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e t Clare Market, W.C.
Clarendon Rd., Notting Hill, W.
e t Clerkenwell Green (44a), E.C.
See also Exmouth Street.
Cloudesley Road, Islington, N.
Cold Harbour La ,Camberwell,S E.
Cold Harbour Lane, Stockwell.
See Zoar place, S.W.
e i Coleman Street (82), E.C.
Colney Hatch. See New South-
gate N.
e Columbia Market (Branch Office),
Bethnal Green, E.
e t Commercial Road, East (Eastern
District Office), E.
Commercial Road, Peckham,S E.
Coningham Terrace, Shepherd's
Bush, W.
Corn Exchange. See Seething la.
e JCornhill, E.C.
e Cornwall Rd., Westbournepk ,W.
For Covent Garden, see King
street, Covent Garden.
e Cranbourne Street, near Leicester
square, W.C.
e t Crawford Street (25), Maryle-
bone, W.
e t Crayford, S.E.
e Crouch End, N.
Crown Hill, Norwood, S.E.
Crystal Palace, Ceramic Court.
t Curtain Road, EC
e iCurzon Street (42), Mayfair, W.
Dalston (Queen's Road), E. See
also Broadway, Downs Park Rd.,
and Greenwood Road.
e Danvers Street, Chelsea, S W.
e Dartmouth Row, Blackheatb,S E
e Denmark Hill, S.E.
e Deptford, Broadway, S.E.
e Deptford, High street, S.E See
also Grove Street, Deptford.
Devons Road, Bromley, E.
e t Devonshire Street, W
e ^Dockhead, S E.
e t Doctors' Commons, Knight Rider
street, EC.
Dorcas Ter., Hammersmith, W.
Dorset Place, S.W. See Clapham
e iDown Street, Piccadilly, W.
Downs Park Rd , Shacklewell, E.
e Drury Lane, W.C.
e t Duke S t.(25),Manchester sq., W
e t Dulwich, S.E. See also East
and West Dulwich, Heme Hill,
Lordship Lane, and Railton Rd.
e t Ealing, W.
Ealing Dean, W.
Ealing Green, W.
Earls Court, S.W.
e t Eastcheap, E.C.
East Dulwich, S.E.
Eastern Central District Office
See G.P.O.
Eastern District Office. See Com-
mercial Road, East.
East Greenwich, S.E.
East Ham, E.
e t East Indian Road (near Dock
Gates, E.
e East Sheen, S W.
e East Strand, W.C. See Eastcheap.
e t Ebury Street, Pimlico Ed., S.W.
e Ebury Street, S.W.
e t Edgeware Road, South (Branch
Office), Seymour Street, W.
e t Edgeware Road (138), W.
e t Edgeware Road (310), W.
e t Edmonton (Fore street), N.
e t Edmonton Green, N.
e Edwardes Ter., Kensington, W.
e t Eltham, S E See also Half-
way Street, Mottingham.
e England In-Hampstead, N.W.
e t Erith, S.E.
e t Essex Road (198), Islington, N
e t Euston Square Station, N W.
Exhibition Road, S.W. See South
e t Exmouth St , Clerkenwell, W.C.
Fairfax Road. See Hampstead.
e ZFarringdon St., Railway Station.
e t Fenchurch Street, E C.
Finchley, Church End, N.
e Finchley, East End, N.
Finsbury Park, N.
t Finsbury Pavement, E.C.
e t Finsbury Square, E.C. See
Wandsworth Road.
Fleet St. (30). See Temple Bar.
Fore Street, E C.
Forest Gate, Stratford, E
e t Forest Hill, S.E. See also Stan-
stead Lane and W. Kent Park.
Foubert's Place, W. See Regent St.
Founder's Court. See Lodbury.
e Fulham. S W.
e Fulham Road (No. 8), near
Alexander square, S.W.
e Fulham Road (No. 94), Queen's
Elm, S.W.
e Fulham Road (No. 127), near
Pelham crescent, S.W.
e Fulham Road (No. 166), near
Gilston road, S.W.
e Fulham Road (No. 262), near
Redcliffe Gardens, S.W.
e General Post Office (Chief
Office), E.C.
e t Gipsy Hill, S.E.
e t Gloucester Road, near Hereford
square, S.W.
e t Gloucester Road, near Queen's
Gate, S.W.
Goldhawk Road (66), Shepherd's
Bush, W.
e t Goswell Road (No. 69), E.C.
i Goswell Road (No. 237), E.C.
e I Gower Street (No. 161), W.C.
Grafton Road, Kentish Town,
e t Grange Rd., Bermondsey, S.E.
e t Gray's Inn Road, W.C.
t Great Dover Street, S.E.
t Great Guildford Street, S.E.
e t Great Marylebone St. (48), W.
e t Great Portland Street, W.
I Great Russell Street, W.C.
e t Greek Street, Soho, W.
Green Lanes, Stoke Newington, W.
t Green Street, Bethnal Green, E.
t Greenwich, Nelson Street, S.E.
See also Blackheath Hill, East
Greenwich, London Street, and
Trafalgar Road.
Greenwood Road, Dalston, E.
e t Grenville Street, W.C.
e t Gresham House, Bishopsgate,
E.C. See Bolton Road, St.
John's Wood, N.W.
Grosvenor Rd. (93), Highbury, N.
e Grove Lane, Camberwell, S.E.
£ee Highgate Road (141).
Grove Street, Deptford, S.E.
Gunnersbury Station, W. For
Hackney, see Broadway, London
Fields, and Mare Street, South
e t Hackney Road (311), E.
e Hackney Wick, Park street, E.
e Hackney Wick, White Post In.,
Halfway Street, Eltham, S E.
Hamilton Road, Lower Norwood,
e Hammersmith (Broadway), W.
See also Dorcas Ter, King St.,
and King William Place.
e Hampstead, Fairfax road, N.W.
e t Hampstead (High street), N.W.
See also Adelaide Rd., Belsize
Park, and England Lane.
e Hampstead Green (Branch Office),
e t Hampstead Eoad, N.W.
Hanway Street, W.
e Hanwell, W.
Harlesden Green, N.W.
Harrow Green, Leytonstone rd., E.
e t Harrow Ed. (Jonson's pi ), W.
Harrow Eoad, Woodfield rd., W.
Hatton Garden (110). See Hol-
boin Viaduct, West,
e t Haverstock Hill, N.W.
t Haymarket (132 Jermyn st.),
S.W. See also Charles Street^
e iHemingford Eoad, N.
e t Hendon, N.W.
e Heme Hill, Dulwich, S.E.
e iHigh Holborn (Western Central
District Office, No. 126), W.C.
See also Holborn.
Highbury (near Church), N.
e Highbury (near Station), (Branch
Office), N. See also Grosvenor
e t Highgate (High street), N.
Highgate Road (141), N.W.
Hill St., E. See Upper Clapton.
e t Holborn (20) (Branch Office).
Gray's Inn, W.C.
e t Holborn Viaduct, West, E.C.
Holland Eoad, Kensington, W.
e t Holloway Eoad (269), N.
e Holloway Eoad (4 22) (Branch
Office), N. See also Finsbury

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