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Stewart, William, gardener and green grocer, 137 Main sti-eet, Gorbals
Stewart, William, baker and spirit dealer, 149 Castle street
Stuart, William, <fe Son, auctioneers and appraisers, 54 West George street, houso
142 Renfrew street
Stewart, Wm., tin-plate worker and gas-fitter, 10 Glassford street, works Old wynd
Stewart & Wilson, commission agents, 57 Buchanan street *
Stewart, Miss, 9 College street
Stewart, Miss, lodgings, 51 West Regent street
Stewart, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 33 Nelson street r
Stewart, Miss, tusean and straw hat warehouse, 45 Glassford street
Stewart, Mrs A., grocer and spirit dealer, 183 Duke street
Stewart, Mrs George, house Gayfield, New City road ,
Stuart, Mrs, house-keeper, Old Men's asylum, 81 Rottenrow street
Stuart, Mrs J., fancy bread and biscuit baker, 62 Renfield street
Stewart, Mrs James, wine and spirit dealer, 2 Great Hamilton street *
Stewart, Mrs M., victualling-house, 257 (Jeoi-ge street ,
Stewart, Mrs Thomas, 72 Bath street
Stewart, Mrs, lodgings, 41 North Albion street
Stewart, Mrs, lodgings, 95 Crown street
STIMPSON, William, Globe hotel, 41 and 45 George square
STIRLING, A., fringe and trimming manufacturer, 4 Dunlop street
Stirling, Chas., of W. Stirling Sf Sons, house 153 St. Vincent street
Stirling, Colin, patent oil and grease manufacturer, 5 Great Dovehill
Stirling, David, bleacher, Hogganfield. Letters left at 165 Trongate street
Stirling, Freer, & Co., hot-pressers, calenderers, and packers, 80, 82, and 84 Mit-
chell street
Stirling, George, 218 St. Vincent street
Stirling, George, 32 Macfarlane street
Stirling, Gordon, & Co., merchants, 63 Miller street
Stirling, J. H., of Stirling, Freer, ^ Co., house 272 Buchanan street
Stirling, James, clerk. Town's hospital, house 17 George street
Stirling, James, of W. Stirling ^ Sons, residence Courdale, Ronton
Stirling, John, of MacBrayne ^ Stirling, house South Wellington place
Stirling, John, of Thomson §/■ Stirling, house 20 Abbotsford place
Stirling, Joseph, <fe Son, spirit dealers, 701 Gallowgate
Stirling's Library, 52 Miller street. John Struthers, librarian, house 194 Main
street, Gorbals
Stirling, R., cutler and surgical-instrument maker, 12 London street
Stirling, William, & Sons, turkey-red dyers and calico-printers, 110 Buchanan
street, works Courdale and Dalquliurn, Renton
Stirling, W., jun., of W. Stirling ^ Sons, house 152 St. Vincent street
Stirling, William, of Stirling, Gordon, ^ Co., residence Kenmure House
Stirling, William, jun., of Stirling, Gordon, §f Co., residence Kenmure
Stirling, William, baker, 1 1 Bridge street
Stirling, William, wine and spirit dealer, 136 Queen street
Stirling, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 59 Renfield street
Stirling, Miss, S. B., teacher, 10 Cambridge street
Stirling, Mrs David, 6 South Wellington place
Stirling, Mrs Dr John, 74 Taylor street
Stirling, Mrs, of Cadder. Letters left at Stirling, Gordon, & Co.'s
Stirling Mrs Wm., 70 Abbotsford place
Stirling, Mrs William, 153 St. Vincent street
STIRRAT, Alexander & William, wrights, 115 Renfield street
Stirrat, Alexander, of A. ^ W. Stirrat, house 113 Renfield street
Stirrat, David, sewed-muslin manufacturer, 16 Springfield court
Stirrat, David, jun., house Woodland road
Stirrat, David, cart and wheel wright, 122 Renfield street, house 34 Gai'scube place
Stirrat, Gilbert, furniture warehouse, 4 Miller's place
Stiri'et, Robert, hay merchant and victualler, 65 Bridge street
STITT, James, at Lancefield Spinning works, Centre street, lodgings IS Norfolk
STOBO, David, house-factor, 183 High street
Stobo, John, silk mercer, 31 South Portland stwet, house 90 do.

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