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Stobo, Peter, smith, gas-fitter, bell-hanger, tin-plate worker, and ironmonger, TS
Norfolk street
Stobo, William, lock and hinge maker, and ironmonger, 42 Maitland street, house
2 Dalhousie street
■STODDARD, A. F., of A. ^ S. Henry §■ Co., house 13 Blythswood square
Stodart, G., of J. ^ G: Stodart, house 12 Ure place
Stodart, James & George, wine and spirit merchants, 35 St. Vincent place
Stodart, James, of J. ^ G. Stodart, house 51 North Hanover street
STOFFEL, Monsieur & Madame, professors of the French and German languages,
107 Sauehiehall street
§TONEBRIDGE, Henry, at M. Sf H. Taylor's, 97 Candleriggs street, house 16
Nicholson street
Stonelaw Colliery OiSce, 36 Arcade
STORER, David, painter and colourman, 188 Gallowgate street
Storer, David, painter, paper-hanger, and glazier, 58 Commerce street
. Storer, James. Letters left at 188 Gallowgate street
"IStornawax and West Highland Steam- Packet Office, 65 Jamaica st. D. M'Intyre,
STOUT, Thomas, writer, 120 Buchanan street, house 144 New City road
STOW, David, of Port-Eglinton Spinninq Co., house 306 Sauehiehall street
STRACHAN, W,, at J. ^ W. Campbell Sr Co.'s, house Partick
Strachan, W., stationer, bookseller, and librarian, 19 Oxford st., ho. 44 Norfolk st.
Strachan, William, spirit merchant, 34 Main street, Calton
Strachan, Miss A., milliner, 92 Great Hamilton street
Strachan, Mrs, teacher of Free St, David's parish female school, 54 North Frederic!^
STRANG, Adam, at Robert Alexander ^ Co.'s, 95 Crown street
Strang & Aitkman, iron merchants, 62 Jamaica street
Strang, Brown, & Co., mousseline-de-laine and shawl printers, 51 Buchanan street
Strang, George, writer, 21 St. Enoch square, house, 13 Carlton place
Strang, James, 144 Crown street, Hutchesontown
Strang, John, LL.D., city chamberlain, Council chambers, house 11 Carlton place
Strang, Matthew, spirit dealer, 64 Kirk street, Calton
Strang, Matthew, of P. ^ R. Fleming, house 84 North Hanover street
Strang, Robert, of Strang, Yuille, Sf Keyden, house 3 Sandyford place
Strang, Robert, session-clerk, 67 George's place
Strang, William D., of Strang ^ Aitkman, house 62 Jamaica street
Strang, William, reedmaker, 28 Bell street
Strang, William, portioner, 9 New street, Calton
Strang, William, surgeon, 13 Nicholson street, Laurieston
Strang, William, tobacconist and house-factor, 184 Gallowgate street
Strang, Yuille, & Keyden, writers, 83 St. George's place
.Straneaeb Steam-Packet Office, 101 Union street
STRAP, James, contractor, 48 Renfrew street
STRATHERN, Alexander, of Strathern §/■ Douglas, house 17 Richmond street
Strathern, Andrew, eating-house keeper, 17 Anderston quay
Strathern & Douglas, writers, 67 Miller street
Strathern, John, commission agent, 15 John street, house 84 Noi'th Hanover st,
Strathern, John, spirit dealer, 6 Norfolk street
Strathern, Robert, silk and worsted shawl fringer, 33 Virginia street, house 63
Glassford street
Strathern, Thomas, stocking manufacturer, 128 Union street
Strathern, William, hosier, 88 Cambridge street
Strathern, Mrs, lodgings, 27 Montrose street
Strathern, Mrs Thomas, 128 Union street
STRATHET, James, slater and chimney sweeper, 48 Frederick street
STROAK, David, spirit dealer, 68 Commerce street
STRONACH, Alex., clerk. City of Glasgow bank
Stronach, Robert, clerk. City of Glasgow bank
Stronach, Miss, ladies' seminary, 37 Garnethill street
STRUTHERS, Alexander, cartwright, agricultural implement maker, and sniitli,
43 Commerce street
Struthers, Archibald, of Salmond §• Stntthers

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