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Note. — Money Order and Savings Bank business is transacted at all the under-mentioned Receiving
Houses ; Telegraph business at all marked thus, e ; and insurance and annuity business at those marked t.
e t Blandford St., Portmaii Sq , W. e Camberwell Road, S.E. See also
See Broad Street, W.C., andGt. Cold Harbour Lane and South
Russell Street, W.C. Hampton Street.
e Abbey Road, St. John's Wood,
Acre Lane, S.W. See Brixton;
e Acton, W.
Adelaide Road, Hampstead, N.W.
Albany Road, Walworth, S.E.
e Albany Street (No. 115), N.W.
Albert Ter., N.W. See Kilburn.
e Albion Street, W. See Hyde
Park square.
t Aldersgate St. (No. 75), E.G.
et Aldgate (No. 26), E.
Alexander Street. See West-
bourne Park.
Allen Rd. See Stoke Newington.
See Church Street.
e Amhurst Rd., Stoke Newington, N.
/ AmwcilSt. (42), Pentonville.E C.
e Aneriev, near Anerley Railway
Station, S.E.
e Anerley Rd., r.r. Crystal Pal., S.E.
Artillery Place. See Woolwich.
Arundel Place, Barnsbury, N.
e Balhain, S.W.
t Balls Pond, N.
e Barbican, E.G.
e Barking Road, Plaistow, E.
e Barnes, S.W. See also Castelnau.
Barnsbury, Liverpool Rd. (387), N.
See also Hemingford Road.
e Barnsbury Road (131), N.
e Battersea (Battersea sq ), S.W.
See also Bridge road.
Battersea, Higlf Street, S.W.
Battersea Park, S.W.
Battersea Park Terrace (4), S.W.
Battersea Rise, S.W.
e Bayswater, Queen's Rd. (11), W.
See also Bishop's Road, Notting
Hill, and Westbonrne Grove.
Believue Road, S.W. See Wands-
worth Common.
Belsize Park, Hampstead, N.W.
Belvedere, S.E. See also Blue
Anchor Read, and Spa Road,
e Bermondsey Street (171), S.E.
e Berwick Street, W.
e Bethr.al Green Road, E. See also
Cambridge Ed., Green St., Beth-
Jial Green, and Columbia Markt.
Beulah Hill, Norwood, S.E.
c Bexley, S.E.
e Bexley Heath, S.E.
e Bishop's Road, Paddington, AY.
t Bishop's Road, Victoria Park, E.
e t Bishopsgate St., Without, E.C.
t Blackfiiars Road (No. 100), S.E.
e fBIackfriars Rd. (No. 228), S.E.
f Blackheath Hill, S.E.
e t Blackheath Village, S.E. See
al<o Dartmouth Row.
e t Blackmail Street, S.E.
Blackball (Branch Office), E.
(Bloomsbury. See also Broad St.,
W.C), and Gt. Russell St., W.C.
Blue Anchor Rd., Bermondsey,S.E.
Bolton Rd., St. John's Wood, N.W.
e t Borough (High St.), S.E. See
also Union. Street.
Boundary Road, St. John's Wood,
e t Bow (near the Church), E.
Bow Common. See Burdett road,
Bow, E.
e t Bow Road (Wilby terrace), E.
See Gunnersbury.
e t Brewer Street, Golden sq., W.
e Brick Lane, E.
Bridge Road, Battersea, S.W.
e Brixton, Acre Lane, S.W. See
also Lyham Rd., North Brixton,
and Tulse Hill.
e Brixton Hill, S.W.
t Brixton Rise, S.W.
e t Brixton Road, Loughborough
place, S.W.
t Broad Street, Bloomsbury, W.C.
Broad Street, E. See Ratcliff.
Broadway, London Fields, E.
Broadway, W. See Hammersmith.
Broadway, E. See South Hackney.
Brockley. See also Brockley
Brockley Road, Ashby pi., S.E.
Bromley, Middlesex, E. See also
Devon's Road.
e t Brompton Road (100), S.W.
Brompton, S.W. See Earls Court,
Fulham Rd., Hollywood Rd., Old
Brompton, Redcliffe Square, and
Richmond Road.
Brondesbury Terrace, N.W. See
Brook Green, Denmark road, W.
Brcok St.. E. See Upper Clapton.
Brownswood Park, Stoke New-
ington, N.
t Bunhill Row (79), E.C.
Burdett Road, : Bow Road, E.
e t Burlington House (Branch
Office), W.
Burnt Ash Lane, S E.
Burrage Town, S.E. See Plum-
e Burton Crescent (Marchmont
Street), W. C.
e Buxton Street, Mile End, New
Town, E.
t Caledonian Road (No. 172), N.
t Caledonian Road (No 273), N.
e Cambenvell, near Station Branch
t Camberwell Green, S.E.
Camberwell New Road, S.E.
t Cambridge Heath, 481 Hackney
road, E.
e Cambridge Rd , Bethnal Green, E.
e t Cambridge Stcect>Fimlieo, SAY.
Cambridge Terrace, Kilburn park,
e t Camden Road Branch Office
(North London Railway Station)
N.W. See Queen's Terrace.
e t Camden Town (North Western
District Office, Eversholt street),
N.W. See also Primrose Hill,
Queen's Terrace, and Regent's
Park Road.
e t Camden Town, High st., N.W.
e t Canning Town, E.
e t Cannon Street (101), E.C.
Cannon-street Road, E.
t Canonbury (21G St. Paul's rd.), N.
t Canterbury PL. Lambeth rd., S.E.
Canterbury'Rd ,' Kilburn pk., N.W.
t Castelnau Terrace, Barnes, S.W.
Cedars Row, Wandsworth rd., S.W.
t Chancery Lane, W.C.
e t Chapel St., Belgrave sq., S.W.
Charing Crs. (Branch Office), W.C.
e t Charles Street, Middlesex Hos-
pital, W.
e t Charles Street (Branch Office),
Haymarket, SAY.
Charlton. See New and Old
e Charlwood Street (82), S.W. See
Queen's Road, Chelsea.
For Chelsea. /See Queen's road,
West, S.W., Danver's St., King's
Road, Sloane Street (161), and
Sloane Street (179).
e Chichester St., Paddington, W. }
Child's Hill, Kilburn, N.W.
e Chiswick, AY.
Chrisp Street, Poplar, E.
Church End, N. See Finchley.
e Church Street, Kensington, W.
Church Street, Lisson Grove, N.W.
Church St., Stoke Newington, N.
et Churton Street (Pimlico), S.W.
See St. John's Wood, N.W.
City Road (5). See Finsbury sq.
City Road (219), E.C,
City Rd. (281) nr. the Bridge, E.C.
e i Clapham (Branch Office), S.W.
See also Nightingale Lane.
Clapham Park Road, S.W.
e Clapham Rise, S.W. /See aho
Larkhall Lane.
e. t Clapham Rd. (Dorset pi.), S.W.
See also Stcekwell Place.
e Clapton Road, Portland place, E.
See also Lower Clapton and
Upper Clapton.

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