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Park, Hornsey Rise, Hornsey Rd.,
St. James' Road, Stock Orchard
Ter., Stroud Grn., and Upper
e Homerton (High street), E. See
also Well Street.
e t Hornsey, N. See also Crouch
End and Muswell Hill.
Hornsey Rise, N.
e Hornsey Road, N.
e House of Commons, S.W.
e Hoxton (8 St. John's road), N.
e Hoxton, High street, N. See also
North Road.
For Hyde. See The Hyde.
e t Hyde Pk. Square, Albion st., W.
See also Little Sussex pi.
t\. of Dogs (near the Church), E.
See also Manchester Road and
Mill Wall.
e t Islington (Northern District
Office), Packington street, N.
See also Ball's Pond, Barnsbury,
Barnsbury Road, Canonbury,
Cloudesley Road, Essex Road,
Hemingford Road, Highbury,
Islington (near The Angel),
Liverpool Road, St. Peter's St.,
and Southgate Road.
e Islington (near the Angel, Branch
Office), N.
e Jamaica Road, S.E.
Jonson's Place, W. See Harrow
e t Judd Street, W.C.
Junction Place. See Upper Hol-
Junction Road (247), Upper Hol-
loway, near Boston Arms.
e t Kennington Cross, S.E.
e I Kennington Park Road, S.E.
Kensal Green, W.
e Kensal Road, W.
e t Kensington (Young street), W.
See also Church St., Edwardes
Ter., Gloucester Road, Holland
Road, and Newland Terrace.
a Kensington Park Road, W.
t Kentish Town Road (149), N.W.
e Kentish Town Road (383), N.W.
See also Grafton Rd., Highgate
Rd., Lawford Rd., Leighton Rd.,
Maiden Rd., and Southampton
e t Kilburn, Brondesbury Ter., N.W.
e Kilburn, Albert Terrace, N W.
t Kilburn, Manor Terrace, N.W. See
also Cambridge Ter., Canterbury
Rd., Child's Hill, and West End.
King Street, Covent Garden, W.C.
King Street, Hammersmith, W.
e King Wm. pi., Hammersmith, W.
e King's Cross, 5 Caledonian rd. N.
e £ King's Cross Road, W.C.
e King's Road (No. 110), near
Walpole street, S.W.
e King's Road (No. 194), near
Manor street, S.W. See also
Queen's Road, Chelsea.
e King's Road (No. 365), near
Park walk, S.W.
t Kingsland Crescent, E.
Kingsland Green, E.
e t Kingsland Road, E.
Knightrider Street. See Doctws
e t Knightsbridge, St. George's pi.,
S.W. See also Pimlico.
e tfLadbroke Grove, Notting-hill, W.
e Ladbrokegrove Road, W.
e Ladywell. See Lewisham.
e t Lambeth (42 Kennington Road),
t Lambeth Walk, S.E.
t Lambs Conduit Street (33), W.C.
e Lancaster Street, Hyde Park
(17), W.
e t Langham Place Hotel (Branch
Office), W.
e Larkhall Lane, Clapham, S.W.
Latimer Road, Notting Hill, W.
Lawford Rd., Kentish Town, N.W.
e t Leadenhall Street (37), E.C.
e it Leadenhall Street (150), E.C.
t Leather Lane, E.C.
t Lee (High Road), S.E.
eLee Green, S.E.
e t Leighton Road, Kentish Town,
e Leinstcr Terrace, Hyde Park, W.
Leman Street, E. See Wellclose
e t Lessness Heath, S.E. See also
e Lewisham (Lee Bridge), S.E.
e Lewisham, near Ladywell, S.E.
Lewisham Road, New Cross, S.E.
eLeyton, E.
Leyton, High Street.
e t Leytonstone (near the Church), E.
Leytonstone Rd., Stratford, E. See
also Harrow Green.
e t Limehouse, nr. Church, E.
e t Lincoln's Inn,l Serle St., W.C.
e t Lisson Grove (9), N.W. See
also Church St., Lisson Grove.
e t Little Sussex Place, W.
e t Little Tower Street (16), E.C.
t Liverpool Rd. (261), Islington, N.
Lombard St., King William St.,
Branch Office, E.C.
t London Road, Southwark, S.E.
t London Street, Greenwich.
eiLong Acre (126), W.C.
Lordship Lane, S.E.
Lorrimore Square, Walworth, S.E.
e t Lothbury (Founders Court), E.C.
Loughborough Place, S.AV. See
Brixton Road.
Lower Road, Rotherhithe, S.E.
e t Lower Clapton, Lee Bridge Rd.,
E. See also Clapton Rd., and
Upper Clapton.
Lower Norwood, S.E. See also
Thurlow Ter. and Hamilton rd.
Lower Norwood, High Street, S.E.
Lower Queen Street, Rotherhithe,
t Lower Sydenham, S.E. See also
Sydenham and Upper Sydenham.
e t Lower Thames Street, E.C.
e t Lower Tooting, S.W.
e t Ludgate Circus, E.C.
e t Lower Tottenham, N. See also
t Ludgate Hill, E.C.
e t Lupus St., Pimlico (No. 6), S.W.
Lyham Road, Brixton, S.W.
e t Maida Hill. W. See also Ports-
town Road and Warwick Road.
Maiden Road, Gibson's Place,
Kentish Town, N.W.
e t Manchester Rd., Isle of Dogs, E.
See Upper Holloway.
Manor Terrace. {See Kilburn.)
e <Mare Street (152), Hackney, near
Well Street, E.
Mare Street (305), Hackney, E.
e t Mark Lane, E.C. (See Wal-
thamslow, £■.)
e t Marsham Street, S.W. (See
Osnaburgh Street, N.W.
Medina Terrace, Dalston Lane, E.
t Merton Bridge, S.W. See also
New Wimbledon.
e t Mile End Road (148), E. See
also Buckstone Street.
Mile End Road (424), E.
e t Millbank St., Westminster, S.W.
e Mill Hill, Middlesex, N.W.
e Mill Wall (Ebenezer terrace), E.
e iMinories (101), E.
Mortlake, S.W.
Mostyn Road, Stockwell, S.W.
Mottingham, Kent.
e t Mount Street, Grosvenor Sq., W.
Murray Street, Camden Sq., N.W.
Muswell Hill, N.
Nelson St., S.E. See Greenwich,
e itNew Bond St.(Grosvenorst), W.
f New Charlton, S.E. (See Church
Street, Lisson Grove, N. W.~)
t New Cross, S E.
e <New Cross Rd. (No. 393), S.E.
t Newgate Street (4), E.C.
e t Newington Butts, S.E.
c Newington Green Road, N.
<New Kent Road (163), S.E.
e t Newland Ter., Kensington, W.
t New North Road, N.
New Peckham, S.E. See Peckham,
Park Road,
e New Southgate, N.
e t New Street, Vincent Sq., S.W.
e New Wimbledon, S.W. See
Nightingale Lane.
Nightingale Lane, Clapham, S.W.
Nine Elms Road, S.W.
North Brixton, S.W.
North End, Fulham, S.W ;
e North Finchley, N.
North Western District Office.
See Camden Town.
e North Woolwich, E.
Northern District Office. See
Northumberland Pk. Tottenham,N.

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