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Graham, Capt. Peter, Locligoil steamer, house 70 Robertson street
Graham, Peter, of M' Galium §• Graham, house 70 Robertson street
Graham, Robert, & Co., pullicate and gingham manufacturers, 52 Glassford street
Graham, Robert, <fe Co., pocket-book makers, 58 Buchanan street
Graham, Robert, of William Graham §• Co., house 210 Adelaide place
Graham, Robert, wool, cotton, and silk dyer, 9 Shuttle street
Graham, Robert, St. Mungo place, 188 Stirling's road
Graham, Robert, cooper, 41 Carrick street
Graham, Robert, job dyer, 39 John street
Graham, Thomas F., of the Customs, house 239 Buchanan street
Graham, W. A. & J., writers, 42 George square
• Grahame, Walter, & Co., commission merchants, 13 Exchange place
Grahame, Walter, of Walter Grahame §• Co., house 88 North Hanover street
Graham, William, & Co. , merchants, 70 Miller street
Graham, William & Robert, <fe Co., merchants, 70 Miller street
Graham, William, jun., of William Graham- ^ Co., house Castlemilk
Graham, William, of Larabhill, at J. ^ W. Campbell ^ Co.'s, residence LambluU
Graham, William, of W. A. S" J- Graham, house 4 Newton place
Graham, William, woollen draper, 33 Argyll street
Graham, William, goods agent, Ayrshire railway, 13 Clyde place, house 31 Pater-
son street
Graham & Wilson, brokers and commission merchants, 65 Jamaica street
Graham, Lieut. William, district adjutant, 239 Buchanan street
Graham, William, 15 St. Mungo street
Graham, Miss Jane, grocer, 3|- New City road
Graham, Miss Jane, teacher, St. Paul's school of industry, Greyfriars wynd
Graham, Miss J., teacher, initiatory department, Normalinstitution
Graham, Miss, staymaker, 13 Nelson street
Graham, Miss, 92 Bath street
Graham, Miss, lodgings, 44 North Frederick street
Graham, Misses, lodgings, 255 George street
Graham, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 10 Salisbury street
Graham, Misses, dressmakers, 40 West Russell street
Graham, Mrs John, 137 New City road
Graham, Mrs John, 3 Balmanno street
Grahame, Mrs John, grocer and spirit dealer, 139 Main street, Anderston
Graham, Mrs John, 88 North Hanover street
Graham, Mrs P., druggist, 86 King street, Tradeston
Graham, Mrs, flesher, Bell-street market
Graham, Mrs J., furnishing shop, 63 Crown street
Graham, Mrs, and Miss Fleming, seminary for j'oung ladies, Claremont House
Graham, Mrs M., spirit dealer, 200 Argyll street
GRANDISON, James, machine-maker, Govan street, house 2 Edwin place
GRANGE, Robert, bootmaker, 26 Saltmarket street
Grange, Thomas, bootmaker, 15 Exchange place
GRANGER, James, baker, 232 Argyll street
Granger, John, baker, 86 Garscube road
Granger, Robert, paper-hanging, upholstery, and cabinet warehouse, 9 St. Vincent
place, house York place, 339^ Argyll street
Granger, Robert, cartwright, 33 King street, Tradeston
Granger, Thomas, miller. File-mill, Townhead
Granger, Miss Janet, dressmaker, 13 Hope street
GRANT, Alexander, merchant, 1 07 Hope street, house Barony glebe
Grant, Alexander, carver, gilder, and picture-frame maker, 112 Sfiucliieball street
Grant, Alexander, spirit dealer, 411 Gallowgate
Grant, Alexander, smith and farrier, 53| Crown street
Grant, Andrew, merchant, at G. §■ J. Burns, house 32 Parson street, Barony glebo
Grant, Archibald, flesher, 233 Gallowgate, house 91 Graeme street
Grant, Charles & Co., cotton, worsted, and woollen yarn agents and commissioa
merchants, 34 Wilson street
Grant, Charles, of Charles Grant §r Co., residence New Hall, and 5Q Bath street
Grant, Charles, spirit dealer, 120 High street
Grant & Co., merchants, 34 WUsoa street

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