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e t Norwood, Westow Hill, S.E.
See also Anerley, Anerley Road,
Beulah Hill, Crown Hill, Gipsy
Hill, Lower Norwood, and South
e Netting Hill, Archer Street, W.
e t Notting Hill, High Street, W.
See also Clarendon Road, Corn-
wall Rd., Kensington Park Rd ,
Ladbroke Grove, Ladbroke Grove
Road, Latimer Rd., Notting Hill,
near Archer St., Portland Road,
Portobello Rd., and Royal Cres.
Nugent Terrace, St. John's Wood,
Nunhead Grove, S.E.
e t Old Brompton, S.W. See also
Brompton Road, Queen's Road.
e Old Charlton, S.E. See also
New Chnrlton.
Old Ford, Middlesex, -E.
e * Old Kent Road (170), S.E.
Old Kent Road (774), S.E.
e Old Kent Road (384), near
Coburg Road, S.E.
e t Old Kent Road (384), S.E., near
Coburg I'd, See Walthamstow.
Orford Road, E. See Walthamstow.
e t Osnabnrgh Street, N.W.
et Oxford Street (No. 431), Soho.
e t Oxford Street (No.' 227), near
Portman Street, W.
e t Oxford Street (No. 352), near
Pantheon, W.
t Paddington Green, W.
e t Paddington, London St. (Branch
Office), W. See also Bishop's
Road, Chichester St., Edgeware
Rd. (310), Harrow Rd. (Jonson's
Place), Lancaster St., Leinster
Terrace, and Charles Street.
t Pancras Road (near Goldington
Crescent), N.W.
Park Lane, Tottenham.
e t Park Street, Grosvenor Sq , W.
e t Parliament Street, S.W.
e t Peckham (High Street), S.E.
See also Commercial Rd., Peck-
ham Park Road, Nunhead Grove,
Queen's Rd., and St. Geo.'s Rd.
Peckham Park Road (163), S.E.
Peckham Rye, S.E.
e t Penge, S.E.
Penton Street, Pentonville, N.
Phoenix Street, N.W. See Somers
Town and King's Cross.
e t Piccadilly Circus, W.
e t Pimlico (Southwestern District
Office), 8 Buckingham Gate, S.W.
See also Cambridge St., Chapel
St., Charlwood St., Churton St.,
Ebury Bridge, Ebury Street,
Knightsbridge, Lupus St.,Sloane
St. (161), and Sloane St. (179).
e t Plaistow, Essex, E. See also
Barking Road and East Ham.
t Plumstead (Sussex Place), S.E.
e Plumstead (Burrage Town), S.E.
e t Poplar (Branch Office), E. See
also Blackwall, Chrisp St., East
India Road, Isle of Dogs, Lime
House, Millwall, and Riiodeswell
Portland PI., E. See Clapton Rd.
Portland Road, Notting Hill, W.
Portland Road, South Norwood,
e Portland Town (High St), N.W.
Portobello Road, Notting Hill, W.
e Portsdown Road, Maida Hill, W.
See Kilbnrn.
Primrose Hill, Princess Ter., N.W.
e t Putney, near Railway Station,
Queen's Road, W. See Bayswater.
e t Queen's Road, Chelsea.
Queen's Road, Peckham, S.E.
i Queen Street (12),Cheapside,E.C.
e t Queen's Ter., Camden Rd., N.W.
e I Queen's Ter., St. John's Wood,
N.W. See Ladbrokegrove Rd.
See Pimlico Road.
Railton Road, Heme Hill, S.E.
e t Ratcliffe (Broad Street.), E.
e t Red Lion Street, W.C.
Redclilfe Square, Adrian Ter., S.W.
e t Regent Street, Foubert's PI., W.
Regent Place, Regent Street, W.
Regent's Park Road (105), Chalk
Farm, N.W.
Riiodeswell Road, Poplar, E.
e Richmond Rd., West Brompton,
Richmond Ter., Wandsworth, S.W.
Ridgeway, Wimbledon, S.W.
eRoehampton, S.W.
Roman Road (35), Bow, E.
Roman Road (320), Bow, E.
e t Rotherhithe Street (349), S.E.
See also Jamaica Road, Lower
Road, and Lower Queen Street.
e Royal Crescent, Notting Hill, W.
See London Street.
e Rushby Green, S. E.
St. Anne's Road, Stamford Hill.
St. George's Place, S.W. See
St. George's Road, Peckham, S E.
St. James's Road, Holloway, N.
e t St. James's St. (Branch Office),
St. James's Street, E. See Wal-
t St. John Street, E.C.
et St. John Street Road, E.C.
e t St. John's Hill, Wandsworth,
e t St. John's Wood (Circus Road)
(Branch Office). N.W. See also
Abhey Road, Boundary Road,
Bolton Rd., Nugent Ter., Port-
land Town, and Queen's Ter.
e St. Katherine's Docks (Branch
Office), E.
eSt. Martin's Lane, W.C.
St. Matthias Place, Stoke Newing-
ton, N.
t St. Peter's Street, Islington, N.
t Seething Lane (Corn Exchange),
Selhurst Rd., S. Norwood, S.E.
Seven Sisters Road. N.
Shacklewell. See Downs, Park
Rd. See Stoke Newington Rd.
t Shadwell (High Street), E.
Shaftesbury Park Estate, S.W.
e t Shepherd's Bush, W. See also
Coningham Terrace, Goldhawk
Road, and Starch Green.
e t Shepherdess Walk, City Road N.
et Shooter's Hill, S.E.
e Shooter's Hill Road, S.E.
Shoreditch (No. 57), E.
e t Shoreditch (110), E.
e t Shoreditch (No. 2-16) (Branch
Office), E.
et Sloane Street (No. 101), near
Sloan Square, S.W.
et Sloane Street (No. 179), near
Lowndes Square, S.W.
et Smiihfield Market, E.C.
Soho. See Oxford St., and Strand.
t Somer's Town, Phoenix St., N.W.
e Southampton Road, Kentish
Town, N.W.
Southampton Row, W.C.
Southampton Street, Camberwell,
e t South Audley Street (Branch
Office), W.
South Eastern District Office. See
Blackman Street.
e t Southgate, N.
e t Southgate Road, Islington, N
South Hackney (Grove St.), E.
South Kensington (Exhibition Rd.),
S.W. See also Gloucester Rd.,
near Queen's Gate, and Glouces-
ter Road, near Hereford Square.
South Lambeth, S.W. See Batter-
sea Park Terrace, Cedar's Row,
Nine Elms Road, and Wands-
worth Road.
e t South Norwood, S.E. See also
Portland Rd. and Selhurst Rd.
South Penge Park, S.E.
South-Western District Office,
Buckingham Gate. See Pimlico.
Southfields, Wandsworth, S.W.
e Southwick Street, Hyde Park,W.
Spa Road, Bermondsey.
e Spitalfields Market, E.
e Stamford Street, S.E.
e Stamford Hill, N. See St. Anne's
e Stanley Bridge, Fulham, S.W.
e Stanstead Lane, Forest Hill, S.E.
Starch Green, W.
et Stepney (Waterloo Terrace), E.
Stepney Green, E.
Stock Orchard Terrace, N.
t Stockwell Green, S.W.
e Stockwell Place, Clapham Road,
S.W. See also Mostyn Road
and Zoar Place.
e t Stoke Newington (High St.), N.
See Church Street.

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