defended as any class of the community.
The present Society is accordingly instituted for the purpose of securing to the
Members a provision for themselves and their families, should they be rendered
incapable, by permanent sickness, of continuing their exertions for the support of
their families ; and for enabling them not to be deterred, by pecuniary considera-
tions, from retiring from business, when warned, by the advancement of years, of
the propriety of such relief.
This Society may be also considered as a great auxiliary to the beneficial system
of Life Assurance, by providing an annual fund, at a period when the party assured
may, from the effects of permanent illness, be totally unable to pay the necessarj"-
amount of yearly premium required to keep in force his Policy of Assurance, opened
for the benefit of his family.
Two sets of Tables have been prepared for the use of the Society, — the one pro-
vides for a deferred Annuity, to commence at 65 — the other a similar Annuity, to
commence at 70 ; and in both cases the Annuity to commence, should the Member
become unable by permanent sickness, to prosecute his usual business.
Tables of Rates, Forms for application to be admitted Members, and all other
necessary information, can be obtained at the Office of the Society.
By order of the Directors,
WM. HUNTER, Seceeiarv.
35 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow,
April, 1847.

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