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Grant, Duncan, of Grant 8f Co. and Charles Grant ^ Co., residence New Hall
Grant, G. A., & Co., hosiery and hosiei-y-yarn warehouse, 88 Trongate
Grant, G. A., of G. A. Grant ^ Co., house 130 Castlemilk place
Grant, George & Son, manufacturers by power. Mile-end
Grant, George, of George Grant ^ Son, house 21 Whitevale street
Grant, George, jun., of George Grant ^ Son, Fordneuk factory. Mile-end
Grant, George, accountant, 6Y St. Vincent street, house Rutland place, Govan road
Grant, James, builder, 2 Hope street, Anderston
Grant, James, spirit dealer, 5 Alston street
Grant, James, 2 South Kinning place
Grant, James, jun., builder, 23 Douglas street
Grant, John, manufacturer, 50 Great Hamilton street
Grant, John, tailor and clothier, 190 Trongate
Grant, John, at Winchester ^ M' Gibbons, house 37 Turner's court, Argyll street
Grant, John, watch and clock maker, 404 Argyll street
Grant, Captain John, shipmaster, 39 Maxwell street
Grant, John, sen., watch and clock maker, 1 Bishop street, Anderetcn
Grant, Richard R., of Pat on §• Grant, house 5 Maxwelton place
Grant, Thomas, spirit dealer, 81 Candleriggs street
Grant, Thomas, smith, 12 Pitt street
Grant, William, wine, spirit, and tea merchant, 330 Argyll street
Grant, Mrs. Hector, 5 Maxwelton place
GRAY, A. F., of Customs, house 109 Douglas street
Gray, Andrew, IT South Portland street
Gray, Archibald, flesher, 5 Richard street, Anderston
Gray, Charles & David, distillers, 4 Muirhead street
Gray, Charles, of Charles ^ David Gray, residence Shieldhall
Gray, Charles, plain and decorative painter and paper hanger, 6 and 8 Bath street
Gray, David, & Son, clothiers, 81 Queen street
Gray, David, of David G^-ay ^ Son, house 4*7 Sauchiehall street
Gray, Rev. Dr. George, professor of Oriental languages, college
Gray, George, 10 Roslin place, Garscube road
Gray, Henry, goldbeater, 32 Dunlop street
Gray, Henry, grocer and spirit dealer, TS Hope street
Gray, James, of James Gray §• Co., house 57 Oswald street
Gray, James, 134 North Montrose street
Gray, James, provision and spirit dealer, 10 Dale street, Bridgeton
Gray, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 651 Gallowgate
Gray, J. & J., proprietors A^&i-th British Advertiser, 98 Miller street
Gray, James, & Co., iron-founders, engineers, and boiler-makers, 23 Washington st.
Gray, J., & Co., cabinetmakers, 28 Spoutmouth
Gray, James, cabinetmaker, 2 Hill street, Gallowgate
Gray, James, Clydesdale tavern, 218 Broomielaw
Gray, John Boyle, writer, of Gray ^ Wilson, house 186 St. Vincent street
Gray, Rev. John, 38 Portugal street
Gray, John, of Henderson §f Gray, house 3 St. Margaret street, Laurieston
Gray, John P., teacher of writing, arithmetic, and mathematics, 77 Brunswick st.
Gray, John, of Brown, Downes, ^ Co., house 134 North Montrose street
Gray, John, victualler, 397 Gallowgate
Gray, John, victualler and grocer, 10 M' Alpine street, and 34 Clyde st., Anderston
Gray, John, 99 South Portland street
Gray, John, confectioner, 165 Ti-ongate, house 16 South Portland street
Gray, John, teacher, 38 Dale street, Tradeston
Gray, John, jun., 12 Warwick street
Gray, Peter, saddler, 103 Garscube road
Gray, Richard, & Co., commission agents, 46 Gordon street
Gray, Richard, of Richard Gray §/• Co., house 4 Kelvin terrace
Gray, Robert, of Robert Gray f Co., house 191 Renfrew street
Gray, Robert, & Co., coal-masters, oflSce 56 Broomielaw
Gray, Robert, & Co., brokers and commission merchants, 46 Gordon street
Graj', Robt., & Son, goldsmiths, jewellers, and watchmakei-s, 78 Argyll street
Gray, Robert, of Glenorchard, 29 Lyncdoch street
Gray, Robert, agent for Shaws-water Cotton Spinning Company, 83 HutcbcSon st.

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